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Found 10 results

  1. CC: BP PUB Today Blunt pures massed 80 Pures peaking at 83 to show onslaught they were not winning this "rivalry" with their 40 pulls, after openly admitting to using mains on us during midweek and saturdays trip we had a backup ready for when onslaught tried the same today, when OG saw us with 110 they decided using mains on us was a bad idea and decided to hide for the majority of their trip not hitting any of the big clusters we were starting. The one time they tried joining a cluster we completely wiped them from the map having over triple their opts at all times forcing them to tele with 8 in game. they then decided to tele everytime their 'rivals' came within a mini map from them. Gonna have to try a lot more to win this Onslaught, and a lot more brainwashing to convince others you're winning with your 40 pulls to Official trips. and as you see now using mains will not end well for you, as weve asked since day one for a prep and pure fights maybe take us up on this sometime instead of avoiding. For the rest of our trip we had plenty of action managing to fully clear ly + fight FI, Zenith, Rage, Supremacy. Thanks to all clans that took part look forward to next weekend Pov: Chris: Part of Trip [LY CLEAR]
  2. clan-rage.com | Discord: nPj8YU | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 43 Bears, later peaking at a strong 50 for our F2P Saturday trip after a busy week of events. Knowing our numbers and those of other clans, we knew we would likely be down a few opts at the start and focused mostly on similairly pulling clans such as Terror and Supremacy. While we also knew that Rot would likely make an appreance again, we didn't expect it to be this easy. From setting up 1v1's with Terror that got hit by other clans such as Supremacy, Fo and Fatality to demolishing Apex in 1v1 and destroying Rot to the point where they had to call Apex for backup, our trip had it all. Rot oty begging for help: @Savage @Treehugger28 Thanks to all Bears that showed up as always!
  3. Today Onslaught set out with 47 gorillas later peaking at 50. This weekend Blunt Purez haveavoided us as much as they could. Unfortunately for them they went 0-5 this weekend to the almighty gorilla clan. Low stamina clan Blunt Purez with their Jump Street invites couldn't handle OG clan. How the fuck do you go from pulling 60 (with invites) to 32? Those mid trip promotions didn't help did they l0l! Stay tuned for Friday LMFAO Onslaught got the juice baby! Shout-outs: Our intelligence department. Top notch stuff today with important announcement on Friday! To my gorillas for showing up today and putting work in! To my leak getting promoted today mid trip! Gz bro =] BP Leader @slavery donating us a toxic staff! BP Silent God donating us a brimstone ring Jump Street for attempting to help out BP. You'll need more! ~Winter POV ~Teal POV Uploading.. Onslaught vs Venom Saw Venom at Bandits. Decided to get into a little tussle as the entire clanning scene is getting hit by mains. Tussled with them for a about a minute or so until foe crashed. S/o to Venom for fighting us down opts much respect homies! Saw fatality at 18 ports. Us being fucking helmets that we are, we said yoloswag420blazit and sent it. We rushed east and caught them in some pretty big clumps before like 150 of them came rushing at us l0l. Pretty much every high pulling clan was at CA. We said yolo and decided to hit it as our bracket was being slow to respond. Logged into apex at ghost hut and caught them in a pretty sick clump at the NW tip of ghost hut. Fatality rushed in like 30 seconds later and we skedaddled the fuck on out of there. For whatever reason Blunt Purez was practicing backline scim pushes on corp hill or something?? I don't really know what the fuck they were trying to do. Logged in just east of corp and legit just exploded them. After like 2 minutes they teleported out. Got their leader for a toxic staff. Saw Blunt Purez awkwardly spread just north of rev cave entrance decided to hit them and fucking exploded them again. Rage rushed in from the west so we pulled east past BP and just watched BP get exploded even more. The fight made its way from spider hill to gdz. As every clan started showing up we ended up fighting Legacy down like 40. Obviously didn't go in our favor but fuck it, gf all clans! Caught wind that Venom and Apex were fighting at Bandits. Had a strong north side and started attacking the apex and venom that were close to us. Eventually Fatality crashed from the south and we got out of there. Got a fight vs Rage at bandits. Rushed in had a strong North side and we're doing good up therewhile Rage had a strong south side. The fight was very even until ROT crashed and we all teleported out. Thanks for the quick action Rage hope for more fights in the future! Saw Blunt Purez sitting in singles with 30 (THEY HAD 60 AT THE START OF THE TRIP l0l) We hit those fucking retards in single and got a brimstone ring from BP SilentGod (Ty lmfao) After about 10-15 minutes they broke and stopped returning came back 5 minutes after to get a fake ending pic l0l. We ended the trip on a high note with a drop party for the boys after celebrating a great weekend for Onslaught!
