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  1. Result of poor and weak descisions of pure clans to go fully 25 def maxed. This is how hpc was and we got ourselves back into it. If I was a zerk/med clan and I see 'pures' with the same combat or even higher, why would I not hit it? You kinda asked for it.
  2. Anyone involved in the main shit lost today.
  3. To me it seems like main clanning is that dead, they need to get involved into the pure scene to make themselves somewhat relevant.
  4. Its pretty cringe they can declare a 100v100 vs zenith but are not willing to do a 50v50.
  5. Looked clean from your side, watched rage and foe have 20+ mains logged in, pretty cringe.
  6. Watched both povs, looks like fatality took this W today, dont really see how zenith can claim a win out of this.
  7. Join a clan between the 40-60 pulls to avoid drama and have the best action on weekends.
  8. 40-50-60 pulls way more fun and less wasting ur time.
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