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  1. FULL TOPIC: https://rs-deathrow.com/community/index.php?/topic/2177-thursday-deathrow-against-the-world/ Knowing that Playdead was prepping alongside 420 PKers for this evening at 9:30 PM EST we pinged less than an hour before kickoff to start preparing. With 420's recent marriage to Terror and Playdead's inability to match anyone's numbers without the help of Special Guest invites from Rage and Vengeance, we knew we weren't fighting 1, nor 2, but a mixture of 5 clans after Speedy was also asked to have Anonymous Community ready for this Thursday at 9:30 EST. After a short discussion with Violent Resolution we agreed to take care of this five clan alliance by ourselves and began outlining our plans. When push came to shove we waited around for someone to make a move. With Anonymous Community sitting north of 50's in rag along with 420 PKers idling in other worlds we decided to throw the first punch and logged in underneath AC. Swarming their pile we cleared them off the map as 420 PKers logged in to their aid. With VR logging in soon after we quickly wiped 420 PKers off the map as Playdead finally decided to show up late to the party. Alone by themselves for a couple minutes while 420 and AC struggled to return fast enough we continued to push them around. 5 clans just wasn't enough as Tempest began camping returners at new gate while Sovereign finally showed up to the south to even out the mini-map with white dots despite only two clans facing off against more than seven at this point. Controlling the entire map north of 50 portals we caught clumps near the water and northwest by the castle wall over and over. The same 420 members gifted us with cubes on top of their Playdead counterparts who suicided at no end for hours and hours. Every time 420 were cleared in a clump Playdead was left to fend for themselves before forcefully being made to sit. The onslaught continued as the fight moved west where we positioned ourselves on the the outside of every cluster of white dots. Having barraged anyone trying to push in west we eventually moved it back east where Sovereign was camping the portal and pushed the fight back north. Here we made our strongest stand with multiple off the screen spams as 420 PKers were forced to regroup entirely in a different world despite starting with more than 40 people. Hours into their event which was advertised as a 30 minute cap they were officially broken as Playdead was left to fend on their own once again. Strategically moving to the south to sandwich them between Sovereign and ourselves we slowly moved to the southeast and caught clumps at each choke spot. As 420 PKers returned to the fight and Playdead tried to inch their way through new gate we exploded them off the map before switching our focus back to Sovereign and company to the west. The fight moved it's way to Greater Demons where eventually 420 PKers and Playdead decided to hang it up and admit defeat. Bow down to the kings. Now alone with Sovereign at Greater Demons we continued farming them alongside Violent Resolution in the hut. Knowing that this fight was coming to an end quickly they decided to hit the long distance speed dial to every asian countryman they knew looking for work. Suiciding in ballista rag for the next couple hours we barraged anyone clumped around the hut. With Playdead and 420 PKers having ended we went non mandatory as Violent Resolution threw out the last of the garbage. We are unrivalred and the amount of clans it takes to even put up a fight proves it. Deathrow wins again. Great job by everyone tonight in both Deathrow and Violent Resolution. LEAK NUMBER THREE COMING SOON
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