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  1. Maaku

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    All fat glory hunters like jumbo and tyenigga are in fi lmfao
  2. fi gloryhunters demoralized again lmao
  3. Maaku

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    Fi has been terrible clan for so long time now
  4. Maaku

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    Better start from something what is already dead
  5. Maaku

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    lpc or xlpc? gl
  6. They need to be released in order to keep the hiker population from exploding.
  7. Maaku

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    you brainos just need to kys yourselfs
  8. Maaku

    Best so far

  9. Maaku

    Empire ~ The True Empire Never Falls

    Battlescape lol
  10. Maaku

    Xlpc Rankings

    I think only IMT is relevant
  11. Sup taking capes off and bring mains to survive lmao forever dirty paki clan

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Maaku


      led by dirty paki who is just gonna end up bombing himself

    3. roflcats


      you literally know nothing about supremacy lmao

    4. Brock_Lesnar


      @Maakuyou are a clown. I hate you and so does the rest of CP.

  12. Maaku

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    pls no mainer against legacy