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    Sorry 4 closing ur clan
  2. Massed up to take on Rage in a pay-to-play fight for the SB tournament and ended up taking a clean 3-0 win. Thanks for the fight Rage. @•Mustafa Supremacy Starting: 20 Supremacy Ending: 7 Rage Starting: 20 Rage Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 21 Supremacy Ending: 11 Rage Starting: 21 Rage Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 20 Supremacy Ending: 7 Rage Starting: 20 Rage Ending: 0
  3. Massed up around 34 big Supremacy Tigers to take on Fatality in a free-to-play preparation war for the SB tournament. We managed to take a convincing 3-0 win through great binding and transitions, thanks for the prep Fi! @•Noel Supremacy Starting: 29 Supremacy Ending: 16 Fatality Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 31 Supremacy Ending: 24 Fatality Starting: 31 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 31 Supremacy Ending: 20 Fatality Starting: 31 Fatality Ending: 0
  4. Imagine thinking I waste time writing aftermath topics LMFAO
  5. 5 Years BTW 5 Years, 60 Months, 240 Weeks, 1826 Days, 43,824 Hours. & Still the Reigning, Undefeated, Undisputed, #1 Pure Clan Tiger Gang June 9th, 2019. After coming off of a strong 5 Year F2P Trip performance, the tigers here at Supremacy had high hopes to finish off the weekend like the true wilderness gods we are. After gathering the troops and peaking at 95 fierce Tigers, Supremacy set off into the wilderness to fuck shit up. We tried to make it our goal to get as much action as possible and it's safe to say we did just that, hitting every clan that went out today. Ham PoV Rigo PoV Mustafa PoV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx3Ib5TD4ec The first fight of the day came against a cluster of clans at the souther portion of old fog, right north of the wilderness ditch. We initially rushed Fataity who was fighting someother clan, sweeping them out of the wild with our fierce numbers and eventually ended up rushing CD who was north of the cluster. Our aggressive movements onto CD made it easy for us to control the wildy mini-map and delete their frontline, giving us free mobility to sweep the rest of the area, pick up our loot and get a bank. (didnt have LY GFX) Intel got us set up for our next fight of the day, which consisted of Supremacy viciously barraging and chinning the living shit out of Legacy at the south entrance of Bandit Camp. We logged in at the perfect time, just as Legacy decided to move their entire 70 man group of people through the southern 3x3 choke point and managed to get them in a 35-45 man GWAS clump. Those that didn't get the chance to tele died within seconds and Legacy was cleared off the screen effortlessly. Unfortunate timing Quickly regrouping after our last action, we got word that Apex and Rage were fighting at boneyard and since nothing else was going on, we decided to give them a little visit. We rushed both clans from the east side of boneyard and made quick work of anyone who didn't teleport out. After grabbing a quick bank and getting the tigers back into formation, we headed to Al-Karid, where Apex and Rage set up to take each other on. We logged in from the east side of the desert and instantly made Rage teleport out, leaving Apex by themselves. Apex tried to fight back for as long as they could but we practically doubled their opts, making it easy for Supremacy to take them out. Both clans listed above decided to get a battle against each other, this time teaming-on-crash. Up For a challenge, Supremacy rushed the fight from the east side of boneyard catching 30~ Fatality and 30~ Apex in the ditch of the boneyard. Once again, those that didnt tele out were forced to kiss the ground, and those that were north were left to fight off 65~ Tigers. We pretty much rushed through everyone that was south, and worked our way up north by lvl 30 dwarves, finding 25~ Fatality fighting to survive. Unfortunately, they couldn't escape our vicious aggression and ended up planking later on. While the above listed fight was practically ending, Rage decided to pop up south of us near Boneyard, so we turned our aggression towards them. At this point of the cluster, Supremacy still had roughly 55~ people left and it was enough to clear Rage from our computer screens. While Rage was pretty much finished off, CD swooped in. CD came crashing in just as Rage