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  1. Massed up around 32 big Supremacy Tigers to take on Fatality in a free-to-play preparation war. We managed to take a convincing 3-0 win through great binding and transitions, thanks for the prep Fi! @•Noel @•Bon Supremacy Starting: 22 Supremacy Ending: 18 Fatality Starting: 22 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 24 Supremacy Ending: 19 Fatality Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 22 Supremacy Ending: 14 Fatality Starting: 22 Fatality Ending: 0
  2. Heard you brought mains since you couldn't pull enough pures to battle honorable clan LY fairly!
  3. Poor Rage Jizzle sat at the fight on his scout watching us have fun for a solid 30+ minutes until he was finally able to get more than 15 cubs in the channel
  4. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Supremacy massed about 45~ Supreme Tigers for this F2P wilderness PKRI vs Legacy. We dominated the majority of the 45 minute battle, barely ever dropping below 35 opts. With 2 minutes remaining in the time capped fight, rage tried crashing with 15 cubs and got cleared in 15 seconds. GF Legacy, better luck next time rage. Mustafa Noel
  5. Noticing a lot of brainwashed bears saying we had no action today but that is simply false. You can view our video here and if you look closely two thirds of our video isn't in clan wars like yours!


  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net VS Pillz Lightyear reporting for duty. On todays space mission Supremacy astronauts pulled 65 strong space commanders to defeat evil Zerage (get it, Emeror Zerg but Rage?) Thanks to our strong star fleet commanders Sgt. 0mgi0wnu23 and Cpl. Punjabi God we were able to repel the disgusting alien species out of our land. Before our well trained fleet of inter-dimensional warrers could even get there seatbelts on we recieved a radio transmission alerting us of a possible alien invasion to the east side of Ruins. We finished suiting up and covering ourselves with Anti-Alien Repellant and got on our way. We hit the fight from the east and quickly cleared any Apex warrers to make way for total annihilation of Rage. We shifted our focus to rage and quickly brought them below 10 in game as they scurried to singles to beam to Edgeville. It was at that point that Fatality rushed. Despite us being down 10 due to being fighting for a bit we decided to stay and fight back. We pulled the fight south east towards Space Station and quickly brought the fight to even opts before it was crashed. Thanks for action FI! After refueling our space ships we decided to launch a second attack to further demotivate and expel this invasive species from our galaxy. We rushed the Galactic Bandit hotspot with 55 strong cadets and quickly brought FI to low opts. Rage, thinking they actually had an oppurtunity to win, then decided to log in north of us and hit us. We quickly shifted our laser guns to the north and killed 15 people in 45 seconds before the fight was crashed. We decided to rest our weary legs after chasing this invasive bear throughout the solar system. We sat down just east of the Galactic Bandit quadrant and waited for someone to hopefully come to us. After 30 seconds or so Rage logged in to the east and decided to hit. Rage bears are generally not known or respected for their braveness, so we were very surprised by this move. Were. Sadly they had called for backup from a newly formed Resistance clan. We stood our ground valiantly as these two rogue groups convened on our location. Upon seeing we were no stranger to being 2v1'ed the Ragebears quickly backed off leaving Resistance to get killed. How unfortunate. Now, as most of our cadets have learnt from basic Space Academy, the bears natural habitat is in an area known as "Singles" . Supremacy cadets however are honorable, and tend to not stoop to such places to attack invaders. Given the special occasion though, we decided to throw Cadet Rules out the window for the day to exterminate more of the invasive species. Despite Singles being the bears primary home, they quickly abandoned it to teleport to a safe hub known as Edgeville. After forcing Bears to a local pub to participate in a safe minigame known as "Space Clan Wars" we decided to visit the Resistance in al kharid and make them pay for their prior sins. We got a radio transmission from HQ and found out RS was right on top of us. We quickly hopped into them and forced RS and CD to tele to edge. While looting credits to buy our local fire-water addict @alker a few drinks another challenger approached. Legacy beamed in on top of us and although they had an initial advantage we were able to bring it back to even before more clans crashed. @•Ham @•Teleporting @•Mustafa
  7. Dude you were looking at this topic for a solid 20 minutes and thats really the best thing you could come up with lol
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