  4. | Saturday November 7th, 2020: Today we headed out with 42 Godkings (peaking at 48) for our F2P Sunday Trip. Started off the fantastic trip with a squeaky clean 1v1 vs. Supremacy at 18 Ports. For the duration of the fight, the lead went back and forth. It moved moved from 18 Ports to Chaos Altar tele spot, down to the Altar and back to the tele spot at the end. Shoutout to Supremacy for the superb action! Once the fight had ended Blunt Purez rushed with 20 and got sent back to Enclave in about .5 seconds. Up next we went and paid our long-time victims Rage a visit at Bandit Camp. We didn't want to have to end the cluster for the honorably clans that were there, but Rage is allowed 0 action and we had to do it. As soon as we showed face, the 29 low stamina bears in game headed north and logged out. We chased around the remaining clans until everyone was in singles. Afterwords we went and hit a fight between Fatality and Final Ownage at Chaos Altar. A few.minutes after we crashed, Legacy showed up with Revenant in their capes. We pushed them northwest to Corp Hill, and went to work. In a mere 10 minutes, we completely eradicated both clans from multi. Revenant, please put up a fight next time. Your pulls keep getting lower and lower, and the fights keep getting easier and easier. To end our action packed trip, we went and hit another fight between Fatality and Final Ownage. Fatality called Revenant for help, but that didn't help them. We decided to engage in yet another 1v1 with Revenant, this time inside Chaos Altar. In 10 minutes, just like before, we completely wiped their 20 man pull off the map. Some things never change! Thanks for the clean fights everyone, and stay easy Rage/Rev!
  5. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net November 11th, 2020 50 Supremacy tigers DOMINATE the wilderness pure scene, sweeping Terror, Apex, Rage, and others with clear and convincing victories. To summarize the trip for those who lurk on supremacy forums than they do on their own, Supremacy massed up 50 strong tigers today, went into the wild, and had one of the best action backed trips we could've possibly had with our selection of victims. @Wessel PoV The first fight of the day, which happened to be a 30 minute long CLEAN pkri vs Apex, started at 18 ports with Supremacy rushing Apex up around 4 people. We started the fight with strong aggression at 44v40, got an insane fucking transitional killing spree going, and got a massive lead vs Apex 3 minutes into the fight. For the next 5-10 minutes, we chased Apex around from north 18s to south boneyard and back around to CA while killing them 1 snare at a time. We gained almost a 30 man lead at one point doing this, however Apex being the clan they are, did return hard to CA where we re-initiated the battle. Although we still had a 10 man lead at this time, we made quick work of Apex's return group and regained our strong lead on them, following them west to east to west and so forth until Zenith appeared on the minimap. We pulled south into CA with 45 people, and Apex rushed with 17. This opportunity right here gave us free reign on clearing the rest of them up, and doing so allowed us to successfully log out with the dub. Great fight Apex, and TY Zenith for the AC. For a few clusters around bandit camp, we chased OG, Terror, and Rage around all the choke points. We rushed OG, got rid of them, then rushed Terror, made them run like the rats they are, and then Rage rushed us, where we battled it out until they ran off due to Apex crashing too. While Apex took care of Rage, we took care of Terror, playing them like the rag dolls they are and sending them walking down in singles. One of the best fights we had towards the end of the trip came against Rage and Terror. We decided to crash both these clans fighting at the Ferox Tower, and damn well knew they would try to 2v1. For a SOLID 10+ minutes, we took turns shitting on both Rage and Terror repeatedly. When Terror would run away to regroup, rage would get these hands, and when Rage would show up, Terror had to throw in the towel due to the Supremacy tigers being on fucking point today. Singles: Almost after 15 minutes or so of losing to Supremacy in a 2v1, Terror finally pulled into singles. We werent going to let these dogs take a regroup in singles and decided to chase them into singles and fully face fuck them for 30+ minutes until they had 9 MAINS left ingame. Their ranks completely stopped returning, their members broke like the fucking weaklings they are, and the rest were toyed around on their mains. We took 40 people back to multi south of ferox, counted from 10 to 0, giving them time to re-rush us, but instead they stood there with 9 people and got a fake ending pic LMFAO. You will never be better than us, at anything, and your ranks and members know it. @Wessel @PhiliPhil @X poo @JimmyWoo
  6. | Saturday, October 24th, 2020: Today we headed out with 43 Godkings (peaking at 50) for our F2P Saturday Trip. We started the trip off with a fight vs. Zenith at Chaos Altar. Just like we wanted, we baited Revenant into crashing it. Zenith headed out rather quickly leaving us in a clean 1v1 with Revenant-- perfect. For the entirety of the fight, we fucking dominated. At no point in time, in the entire farm session, were we down opts. Revenant was expecting their partner in crime Ancient Fury to come and save them per usual. Unfortunately for Revenant, Ancient Fury was busy losing a fight of their own and never got a chance to bail them out. Revenant pulled so low, they had to take their capes off within 15 minutes of the beating. We pushed them from the tele-spot to altar and back at least 10 times. Getting desperate, 30 minutes into the fight they abandoned their meds and logged in 20 mains to avoid the lashings they were receiving. After an hour or so of punishment, with Apex still having 60+ in game, Revenant bit the bullet and headed out, accepting defeat in a clean 1v1 against a pure clan. I wonder if they will go back to 1-iteming again tomorrow since they clearly make no impact with or without gear. We got it all on camera, if you don't believe us the proof's in the pudding. Press play and watch us clear Revenant in a clean 1v1. After smoking the fuck out of Revenant, we were asked for a FT100 by Zenith and kindly accepted. Although we were down opts for the majority of the fight, we came out with a convincing W. The pure scene's cheerleaders were present as expected, with pom-poms and all. To try and seem relevant, they tried initiating a spam-war to boost moral. Unfortunately for them, they lost this too, logging out and accepting their second loss of the day in just 20 minutes.
