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  1. Was a fun trip with lots of good action. Also the gwas on Soupremacy was good too lmao
  2. Looked like a great first trip, grats on the win on the last return fight vs SF
  3. Ty for fight BP. was fun until those mains crashed, don't think they smited either side for +1s so it was a failure on their end. Looking forward to more in the future
  4. PM us for a prep rather than commenting on sharkbrew please and thanks
  5. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After pking for a couple hours on the final night of Revs and getting some A1 loot, Blunt Purez decides to reach out for a late night PKRI. Although already 12:00am EST, we relished this opportunity to get some good late night action and a glimpse of clanning for our new recruits. Starting with about 20, later peaking at ~25 Wolves, we fought BP at Chaos Alter for just underneath the 30 minute mark. Clean action for the most part, until a group of mains crashed and attempted to smite out both sides for their +1s. Terror held its own despite all the distractions and was always up big on in-game opts. After getting one final clear, we decided to take the decisive win and call it as more mains/rags increased by the minute. Thanks for the fight BP, appreciate you reaching out to us for a late night event, and hope to do more in the future. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Media ✯ VINNY ✯ PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo Tickles#4325' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  6. Respect to the apes(not flower because he’s a fake ape) for the f2p action. Ily
  7. Discord: eNQxVu | 'Wolves Den' CC Looking to carry over our clan wars momentum into the new week, Terror massed up ~30 Wolves for our scheduled F2P First-to-50 vs Onslaught. Both clans agreed on a 20 cap for the first two rounds, and a Knockout PKRI to finish it out. OG put up a great fight, but Terror ultimately ended up with the 3-0 victory. Thanks for the respectable action Onslaught once again, we look forward to more events in the future. Round 1 (FT50) Terror Ending: 50 Kills Onslaught Ending: 31 Kills Round 2 (FT50) Terror Ending: 50 Kills Onslaught Ending: 37 Kills Round 3 (Knockout PKRI): Terror Starting: 21 Terror Ending: 16 VIDEOS ☽ PAX ☾ ☽ DREAMZ ☾ ☽ PK3R 4 SH0 ☾
  8. I would say bu+ Astro but hey, I closed them already
  9. Respect to OG for doing f2p with us. Good luck tomorrow in p2p.. will be interesting!
  10. Oof interesting. 100v100 or 30v30 min can y’all accept so I can watch while I eat some ice cream
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