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  1. 6 Years Strong Part 1 June 6th, 2020. The notorious Supremacy Tigers celebrated their 6th year of existence on the oldschool servers in the best way they know how to - killing shit clans in the wilderness. We have become one of the only clans to have been open for 6 consecutive years. The Tiger pack peaked at 135 STRONG PURES to celebrate our anniversary. We've had different people from each year in attendance to celebrate the glorious day, including those that were here from the first few days of up opening up. What makes today special is the fact that 6 years ago Supremacy started out as a group of friends that just wanted to relive the nostalgic feeling of pure clanning on the game we grew up playing. We didn’t expect anything much out of it besides getting a few laughs and enjoyable moments in the summer of 2014. Little did we know, we have been come back each and every year, as a group of friends, as Supremacy, and did so once again on our wonderful 6 Year Anniversary trip. Today consisted of a Max peak of 135 Tigers without the use of any mains or booster accounts most shitty clans use these days. We did exactly what we wanted to do, hit every pure clan out there and be the last ones standing. We understood that our rivals for this year, Shitality, were going to run and hide all trip and we’re NEVER capable of contesting us like we did on their anni, so we set our eyes forth on every other pure clan. Huge shoutouts to Legacy, Foe, and Zenith for putting up solid fights despite being down numbers. Today’s trip was nothing more of a celebration of being supreme for 6 years straight. See you all tomorrow! Noel Sikkoh Wessel PeaceSeeker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtY-P3V9eF0 JimmyW https://youtu.be/okPIhpiRZog To summarize short and simply, Legacy was the closest pulling clan to us with the use of some double logged accounts. We ended up reaching 150 on the cape counter to their 150 and challenged them by CA and Corp multiple times throughout the day. Our amazon aggression and organization pulled through and enabled Supremacy to gain the upper hand on mostly every fight we had today. We also showed our faces at the clusters inside the alter with Foe and Zenith a few times, clearing out the alter and claiming it as our own. The Rage bears also tried to show some cockiness for a few fights only to get slapped back out of the wild each time they came on the same minimap as us. Apex and Fatality remained useless as ever today’s trip, fighting each other at boneyard and not being able to do anything when Supremacy came crashing down on the shitty anti sup alliance. Our supposed rivals ended their disgusting excuse of a trip demoralized and destroyed by going to clan wars and losing to Rage 3-0. We ended our amazing celebration at GDZ hitting all the remaining blue pure clans out today and then rushing some main team of 55 people, claiming our runite for the day. Finishing off our trip with a nice BS fest at GDZ.
  2. Yo wtf man Juicy stole all my balloons
  3. One of the most bias mods I've ever seen, gl irl tho
  4. You act like POP was a decent clan
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