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  1. how many times u going to spend spamming this topic go out and lose some weight u fucking chump @Infamous Jet
  2. I don't see any rape happening wtf u talkin bout mate I never said clw either retard stfu u foe spastic sv looking ass wannabe kyp before I smoke u again at gdz u fucking rat 🐀
  3. Rage doing bear things my fellow sharkbrew people!! Killing is in our nature

  4. Why gdz though we already won that fight?? Plus if we did fight again you would bring the likes of sv mains to help your cause stfu you fake ass pure clan go back to rs3 and learn how to pure clan without mains for once.. I'd love to see it main free from you just maybe if you could one day but that'll never happen.. You guys are foe have a moto that is never cheat never lie Well guess what you broke those rules!!!
  5. By the looks of it I'd say these forums are ran by Rage damn must feelbad to be foe and have a mascot named fudog @Infamous JetWhat a dummy he is nice pet you got there tho foe

  6. yh yh tf u on about mate foe also brings mains to events and consistently get shit on weekends by Rage the #1 clan on of the wilderness stfu kyp u fucking mut dog
  7. stfu and KYP u Fucking Rat go get fucked by the real george soros I'm sure that old geezer could help u out and on the plus side ur weak af hiding on a hider account such as that kyp fag
  8. sup ded pulling down to pulling 30s get back to recruiting
  9. bro u serious mate @N uts acku got no balls that's for sure crying wolf fucking idiot hope u get the China virus u degenerate rat
  10. yh fudogs team still around u might as well join him @Infamous Jeti hear he takes anyone bruv
  11. dude coming from u that's cringe af ur overweight af like ur big ass bro stfu n kyp
  12. To bad I'm not ahahahaha and I'm not a sand crab recruit u fucking dumbass kid l0l
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