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  1. Red Vision

    midweek Tuesday: Crashing PR

    Who tf PR. I just see vitality
  2. Red Vision

    midweek Tuesday: Crashing PR

    Who tf PR. I just see vitality
  3. Red Vision

    40+ def account level 121 main

    You have Playdead, Cutthroat, Revenant, Jaja, Sovereign, Violent Resolution, Divine Forces, Vanguard, Fools, Rot, Divine Kings, Iblysis cc, Renegades, and Chivalry Legions. Edit: Forgot about Vitality, Liths, and Brutal Awakenings Might be a couple more small teams I forgot about but, that is the main scene.
  4. Red Vision

    Biggest slump?

    I blame @Couck
  5. The year was 2014. I remember getting drunk and getting 10 jack n the box tacos. Thing was a monster. Thought I ate a snake. Thoughts?
  6. Red Vision

    MFW reddit

    When you gonna full out apex and ir? @slushpuppy
  7. Red Vision

    cwa Next fullout?

    Slushpuppy vs Ir
  8. Yeah ill take a number one with a large fry.
  9. Join The Most Openly Autistic Gay Horny Pure Clan, Stiffy Boys. 

    Combat 3-10.

    Teamspeak: Stiffy-slippycunts.net

    Discord: Soon

    Clan chat: stiffydubs


  10. Red Vision

    Weekend predictions

    I mean Ill probably be watching tv and jerking off both days.
  11. Alright guys. Pack your bags. It's over.

  12. Red Vision

    pkri The Boys vs WAR singles run in

    So many clans have merged into apex. How did you guys stilo manage to pull close to nothing.
  13. Damn we as a community is boring as fuck.