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  1. It's not really worth coming back , unless you find some of your old mates in a clan and join them
  2. Exiled Force set out for our final PK trip peaking at 54 Spartans Originally Founded back in 2010 and closing in 2013 , in 2020 we noticed most of our old ranks and core members active again due to Covid-19 and decided to give it another go at xLPC this time. During this iteration of Exiled Force we have many great fights vs Terror, VD, ZU, Astro and pioneered a P2P movement in xLPC . Now that most of our ranks are going inactive and focusing back on real life we decided to retire our Team-9 Capes whilst on top. ~ Today's trip started out with us setting up a PKRI vs Terror at the watch tower who had similar ops than us featuring ZU sniping it. Our second fight was a fight with ZU at CA with the entire xLPC scene making an appearance. We then finished the trip with an hour long fight with Terror ft. other clans popping in and out. ~ Respect to all clans that gave us action during our 2020 run. ❤️ (we will remain open as a P2P | F2P inactive mini team ) ~ Shout out to the rank team who made Exiled Force happen again ❤️ @Trile @0uchez @Tragic @Googs @Gooby @Perra @Cade @Codi @Tanner @Hippy [POV's] ~PICDUMP~
  3. Vs Terror 2-1 for the good guys (Vid is only round 3 but , S/o to the 2v2 EF Spartans who won it for EF in R2) After 3-0'ing Raid in a 10v10 F2P mini (PKRI was Ft25) , they asked us to meet them in P2P , we quickly re-geared to P2P and told them to defend Bandit camp The results were the same , with us losing only 1 member.
  4. Saturday Exiled Force massed up 35 Spartans Started the trip with a PKRI vs Terror were down 9 ops and held our own until Zu , Astro and VD all crashed. Next we had two set fights with Zu both being crashed by Astro , Terror and VD Our last fight was a PKRI vs Astro at the tower , we fought and cleared multiple random snipe teams we then focused Astro and cleared them as well. We ended the trip by clearing Zu in singles
  5. F2P Mini vs UF [2-1] Shout out to KAREN's legendary Iron scim [0:00] F2P Mini vs Terror [2-1] [4:33]
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