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  1. Crafted

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    How you lose with +15 IR?
  2. Crafted

    midweek Supremacy takes over the Wilderness

    This PK trip happened from 9 EST - 12 EST loser. Stick to streaming your bandos masses to 10 viewers.
  3. Crafted

    Pure clan list

    LT on top
  4. Saw you get 1 hit multiple times in salad robes, how is it that PURES were doing a better job tanking than you lmao. More practice, less Sharkbrew! @VanjeEmbarrassing!
  5. Crafted

    Nawe wins again

    Stick to leading 5v5 P2P inners buddy!
  6. Crafted

    weekend Supremacy's Buttfucking ir Sunday Funday

    Howls took'em to Ram Ranch
  7. Apex complaining about Foe dodging preps when they've been doing the same exact thing to SUP for almost 2 years lmfao
  8. Makes Discord more active and actually gets ppl talking in voice channels
  9. Crafted

    #Prestige| 110+ | Warring Clan

    Gl Tribby
  10. Crafted

    A warning to Rage(r)s and shitpremecy

    Shut up bitch