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  1. Another awful Saturday for IR
  2. IR was mad that they got buttfucked by Hostility pre-eoc and they carried it over to 07
  3. You complain about the lack of F2P action then proceed to flame the only clan who was willing to give you any
  4. Crafted

    weekend Climax Takes #1 XLPC Sunday 1/13/18

    I don't even xLPC yet I know theres no way you took #1 lmfao
  5. Crafted

    Zerk/Tank/Med Scene Revival

    Why would I join a Zerk clan when I could just go join a main clan? You guys war the exact same way just Zerks pull a lot lower than mains and are below them on the food chain. Pures have a unique style of warring that helps drag people into our scene.
  6. Crafted

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

  7. Supremacy massed up 28 beautiful tigers to take on Final Ownage Elite for PCL Friday in P2P. The rounds were really close and after losing the first one we knew we had to win the next two, just so we did.. Thanks to FOE for the fun event! Ham Quitgame Poo Round 1: Defeat SUP Starting 25 - SUP Ending 0 FOE Starting 25 - FOE Ending 12 Round 2: Victory SUP Starting 25 - SUP Ending 14 FOE Starting 25 - FOE Ending 0 Round 3: Victory SUP Starting 25 - SUP Ending 5 FOE Starting 25 - FOE Ending 0