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  1. F3ar

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    what rsps is it there are so many??? :P
  2. F3ar

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    what private server is it??
  3. F3ar

    What are your predictions for LPC?

    I wish more clans would open up for 2k19 for lpc and even xlpc.. I hope clans start prepping each other more and put the egos behind them but prob won't ever happen.... I can see the xlpc scene starting to thrive and the lpc needs like more clans to open up there is currently only 5 atm but could see more clans popping up... I would love to see clans doing both servers though f2p and p2p!!!!
  4. F3ar

    [XLPC] Community suggestion response

    ** When replying to this topic, could you also review my suggestion below ** To fully revive w308 wilderness, we should have an npc that stands around varrock wildy. You can trade the NPC noted items, and subsequently withdraw unoted. This would make it easier for multi pkers to restock on food or gear for example OR Simply have a bank chest near varrock wildy This sounds like a badass way of doing it w08 edge is pretty much dead most kids go to the pvp world now that are high lvls I'm pretty sure that a bank near v ditch would make 08 great again but the xlpc scene is kinda growing atm I see a whole lot of lvl 30s n lvl 40s in multi at v ditch starting to come back to the game cause of mobile to pk @puppyslush please keep up with the good work also ask that guy about the capes to make them for clans n such other ideas pitch them to him
  5. F3ar

    eop weekend in summary

    Apex openly teams with Ir there boyfriends and can't seem to ever hit them in wildy what a dogshit clan.. Stick to battlescape
  6. F3ar

    eop weekend in summary

    I have to agree with @Tannie the #1 chinaman eop is such a dogshit pure clan.... I mean main clan!!!
  7. F3ar

    Is this the end for Supremacy? v2

    Waiting for u to declare on us oh wait u won't
  8. F3ar

    Fixing clanning

    This sounds like a pretty good thing could have certain emblems as ur clans or able to submit one and able to customize the color of the cape.. The poh thing sounds like a good idea for it to as well
  9. F3ar

    Is this the end for Supremacy? v2

    Yeah well I'm waiting until u stop teaming with eop and not hitting that shit main clan!!! I guess you guys are just pussy ass bitches that rely on eop though...
  10. That's actually awesome man that he has responded to u like that and it's kinda dumb he said people wouldn't be on those type of worlds n such but eventually they would be
  11. F3ar

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    @Makers of Mayhem top good quality post my man we really need what u said
  12. F3ar

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    Everything you said here is spot on for sure @puppyslush Read this comment plz ^^
  13. F3ar

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    @puppyslush Will u have a staff team look through this and decide on what you want propose to jagex??