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  1. "More serious communities" Again, a game designed for kids, need to take the game for what it is, a game. If you bring anything relative to real life into it, especially with negative intentions, you have some sort of mental disorder. I'd take a nice break from whatever game it is, if it ever means this much to you.
  2. My man, you know this is a video game designed for teenagers right? Time to get outside and see what the real world is like, if you need to understand why this isn't necessary.
  3. Yeah this is what I was thinking from an outside perspective, this helps verify that
  4. Oh ya, thatd be awesome, and yea I imagine that's why most of us pre-eoc'ers are for again. Best of luck to you too
  5. Personally I dont want to deal with dosing or anything. Not that I see a reason to be targeted. But I have a career, working remote, i can't play the games these little kids can with internet. Makes me lean towards these smaller clans, probably a lot less of that issue.
  6. Don't really think anyone is, most of them seem to being giving an overall opinion, and i appreciate it. Regardless theres nothing wrong with trying to recruit somebody, i don't mind
  7. In all honesty from what I've read and seen on multiple forums I was thinking this. From past experience its usually the top and the bottom teams that act this way. Part of why I created this thread. Really just looking for fun and maturity at the end of the day, im 25, can't be asked with the childish stuff.
  8. Coming back to this game recently, after being in pure clans 9-12 years back. Wondering what the top 5 clans would be currently, as an overall consensus? Also I'm really surprised by all the immaturity still in the scene, reading about ddosing and doxing. Figured everyone would be in there 20s now for the most part, and this would of kinda died, seeing as its pretty childish. But I guess some things don't change lol.
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