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  1. This new year is starting right where the last one ended, soup victimized by big bad wolf clan
  2. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After closing out 2020 as the rookie clan of the year, Terror massed up 48 Wolves ready to jump start the first official P2P Sunday of 2021. Hearing our rivals at soup HQ only pulled 27 (LOL) we chased them around, victimized them in the wildy, spammed them at bank, and taunted their members by tele'ing up to GDZ in front of them while they sat and avoided. This is only the first weekend of 2021, and Terror is already 2-0 on this poor tiger cub clan! We had a few clean 1v1 fights vs Venom, were involved in the major clusters (LY, BP, FOE, FI, OG, etc), and had two nice 1v1 fights with BP at the end where we got full clears on them while down 10-15 opts. Respect to all the clans we fought today! https://gyazo.com/8abcb874ee9f07299d6fbc6516e93001
  3. Gf OG, was good for both sides to get some nice reps in
  4. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Legacy asked us for a F2P PKRI which we gladly accepted. We massed up 30 wolves later peaking at about 40. We heard Legacy had about 40 so the first fight we fought down a few opts at sperm hill, but were able to quickly even the playing field with quick transition piles and great binding on our side. The fight would later take place at several different locations, including GDZ, CA & Corp Hill. Our final fight was highlighted by us doing a BS Fest/Tank Tests on corp after LY apparently ended. Just down to 10-ingame from our own shenanigans, LY saw this as a window of opportunity to get everyone back on and rush us. Despite being down 20 off the bat, we were able to quickly bring it back to matched, pushing them towards CA and then taking a decisive victory consistently being up 25 on the cape counter. There were several "crash" attempts throughout the day that were quickly wiped off the map and our fights would continue on as planned. Both clans had their ups & downs and overall it was a very competitive PKRI. Thanks to Legacy for the fights hope to do more soon! ~Edgi~ ~Crown~ ~Pinoyz~
  5. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' CC ✞ ✞ ✞ Today we massed up 25 shooters for our scheduled F2P PREP vs OG. We were excited to shake off some dust from the holidays and jump right back in. The boys in blue were able to pull off a 3-0 victory in KO rounds. OG gladly accepted two rounds of FT50 afterwards, which we also came out on top 2-0. Thanks to our friends in OG for the fights. Hope to do more soon! Round 1 (Win) Terror Starting : 25 Onslaught Starting : 25 Terror Ending : 17 Round 2 (Win) Terror Starting : 25 Onslaught Starting : 25 Terror Ending : 18 Round 3 (Win) Terror Starting : 25 Onslaught Starting : 25 Terror Ending : 19 Round 4 (Win) Terror - 50 Kills Onslaught - 36 Kills Round 5 (Win) Terror - 50 Kills Onslaught - 32 Kills ~Videos~ ~Koala~ ~Pinoyz~ ~Crown~
  6. @3at @[email protected] To Deathdont starve your members and my plant pls!
  7. Get off of Sharkbrew and set up events for your clan. I heard you're not doing anything until March 2021, is that true?
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