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  1. Discord: TapTmzMN | 'Wolves Den' CC Sunday, April 18th 2021 بها مؤخرًا في كلا الخادمين - بدأ الإرهاب بـ 50 نقاء بلغ ذروته لاحقًا عند 56 ذئبًا على استعداد لإحداث عنف غير قانوني وترهيب ضد المدنيين في البرية. شعرنا بخيبة أمل عندما علمنا أن منافسينا كانوا قادرين فقط على سحب 25 pure مع 9 أنابيب وقاموا بعمل 20v20 مع apeg بعد زيادة هذه الرحلة طوال الأسبوع. ومع ذلك ، تصارعنا مع كل عشيرة تريد الدخان اليوم ونفجر القصف في كل مكان ذهبنا إليه في البرية ونصرخ "ألهو أكبر!" في كل مرة نلقي فيها ذقن. بسرعة بعد هذه الرحلة ، شقنا طريقنا إلى أعلى قائمة المطلوبين لدى مكتب التحقيقات الفي Translation: As one of the top pulling clan as of late in both servers- Terror started out with 50 pures later peaking at ~56 Wolves ready to cause unlawful violence and intimidation against the civilians of the wilderness. We were disappointed to hear that our rivals were only able to pull 25 pures along with 9 mains and did 20v20 inners with apeg after hyping up this trip the entire week. Nonetheless, we tussled with every clan that wanted the smoke today and set off bombings everywhere we went in the wilderness yelling 'Alahu Akbar!' every time we threw a chin. Quickly after this trip, we made our way to the very top of the FBI's Most-Wanted list! Terror vs Onslaught We begun our trip hitting OG east of bandits, catching them in massive clumps off the rip- getting some quick kills and going up big before a bunch of mains decided to hit. The terrorists tele'd out with our loot including a stolen AGS! Terror vs Fatality ft. Legacy, Blunt Purez We set up a fight vs FI at boneyard. Shortly after we rushed, LY crashed making it a cluster that spanned all the way from boneyard to sperm to CA. Minutes into the cluster, we found ourselves isolated vs BP, getting quick kills and doubling their opts before getting crashed and dipped. Terror vs Apeg, Fo, Hydra We continued our Terrorization of the wilderness as we logged in on Hydra vs Apeg east of bandits, clearing up both clans before Fo tried to single to multi us. We pulled west onto the Lava and caught bunch of Fo a few steps too far away from singles, clearing them up then dipping out with the W. Terror vs Hydra We set up a fight vs Hydra east of GDZ by new gate. We rushed from the south and did some heavy damage, and wrapped around them from the west. We took over the hill and had nearly double their opts before OG, followed by a group of mains crashed. Terror vs Fo, Rage We ran into Fo north of CA and began dropping them one by one as the fight dragged it's way to ghost hut. With superior piling and movements, we were able to get a full clear on Fo and that's when we were rushed by Rage. Without a full regroup, we held our ground for a good moment going kill for kill before Fi and LY crashed. Terror vs Fo We concluded our trip with a fight vs Fo east of bandits. We pushed into them hard and dumped our specs early in the fight, going up huge on the cape counter. This fight lasted for a good 15 minutes of clean action before it got crashed and it's safe to say that Terror wins again! The war on Terrorism continues next week. Stay tuned... Videos - Crown - - Koala - uploading
  2. The guy below me explains exactly how sups trip went

  3. Thx fi for the clean fights was fun.. shitpremacy bit the bait and made themselves look dumb af
  4. Oh okay! Who dun it shitpremacy actually thought we were kidding about the purple portal
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