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  1. like i said, ty for bumps, stay salty, Militia #1
  2. I break kids without even playing @My Caves image0.png

  3. hey buddy, u have nothing to fight more anymore, enough is enough, the firm is dead. Thanks for bumping my topic tho:) u not even a hater at this point, u a fan lmfao
  4. 5 months of Militia, most active low level revs clan, if you're 60-80cb, feel free to try it out;)

  5. Still the most active and reigning clan in the game. Daily rev trips, 5 months strong. Long Live Militia!
  6. still hitting revs daily, most active low level pure clan in the game!
  7. some of these zenith retards seem salty, what a dogshit clan lmfao
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up around ~ 60 Legacy for our weekly F2P Pk Trip, and dominated all clusters around high altar, corp, and p13s. Today we ended up having some strong clusters throughout the pk trip and taking control of all clusters we were apart of this evening. VitaminT Pictures https://i.imgur.com/FBlLha6.png
  9. We are also participating in the ulpc scene, check us out:)
  10. Since y’all got mains, come join the action in ulpc, takes 2 hrs to train an acc:)
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