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  1. If you think 1-5 def will change anything, then you are legit 2 IQ. The scene is done, only jagex could pull a miracle by bringing in defence cap worlds and they will never ever do that. Move on
  2. It's a good update for the general sake of singles. Getting rid of the singles teams is good in my opinion. As for clanning, it will be a loss. What we learned throughout the years of clanning, is that certain clans will use everything in their power to win. Ragging will take over the singles areas which means it's gonna be harder for clans to reach the multi spots. I can already hear the calls:" have your meds logged in & ready at east graves".
  3. Special Forces 5 years anniversary trip / closing trip Special Forces founded in June 2016 and last sunday we had our 5th year anniversary trip. But sadly we have to announce that this was our last official trip. The current scene isnt as enjoyable as it used to be with the mains & toxicity. and propably the biggest reason for our closure is due the lack of interest from Jagex regarding PvP updates. Therefore we decided, with our rank team, to call it a day. You might see us back in the future, but for now, our troops sign out. Thanks for all the action provided by all clans. Keep it up We massed up 50 for our last official trip. We had some great fights against Hydra, Apex, Rage & Jumpstreet. At the end of the trip we had a 500m dropparty. Clan Chat: SF Uniform: Team 10 and purple hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw
  4. The only REAL solution is 1-5 def worlds. Else, nothing else will work. Its the sad truth. We did not learn from our mistakes in the past. This cycle will continue. Going back to 1 def won't help. It's kind of in Jagex hands and we all know, defence cap worlds will never be a thing in osrs. It has been suggested since what 2014?
  5. You gotta accept the fact that nothing will change. The leadership in most clans are ego trippers that only care about winning and they dont care how they do it. Going back to 1 def won't change a thing. Only thing that could change it, is jagex, and that aint happening.
  6. Damn.. Control_pker might have a slight chance at winning the jcup!!
  7. Pure scene is in fact dead and I dont see it resetting unless a real pvp update happens which has a 0.01% chance of happening.
  8. Really unlikely. Unless jagex makes defence cap worlds or a variety of extra/new options to clanwars. The scene at the moment is legit hpc. But back then we still had other scenes (lpc/mpc) which we dont have atm. The stubbornness from clanning leaders atm is unreal.
  9. ALL combats will be catered to from 50-69
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