was finished off, giving us another clan to fight in the same inventory. CD had taken control of the south side of boneyard while Supremacy held the north. It was pretty much matched at around 42 people each at this point, so we decided to take control of the east side of boneyard. While doing so, we managed to catch several CD members off guard and got a numbers lead on them, slowly but surely dwindling down their opts. Just as we gained a 20~ man lead on pink, Apex + Rage came crashing back from the west. At this point of the cluster, still on the same inventory without regrouping, we decided to pull off and regroup. (didnt have LY GFX) Lastly, we set up a fight vs Legacy who had the balls to fight us and defend for them at Chaos Altar. Legacy didnt have much room to work with rushing us, as we barraged them right in their tracks and created several barrage clumps to decimate. Punishing these clumps, we gained a drastic lead on LY and eventually over-took the southern side of their clan while the north was rushed by CD. After peeling off from LY, we turned our attention to CD near the southern part of 18 ports/Corp hill and made quick work of them as well, not giving them any room to breathe or do damage back. We heavily outnumbered them which made it pretty easy for us to force them to teleport/regroup. Surprisingly, this wasn't the last of this cluster. (BP, same shit) BP (the only clan who for some reason doesn't wear the same fucking colored hats as their cape lmfao) decided it was a smart idea to rush us while we were finishing off CD stragglers. We took this time to fully rush BP at the eastern CA tree's, clearing their entire 20 man group off the face of runescape. These retards, being lead by even bigger retards, were taught nothing less than to die by the hands of Supremacy. IR did a great job of teaching these clueless rats that they will forever be dog shit and worthy of accomplishing nothing. Rage literally logged in north of us with 30~, watched us decimate BP, and witnessed the force of 60 tigers bringing hell on pink right after. We saw them log in a little east of 18 ports and took the pleasure of clearing them as well. They either kissed the floor and donated us their shit, or we made them panic tele out and then took their dignity. With no other clan standing in our path, we moved back west near CA to find CD's re-rush. CD had 20-30 people re-rushing us from the west and all we did was literally face them with our characters and watched them disappear. At this point of the 5 min~ cluster, we decided to move back east, kill the last 5 BP morons in the treeline, and go to sperm to get a fall in After a few mins waiting near sperm hill, we logged into CD and made them log/tele. They literally logged into another world with whoever they had left so we followed them and hit them there too. Found a group of Rage doing the same Shit CD were, standing on sperm hill. We logged into them, didnt hit a single person, and watched them tele down. Those that had the balls to attack us ended up kissing the ground.
  6. 5 Years BTW 5 Years, 60 Months, 240 Weeks, 1825 Days, 43,800 Hours. Still 1 Big Tiger Gang June 8th, 2019. The notorious Supremacy Tigers celebrated their 5th year of existence on the oldschool servers in the best way they know how to - killing shit clans in the wilderness. Not only has Supremacy reached half a decades worth of progress, but we have become one of the only clans to have been open for 5 consecutive years. The Tiger pack peaked at 120 STRONG PURES to celebrate our anniversary and overwhelmed the entire pure community doing so. We've had different people from each year in attendance to celebrate the glorious day, including those that were here from the first few days of up opening up. What makes today special is the fact that Supremacy Tigers successfully destroyed our dormant rivals Intense Retardation for 2 YEARS IN A ROW. We were hoping to celebrate our anniversary with a decently nice pull and a lot of action, but later realized IR had plans to mass up to celebrate Supremacy day as well. Happy that they were going to give Supremacy another set of successful anniversary trips, we reached out to all the past tigers we could to burry the rats in blue. 5 years of unstoppable pure clanning domination for Supremacy came to a climax today as we went undefeated and showed the Inferior Rats who the better, stronger, smarter, more