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  1. @Ajs my cub and @Infamous Jet whens the offical discord chat flame war happening.

    1. Ajs my cub

      Ajs my cub

      wont be none monkey wont be able to reply due to laughter from facts.

  2. Ill sign up for the Sharkbrew Kissing Tournament instead. But gl all teams and or clans involved.
  3. I recommend the Main scene to all my fellow bored pures.

    1. Famcloth


      amen pures are crust for the last 2 years

    2. Ajs my cub

      Ajs my cub

      was thinking bout it but dont wana do all the extra quest n shit

  4. Ngl it's funny seeing the entire clan world equally hates Sv
  5. Thoughts on trying that out? Heard Zeah has some interesting single and multi way spots.
  6. Don't make me call Venomous76 back into the game. The green tards are coming 😂
  7. I might do it, I might bring my greasy self back.

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