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  1. Sounds to me with all the posts the only problem to be made about mains @Kimand the problem is rob why tf would any clan apex follow and fo join in with them tf you sound so so suprised by mains when your known clan would bring mains as well to fight people back in the day now your clans crying about mains cry is free off is nfs
  2. stfu kid no one asked you cry is free and off is nfs btw
  3. the only reason u left cause you were shit at the game and then tried to act like you got defence on your acc lmfao... How's it feel to be still shit and cringe as fuck u degenerate dumbass!!! Rage #1 baby
  4. But the real question is where is a fo shit topic at haven't seen one?? Someone help me find it or help them!!

  5. Where is fo topic at doe don't see that shit no where?? Anyone help please find it

  6. Shut your clingy ass up bud kyp kid Bears smoked fo shit today and owned them put them in there place and dug there graves and buried them!!!
  7. this is so cap that mike is a rat and your a dumbass if you don't believe that your an idiot talk to to the guy for few mins you will see
  8. stfu kid mike is the one who is doing bad stuff here so kyp you dog
  9. it's true he's been doing it lol just listen to the retard he's a rat for a reason he's also been doing other stuff as well
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