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  1. ceZa


    Busy winning you said? Look at the capecounter mate, you guys were actually up ALOT on us in the beginningm but after a while we started to dominate you and lets be honest, you never came back after that... You barely had 10 members returning after 8 hours, how demoralizing that must be..you tele up in 1 item just to get banged the fuck out straight away lmao.
  2. ceZa


    smoked, and all that after being up 20 at the start of the fight + all the mains, yikes rage...
  3. big ownage trip - gf Rage + FI! Was some big ass clusters happening yesterday. Nice start on 2020 indeed
  4. easy own again, good try to Rage! Next time dont pussy out to singles please!
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