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  1. How about u don't bring mains n bring pures only your the worst officer Sup has beta cuck bitch ass
  2. they need to take more than notes they need to take a whole class of how low quality they actually r l0l
  3. slumpremacy obviously wins at mains u say but when it come to being a pure clan as such u can't hang it seems haha broken dead ass this was the best comment on the whole topic rage doesn't bring mains idk why u think we do but we don't okay if u think u recruit more pures maybe u guys could actually fight us fairly instead ur shit at the game n bring mains who tf pure clan r u more like mainslumprmancy
  4. I think shitacy i mean legacy got Deleted!! Pretty sure that happend today :)

  5. Fs closed it's confirmed feelsbad to lose a pure clan :(

  6. hmm i wonder who would be closing soon or first to close ly or cd?? Thoughts
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