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  1. Red Vision

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    I remember this one time I went to the store and got some bread.
  2. Red Vision

    Wtf was that?

  3. Mvp of the day:


  4. I get it, However lets be honest. Would you stand around and be legacy while mains are being used against you?
  5. Lmao this community is a double edged sword. CD starts using mains, ly hits em with more mains. Community bitching at ly. Actual autism.jpg
  6. Red Vision

    Dear CD #2

    I'm not surprised about this. Cd as a whole as always had an Iq of 1.
  7. im tryna pk, who wants to pk?

  8. Red Vision

    weekend Legacy Mother's Day P2P Sunday Feast

    Always winning
  9. Red Vision

    Dear CD

    Legacy over everything else.
  10. Cool to see the scene starting to get more action.

  11. Red Vision

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Question is paragon still open?
  12. Red Vision

    cwa Vengeance vs Team Potent 3-0 CWA

    Good job veng
  13. This the type of dude to gloat about his first nut hair.