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  1. I mean, we're 4-1 with you guys, so if we're trash, what does that make you? Also the 1 for you was a 26vs15 so not sure if I should even count that tbh.
  2. Come again? Team-49 was free when I checked clan capes on Exilent and all current open clans
  3. At least I can put a sentence that makes sense together. *Trash clan, worse than CD tbh.* Get off SB/OSRS and go learn, single Chromosome reject.
  4. You're as boring as the rest, keep trying. You're making us famous.
  5. Typical an LY retard can't see the linked text, use your eyes fam.
  6. Obviously you don't know how cape counter works, count the white dots if you're brain is capable of counting to 20 and you'll see it's equal.
  7. A couple of screenshots and a copy n pasted messaged from the YT video is a lot of effort?
  8. Look at my loc, not all are shown
  9. Daeva brings 20 demons for a 20v20 PKRI vs Legacy and we smoke them. 16 left in round 1, 14 left round 2. They they decided to get Revs and they uploaded a video of them getting cleared by us too so they came back 3 iteming with meds. Legacy Getting Smoked Legacy posted a video of us smoking them L0L They then proceeded to call us nobodies etc but then pmed 10+ members to pay them to leak. and last but not least, where would Legacy be without their meds/mains:
  10. You're mad AF, I can tell you're smashing your keyboard for your replies but hey, what else is Legacy's lapdog to do? Run back along to Sam now I'm sure his dick is getting dry. You guys returned, we made you all run North so we teled out, not my problem your members take over 40 secs to gear and return. #LegacyQuality
  11. Kami

    Daeva [65+]

    Imagine being so salty cos you got sat down on video to us you search us up to comment. Get a life you dog.
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