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  1. Yo wtf man Juicy stole all my balloons
  2. One of the most bias mods I've ever seen, gl irl tho
  3. You act like POP was a decent clan
  4. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Today, Supremacy massed up 33 Supreme Team Tigers to take on OG greenmen. While our attacking round flopped, we tanked like gods to take rounds 2 and 3 Thank you to all of the core Tigers that showed up and once again, thank you FamIly for the good battle LOSS Starting: 26 - 26 Ending: 13 - 0 WIN Starting: 27 - 27 Ending: 13 - 0 WIN Ryans pov Jays pov
  5. Damn you managed to go on our forums and screenshot a public topic of a CD official posting their Sunday PK trip on our forums. Very impressive stuff here man this is definitely what we all come to Sharkbrew to see. Please keep up the high level of espionage so you can continue to provide these Sharkbrew.com viewers with more content.
  6. Serious question, why not just go main again and try to revive the dead F2P scene?
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