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  1. nah just repeating what moose said in out channel we don't need anymore leaks go listen to your audio on our youtube channel.
  2. My dude that's the member chat I'm in your Discord's member chat too your rank made it seem like you had Rank Chat access Oh Zog says Ty for 100M btw
  3. Ah ok so a rank in the clan can dox and the leader in the same clan can be a rank in your shit website. Good to know. Make sure you pin that in the Secret-Underground-Volcano channel for me.
  4. lol why you acting like u have shit it's a plugin to view hidden channels but no content Worry more about not making 2 minute aftermath vids and not doxing our members. Look I leaked Sharkbrew Channels Sidenote who names a channel Secret-Underground-Volcano @puppyslush cringe
  5. Massed up 43 for our official P2P Sunday Had some great fights against BP/OG Loot: Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
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