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  1. Red Vision

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    N word
  2. Red Vision

    Resurgence V Predator Fight

    ty babe
  3. Red Vision

    Resurgence V Predator Fight

    Who is Predator?
  4. Red Vision

    watfuk is this lmao

    @Tanniebig gay retard
  5. Red Vision

    20 def movement?

    N word
  6. Red Vision


  7. Red Vision

    lpc Join Jungledash66 [Levels 30+] (Starting a New Clan)

    You are the fucking man!
  8. Red Vision

    TLDR of todays trip

    Grats but unban jon from talking on sharkbrew. Heard he had great things to say.
  9. Red Vision

    "The Great War"

    eomispex lmao wtf
  10. Red Vision

    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    Cuz hassan pipped up. AAO baby
  11. Red Vision

    PD Leader Cucked by CT Spy [AUDIO]

    You guys are cucks in yourselves. Who does this shit.
  12. Red Vision

    [serious discussion] intense robots

    Honestly you guys should meet up irl and brawl.
  13. Honestly the mid scene and main scene currently look so much more appealing then the pure scene.

    1. Brock_Lesnar


      why are you posting on a pure forum then nerd

    2. IamjohnC


      not really.

    3. Red Vision