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  1. Art_Vandelay

    Pvp Safespotting

    @Winnetou What determines whether a tile is a safespot or not?
  2. Art_Vandelay

    pure clans app

    LOL holy shit you're retarded.
  3. y hide the inventory with trout? did u bring more than 6 brews lel
  4. Art_Vandelay

    40+ def account Looking for a Mid-Level PvP Clan

    wtf kind of acc is that, looks like a f2p ragger LOL
  5. Art_Vandelay

    Why is every clan an echo chamber?

    yea no more 1v1s in the scene lol just crash fights on weekends and no clans prep each other now. Pure scene is dead and pointless atm. You need a complete change in the people who lead these clans to see fair matched opts fights in the wilderness.
  6. Art_Vandelay

    Pups Vs. Misfits P2P Mini 2-0 | Perfected x1

    LOLOL that pic
  7. Art_Vandelay

    Vendetta vs Purge 2-1

    LOLOL wtf is that inv
  8. Art_Vandelay

    why you should never read fi boards

    just go zerker and get some real gear upgrades
  9. Art_Vandelay

    announcement Clarifications about the community watch list

    So like an inefficient RSJustice for pure community lol
  10. Art_Vandelay

    important Main WCOTM

    Why would a clan not crash a pre-setup fight if they knew about it? It's action for them, why would they deny their members wildy action for a point system.