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  1. Thanks for the invite, should be fun, gl all
  2. Everyone in sup does something irl and we still get a shoutout here. Talk about being engraved in some1s head
  3. Rage faceplant video, grey crying in-game and on forums. It's all good, they got inners with fi again this week.
  4. muted every1 except pillow and we had our own calling on ts3 while pillow called for terror, ez carry np
  5. GF mean was fun, look forward to another miniature war
  6. What is your clan's name?: Explicit What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: Retired Leader The name of the clan you are declaring against: Synergy @Wiz Fight type: P2P Insert any motivational message(if any): These losers think they can pull together 15 elite warriors to battle Explicit? NGL BRO THAT LOOKS LIKE 7 TO ME? YOU SAID ANY OPTS L000L. 15v15 me next week, we can select a date in da PM's. Donut explaining you don't have 15 members, donut bring invites from ur new fatality clan u join. Wizzy want war, we have war.
  7. u guys used mains vs OFA, bruh lmaO but nice action gz
  8. wait we can make declarations as a team say what famalam
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