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  1. l0l brother, please dry your tears and move to the main section where you belong..
  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net YO. Whats up Supremacy winners and rest of pure community reading this wishing they were a golden dicked warrior. While the rest of the community spent today beatin eachothers dicks with mains we spent the whole day having non stop pure action. We got er' rollin early with a 10 minute 1v1 vs FOE at west bandits where we manhandled them like a drunk father would his gay son. After pushin them west to singles and waiting a few seconds for them to take some extra anti-depressants they re rushed just to get dicked down again and forced to tele out, nonetheless, CLEAN PURE ACTION. After that we hit up our buddy ol' pals at Terror HQ for a nice 1v1. We set up with Terror just west of bandits again where we were defending. Our large brain leader 3at had the idea to log into them and scout them out on his pure, and they immediately started piling him. But, his clicks are too on point and he managed to tank long enough for us to all long in and clear em quick as hell. They made a quick movement to the west to gain a few opts and attempted to rerush, just to be insta fucked into oblivion before dipping. Once again, CLEAN PURE ACTION. Also, FI Gwas at west bandits. Not much to say here except wtf were they thinking And that was all within the first 30 minutes btw, after those two fights we visited a couple clusters where we victimized some clans and continuously dictated the action that the PURE scene had today. My boyfriend @Sikkoh @Peace seeker The Dutch Stallion - @Wessel
  3. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net July, 29th 2021 The boys over at LY HQ approached us for a P2P Big Mini this week and we happily accepted. We took round one ezpz, but had a slight brain fart r2. After that, managed to catch that win round 3 and take a sweet ol' dub. Excellent job team. Thanks for the event Legacy. -Management @WesselPOV @Sikkoh POV @Ur Glory Plz POV @NoelPOV @JimmyWooPOV
  4. Try and open those fat flaps above your eyes, maybe you can see it then
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