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  1. I think shitacy i mean legacy got Deleted!! Pretty sure that happend today :)

  2. Fs closed it's confirmed feelsbad to lose a pure clan :(

  3. hmm i wonder who would be closing soon or first to close ly or cd?? Thoughts
  4. F3ar

    tournament P2P Tournament Of The Underdogs

    A post that 100% correct mate
  5. When will pussy clans start prepping each other again and there be a clan war tourney with all the clans??

    1. Cleezy


      Good question we just got done prepping Supremacy for the first time in years, only clan avoiding preps I can think of is fo tbh

    2. F3ar


      Maybe true what clan are u in @Cleezy?? 

    3. 'Jamie


      he big shark @F3ar

  6. F3ar

    tournament P2P Tournament Of The Underdogs

    Everyone knows what the deal is clans won't prep each other and Foe won't prep Apex won't prep Foe.. Every clan in the scene seems to be scared to lose 1 prep the only clan that's getting any action in prepping is and everyone knows is Fatality 4 most prep action for sure why can't the other clans prep each other cause there rivals and pussies is why
  7. Idk maybe the clan with the best clanners in the game but who knows Trikb0w might have her squad ready Heil Hydra
  8. F3ar


    idk if this is legit or not but if doom does open gl mates
  9. F3ar

    New Pure Clan Rogue District

    Sounds good when u start pulling close to 40-50 come join the rest of the clans on sundays for p2p action or join us all for some f2p action on Saturday also get someone to do u some gfx or something I'm sure u can find someone to help u
  10. F3ar

    New Pure Clan Rogue District

    Gl with ur clan man