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  1. This new wave of xlpc’s is looking very promising. Ty 4 action today - astro
  2. Remember when supremacy got bullied so hard they had to switch capes? What color should we bully them to next?

  3. I agree with Red Vision, we should bring back the banners and maybe those decorative capes like in rs3 to attract more people so that they can get into the concept of clanning. Also, I think that clan wars and fog should be moved back to the wilderness like it was in 2011 when clanning was at a peak. I believe that the "Safe Spots" in the wilderness is what attracted a lot of people into actually going into the wilderness.
  4. Seems like we massed a little late and missed some action but it was fun anyway, ty for the fights
  5. @Aysix You're lucky I wasn't there xD Can't wait to prep u bud;)
  6. You were focusing us while we were fighting ob. We fought 2v1 and still didn't get cleared. If anything, nbk has shown that they are capable of being a top tier clan by 1v1ing anyone rather than crashing every fight.
  7. You only show crashing, I didn't see any clear on your video lol. Ty for the action
  8. No one brought mains, the only mains i saw were your scouts. You lost some fights and won some fights.
  9. Gj ob, looking foward to legitimate preps in the future once we open:)
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