successful, more attractive, and master clan really is (just in case they forgot). Ham PoV Rigo PoV (didnt have 1 for Legacy) Before we indulged into the mass of our bullying session, Supremacy decided to exterminate a few pests along the way. We warmed up by sprinting into a cluster of clans at bandit camp. Considering the fact that Ir took 2 hours to mass and were still at ditch by the time we had our first hit, we pounced on the action that was free to us and cleared pink and blue so hard, pride month was cancelled. We got word that LY and CD were fighting it out south of bandit camp and Rage was crashing, so we rushed all 3 clans. We logged in from the middle of the camp and sent LY, CD and Rage running to singles within 30 seconds flat, with dozens of them kissing the floor at the paws of the tiger unit. Shame no team on crash, but thanks for the warm-up. Starting - Supremacy 160 vs IR 177 Ending - Supremacy 95 vs IR 0 1 Hour 'Return' Fight 70 lvl 3-20's can't save you Trash clan God Mob can't save you Venezuelans couldn't save you. 100m worth of Tannie's Mains couldn't save you. After close to 2 hours of massing, IR finally got the balls to walk past lvl 5 and go stand on 13 ports. They obviously didn't have the balls to rush us at corp, so we took the fight to them. But before doing so, we logged into BP's fall in of 20 in another world and deleted them from the game. These retards obviously didn't buy more than one cape, because their pathetic group was nonexistent the entire fight that followed. After killing IR minions, we happily took the fight to them. Supremacy rushed them down 10, and In the most one sided cluster since last years perfection, the mighty Tigers stood undefeated against their wall of hired runite fighters, 60 bot accounts, and depressed member base. Instantly off the rush, we managed to kill and obliterate at least 10-12 braindead retards from the screen. We instantly got a lead on them, killed approximately 30~ IR rats within a minute, and got a huge lead on them. Scimming every single tile they tried to move to, following them after every movement they made, and smoking the shit out of their weak and effortless front line rune tanks, Supremacy stood strong while IR crumbled like their morale did. At one point of the fight IR ranks raged and screamed for their lvl 3 bot farm to log in to help boost their cape counter so they didn't look like they were losing 100% of the fight (which they were btw lmfao) and walked them around the 13 ports area boosting morale. However, whichever retard was in charge of these bots waked them away for more than 30 seconds at times and we would LAUGH at the shape IR was in after 30 minutes of bullying. IR vene'z stopped returning, pures stopped gearing, and ranks stopped talking. It was over from the beginning. IR managed to somehow drop down to 15 ingame and raged for the bot's to return to the fight so their youtube videos could still be uploaded. However, Supremacy, being the smarter and better clan, moved away from 13 ports while 10~ IR Ran to singles to salvage their fake and pathetic anniversary pride. At this point, with IR fully cleared on their anniversary (second year in a row), we turned our attention to FOE. With even numbers, both clans crashed into each other after pulling away from the wreckage that would forever be known as IR's grave. Stepping away from the snipers in single, we took the fight to chaos altar to try to regain prayer as our members were taxed from dismantling IR. FOE's impressive pull swarmed over us at chaos altar, but our returners proved to be unbreakable as we came back in full force, pushing them west outside of chaos altar. As they pulled south away from the IR main unit/god mob, we pushed our entire unit south onto them with scimitars. They pulled back north towards the IR mains to try to regroup, so we peeled off with 90 Tigers to catch IR slipping. And slip they did - sitting with 100 opts on p18s, Supremacy logged in with 110 of our own to obliterate the dogshit peabrains. Within a SINGLE SCIM PUSH, Inadequate Rapists was dropped to a pathetic 60 ingame from over 100 just a minute before. With 12 years worth of shit in their pants, the leftover spastics took off in every direction. With our leashes in one hand and our dicks in the other, we walked the last of their broken clan down to ditch and dug their grave next to edgeville bank.