  7. | Today we headed out with 41 Sharks, later peaking at 50. We started off the trip by having a nice 1v1 at Corp Hill vs. Supremacy. 5 minutes into the fight Adamant Fury decided to crash and all three clans headed to singles. Expecting us to run away, Adamant Fury started off the fight with very high energy. The second we logged in our super pures however, they got really quiet. In 2 minutes, we had already put more in our capes then them. They instantly took capes off out of embarrassment. A FUCKING BATTLESCAPE CLAN HAD MORE MAINS TODAY THAN ADAMANT FURY. We kicked back and put our accounts on autopilot, killing main after main after main. In a mere fucking hour, we tucked these fat foreigners in and kissed them goodnight. They started booking it east, leaving the location we had been fighting at for over an hour, logging out and simultaneously accepting defeat. Thanks for the free hype, that was a lot easier than we expected. Think twice before you fuck with Apex, we don't fucking lose.
  8. Today Onslaught set out into the land of own with a peak of 50 helmet wearing retards, ready to unleash ultimate own upon our foe's. As the newly opened Terror had similar opts to us, the majority of our action today included them with a special feature of SF randomly suiciding their clan into us at times. Pixel Started off the day fighting terror east of bandits and put in work until BP crashed with more than us. Once Terror teleported out, so did we. Heard Terror was fighting SF, decided to join in. Immediately erased SF from the map and then switched targets to Terror. SF would attempt at least three times to regroup and re-rush only to be choke slammed back into edgeville bank. This went on until Apex logged in and we all dipped. Set up another fight against Terror, started off strong and kept control of the fight until the entire community logged in at east graves prompting us to teleport out and leave them dissatisfied. Logged into hit a cluster, found Hydra. We rolled them over and dipped when Zenith rushed. Logged into a cluster and began laying the smackdown on BP. SF tried their luck for the 5th time this trip and were immediately put in a box, spared only by Zenith logging in and giving them an excuse to teleport out. SF attempted to redeem themselves after the last 6 beatdowns they got. To keep things short, this was just more of the same resulting in many camelot tabs breaking until Zenith logged in.
  9. Set up a fight against SF, they lied about their #'s so we were in an uphill fight for a period of time. After they realized they couldn't clear us they began logging in mains to camp our ranks and found out the hard way that this was not a good idea. 1handrew flower Teal (uploading)
  10. We were out storming through the wilderness with 20 Zenith Pures when we heard a couple clans were massing for us. We quickly assembled 50 Zenith Pures to shit on whoever we found. We found Rage X10 and cleared them everytime, We found Legacy x5 and killed them everytime. We found Rage Northwest in the pocket we logged on top of them and instantly shit on them. Within seconds they were running east into dragons gasping for breathe. We started transitioning through them like butter, One hitting their returners within 3 minutes they were completely cleared. We caught a spam and ran south and went to bank and laughed at them. We heard Rage was back trying to claim a fake ending, We quickly logged in spread at the dragon pit with our skulls and started hitting them once again. They ran northwest and then they got completely fucked. They tried to run northeast inside the dragon pit and we caught them in a 10 man clump. Once they we're clumped Pooplord accepted his defeat and we fully cleared Rage again. We pushed into singles and killed all the Legacy Mains trying to aid their Venny clan. Rage was regrouped and spread in the middle we logged in on them from the north and started banging through them south. We fought for seconds before Rage was deleted and forced to regroup for the 3rd time tonight. Edited 5 minutes ago by Elve
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