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  1. Red Vision

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Question is paragon still open?
  2. Red Vision

    cwa Vengeance vs Team Potent 3-0 CWA

    Good job veng
  3. This the type of dude to gloat about his first nut hair.
  4. This the type of dude to gloat about his first nut hair.
  5. Almost wanna make another pure

    1. Proccy


      do it join ur aao brothers at legacy

    2. Red Vision

      Red Vision

      Aao on my nipples

  6. Red Vision

    cwa Vengeance Multi Spells CWA vs Team Potent 2-1

    Grats boys
  7. Red Vision

    pkri Vengeance Makes A Statement. (Ft. Everyone Again)

    Good beef. Excellent beef.
  8. Holy shit wg pulled 40?
  9. Enjoying the beef.
  10. Lmao AAO rapes fatailty, what do you except when they come back in full force. @Elve hey buddy how you been, let's talk about why you're in fatality, cuck boy.
  11. So elve how many times have you been penetrated by your male partner?
  12. You won't respond to me beta cuck
  13. Red Vision

    Resurgence's Friday Night Fun Ft. Veng Hiding & PD

    Im enjoying this beef
  14. Red Vision

    Torture of ROT

    Boy who said you talk? When we fighting irl?