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  1. @Fs [email protected]@Bud Drop the fucking tanks. Envy didnt close because of you, they closed because you poisoned the scene with tanks!
  2. You didn't even mention Terror anywhere on your topic lmfao. BROKEN
  3. Envy closed because they couldn't get clean pure vs pure action. We're asking u to drop the tanks to preserve the scene, but u have sights on destroying it!
  4. @Bud You brought tanks to a pure vs pure fight today. Envy closed because you ruined the scene! Stop with the tanks!!!!!
  5. @Budwhat kind of pathetic topic was that lmfao Keep resorting to leaking ts/discord audios!
  6. First fight start/end: Second fight start/end (rp crashes before full clear) Third fight start/end:
  7. No tanks from Terror today. Although, I did see several tanks from Astro. I urge you to drop the tanks and keep it pure only!
  8. Astro should really focus on their clan instead of listening to Terror's discord all day!
  9. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Sunday, May 31st: Today was certainly an odd day, as most clans decided to cancel their trips. However, Terror showed up as usual amassing ~48 Space Wolves, who hopped on their respective space shuttles to destroy a certain pink clan. We had a total of three battles, all of which were convincingly won. The first fight was CATASTROPHIC and an easy win for the wolves. Subsequently, the 2nd and 3rd fights resulted in the butchering of Astrology, however Rampage bailed Astrology both times, preventing the Space Wolves to get a full clear. The blatant 2v1'ing could not be any more obvious (lmao). Anyhow, the end result was another successful weekend trip for Terror. Thanks to all xlpc pure clans on keeping tanks to a minimum. Let us strive to drop all tanks for clean, pure vs. pure action. ✞ Dreamz ✞ ✞ PINOYZ ✞
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