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    cwa Supremacy vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Big own
  8. Supremacy massed up 31 Tigers for our pay to play prep against Legacy and won 3-0. Ty for prep LY. @•Mustafa @•Noel https://www.youtube....h?v=chEfelGzdDA @X Poo Supremacy : 27 Legacy : 27 Supremacy : 14 Legacy : 0 Supremacy : 26 Legacy : 26 Supremacy : 20 Legacy : 0 Supremacy : 28 Legacy : 28 Supremacy : 25 Legacy : 0
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    Knockout vs Supremacy 2-0 mini

    fake and gay
  10. Supremacy's mighty Sunday warriors turned up today to collect fat loot and spank silly clans around the wilderness. Leaving with 40 and peaking 45, we continued our streak from yesterday and stayed hot, smoking clump after clump with no quarter. In the end, Tigers remained on top yet again. Thanks for the battles men. We began our Sunday by defending for Fearless at bandits - we caught them in a few clumps on the rush and took advantage, gaining opts and pushing west into them with specs. Rage tried logging in behind us, but couldnt catch many as we pulled southwest to drag away from their main line. With their numbers ineffective, we pushed back north into there, smashing their numbers in huge clumps where their members panic teled letting us get free kills on the ones left behind. When FOE logged in, we dipped. Onslaught? logged in behind us as we were cruising around multi, so we decided to pounce as Tigers do. We crushed their numbers until ~10 were left, and headed out with our loot as another clan appeared. We logged in east of a massive fight at bandits and caught legacy slippin - their huge pull couldn't do a thing as we gwased their numbers, exploding them in clumps and sending the stragglers back to edge. The loot was plentiful as some kids couldn't even get their protect item on in time. Need some LY vs gfx ffs For the next hit, we flew into a fight at bandits where we finished off the Rage members in front of us on the north side before turning our focus to the south on legacy clumps once again dumping damage before teleing out as the fight was crashed. We slammed into a fight south of p18s and caught Rage on the west side - they positioned north to south and we engaged in a clean fight for a few minutes. The opt advantage took a quick turn as clumps were punished and piles were smoked with dds specs, and as Fi crashed with their massive pull we teleported with a clear upper hand. We asked CD for a fight near old for in PVP worlds - as the fight began, we ran south and east into their spread and quickly found the fight moving south. We didnt let their back line escape as we quickly wrapped around them from both sides, capitalizing on our clean rush to down most of their clan before Legacy crashed the fight. We engaged with Rage once again in boneyard for another quick hit - this one was similar to the last ones, though managed to last long enough for Supremacy to be the clear winners of yet another battle. When CD arrived, Rage had 16 and their members were scattered from boneyard to corp beast. For the final hit, we entered the cluster north of falador in multi and caught fat clumps of multiple clans who were already engaged. As IR and Foe rushed from the opposite side, we took position north of the fence where barrages caught insane clumps as Supremacy set the new daily magic record on crystal math labs. After clutching 100 KDA in our paws, we ended the trip fat with loot and satisfied with our victories. Mustafa Spray
  11. Happy birthday fatality! For your birthday we got you roasted fearless and apex a la mode, with whipped Rage for dessert. Over the course of the trip, 45 tigers turned up to battle it out for kings of f2p. After another undefeated Saturday, its safe to say we're the kings of the jungle. We began the trip waiting in PVP worlds for Apex. After hitting them on login and sending them south of ditch, we pulled north to let them regroup. They rushed a few minutes later with full opts, and we quickly took the upper hand. After picking people off sticking out to the east, we took a considerable 11 man lead when Apex hopped the ditch. Hungry for a rematch, Apex defended at bandits for the tiger men to rush. The fight remained even for the first few minutes - clans traded opt advantage until around 30v30 at which point the Tiger's elite returning and piling turned the tide of battle in our favor. We chased them to the return spot, and back through bandits, only to leave with our win when the fight was finally crashed. Fearless was waiting at bandits, so we pounced down opts to take the chance at a clean battle. Opts stayed close as we pushed each other back and forth north to south. The fight was close, with neither team giving a clear opt advantage, though we spent most of the fight up 2-3 until the crash after beginning the fight down a few. Thanks for the close battle! For our final hit, we knew the cluster was going on in CA. We saw FS standing in an awkward position and logged on top of them to clear them from the fight. Rage, thinking they had their chance, ran to engage us south of the altar. HUGE MISTAKE - rage got absolutely fucked as their entire pull got reduced to below 10 people running from the fight with the tails between their legs. We moved into the altar, sniped a few kills, then finessed our way out when FOE rushed in. dill spray poo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaSBBoD_Scs ham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl_iZKgEsjQ
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    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    Ok, so you kill 1 main every minute who eventually returns and is back at the fight. You coming to our fights just adds to the net amount of mains there which is the problem. Fuck off and go fight your rivals or something (if you even still pull high enough to)