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  1. Edjez

    What Can i Say? NRG On Top.

    Im happy for ya
  2. Enough xlpc clans to checkout. Energy = eop Immortal = cp? Tp = pop Anonymous = sf Xl, Dynasty, Nox and loads of snipeteams.
  3. Whats even the fun of pulling this high? Only xl can match these numbers but you can clear them down 30. You will lack of action with that pull.
  4. Im expecting 60+ pulls on sunday?
  5. Edjez

    Regarding the Pure Community

    Only jagex could improve the scene by getting 1-5 def worlds and a clanwars update.
  6. Edjez

    What are your predictions for LPC?

    Scene is not attractive for other people to create or reopen clans
  7. Edjez

    EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019

    Lpc is quite dead eh
  8. Edjez

    EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019

    The cancer will join soon..