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  1. Gl with ROT on your ass l000l you wont survive long dog
  2. Poor victims Rage dogs gets carried by Revenant/vennies + more mains every weekend! Rage are done for, might aswell close already!
  3. keep crying lmfao, it was rage who started bringing meds btw, we just answered fire with fire. Yet you FI kids seems to be crying so hard about it l000l
  4. ceZa


    Hey welcome (back). What timezone you in @Aziz?
  5. just when needed, we wouldnt bring any if the likes of rage didnt. But if they think they can do whatever they want without repercussions, they gotta think twice. This wont end good..
  6. ? I suggest you check out what Rage announced not long ago regarding mains/meds on their trips. What did you expect, us to just allow that be 2 v 1 vs you and Rage? l000l
  7. Blame Rage Time to cleanse the scene since Rage is trying to blow it up with mains/meds again openly!
  8. Hey Ive been noticing u lately, random newfagg. Maybe if you open your small tiny eyes for a second and see who started bringing meds/mains openly you would comprehend better. But your tiny peanutbrain has a hard time for doing so, init?
  9. ? I suggest you open your eyes for a second and see who started bringing mains/meds first, OPENLY and PROUD of it. You think thats gonna go unnoticed u imbecil?
  10. another patethic attempt from med clan/mainc clan Rage! Better luck time! I killed u on my pure btw
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