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  1. Rage is pretty much on top @hotguygood community and good at clan wars... So is ly and Fi and then there's this clan named Foe well there no longer the best clan out there anymore they should just go main and have there leaderboards leaked much more.. People are saying zenith well they have 0 quality masser clan 0 clan wars quality there shit at clan wars I doubt they get any better tbh and as for Apex there decent in pulling numbers they pull about 40-50 and they are also pretty good at clan wars so i'd say join a clan that you feel welcomed and not dogshit as zenith
  2. @SandraYou have some good points but I doubt any of this will be implemented.. But if people want a new system I think @puppyslushshould possibly come up with one if he wants to
  3. that's actually funny af that you said that when u avoid cotm l0l avoider
  4. it's funny u quoted that cause he's talking about your clan and you should leave yet another clan that doesn't even appreciate you at all
  5. wtf is this shit?? ulpc wtf lol just go lvl 50 and take your asses to xlpc quit playing around and being stupid
  6. @I Eat XansYo man lay off those dorito chips please man your embarrassing yourself fudog
  7. u sound broken man cry me some tears!!!
  8. no just no kid stfu kyp and die dog lost no rivalry at all might as well end your clan now here and now 15 years of shit no need for anymore years rat 🐀
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