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  1. GJ on Rage for already taking the #2 spot from now-snipe team Divine!

  2. i keep hearing its not ur opening trip until next week but u went out all the official events so surely you mu- 😃
  3. https://discord.gg/YPsHCF give me a message when ur in @victory on discord
  4. current clans are: apoc divine imt rage IMT is 100% discord (i don't know much about the others) to sell u a bit on my clan we're all old-cp guys and new additions who stuck together, so mostly a good core with stable pulls. been #1 wildy uncontested for the past couple of months (1v2ing divine and nrg then fighting nrg with tanks) until nrg closed and now it's just divine as our competition. whatever choice u make gl to you!
  5. sorry on my ignorance! how is it based on then?
  6. clans lie and misrepresent their pulls all the time clans pull =/= quality/how well their clan did.. @slushpuppy pls bring the table back that was awesome
  7. typical toxic/parm clan eop kids never good ingame, always had to use mains/ddos
  8. what better time r u thinking? later on? when gmt r asleep? earlier on? when americans are at work? there is a reason most events are always done at 5est... sat/sun isnt possible because trips>nh event (maybe could do before trip, but wouldnt give enough time)
  9. Best rule would probably be only 1 +1 worth 50m- - rest normal pure nh gear (200k gear cap) probably a friday night 5est
  10. WCOTM is a dumb idea and should be scrapped all together. COTM should work exactly as when i last played -2015 or so. Clan with the most prep wins gets the trophy (that point system u had then was good) that table thing u used to have that recorded all the prep wins etc was nice too - bring that back? adds more competetive nature into it. 20v20 minimum, make it more open to lower pulling clans.
  11. you lost ur last prep vs imt tho? hope ur not cancelling our next bro.. All three rounds were fought long and hard by both sides, giving us a real challenge unlike our soon to be closed rivals over at IMT. #NoActionForIMT'
  12. Awkward 30 man pull getting destroyed by Divine every fight. No IMT ragged in the slightest, just scared of becoming irrelevant after what happened yesterday 😃
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