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  1. Serious question, why not just go main again and try to revive the dead F2P scene?
  2. The client swapped between fights because the POV switched from Noel to Ham you stupid fucking moron watch the RSN. Ham had a much better POV of the fight because Noel died like twice so we decided to use his. Holy fuck you guys actually have an excuse for everything l00l
  3. As we approached day 2 of Rage's sign-ups, we answered them with 75 golden tigers, ready to take them on down 10. Despite being down numbers, we still managed to shit on them in the only clean 1v1 we had and dominated the rest of our trip. We started out the trip hitting Resistance and LY near boneyard, forcing them both to tele out before moving towards sperm/26 hill to clear Rage. As expected, they scattered like rats and teled out. We then fought Rage in a clean 1v1. Despite starting out DOWN 10 to them, we gained the lead very early on and never lost it. The ENTIRE fight we were up and breaking them, showing them that quality > quantity and that their Edgi recruits only help us. Outrage sadly ended up crashing the fight while we were up 10, saving them from more embarrassment. We then set up a fight against Legacy at bandits and had them rush us. We caught them in multiple clumps and were dominating the fight until Rage showed up to try to crash. They ended up getting gwassed by 3 different clans upon trying to crash lmao. We ended the trip hitting Apex at bandits, who quickly teled out. While Outrage stood in singles, our good friends over at Fatality decided to tele up, and we gwassed them at the tele spot (sorry). We then teled out and repositioned to hit Rage + Foe standing on top of each other. @Noel
  4. Quit trying to poach Ace Krave please! I did not know he was such a hot commodity!
  5. Smooth brain Aybraham lost the prep for Fatality by calling a movement all the way north to the portal and letting his members get bowed out from the south. Very unlucky! Hopefully Fatality find a better partner for the next 2v2!
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