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  1. Backstabbed

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    Imagine a clan thinking they can outmain the #1 med level you feel...
  2. Backstabbed

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    As hard as I cringed whilst watching your clan's join.me? 😂
  3. Backstabbed

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    Your name is "Madguy" nuff said.
  4. Backstabbed

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    nawe Prime Minister of Warring I giggled. Also don't try to play the main game vs us, ty Also, next time, don't boost our capecounter with having your mains in our cape, it demoralizes your cc
  5. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Good evening my fellow tiger brothers. On this wonderful 20th day of the 4th month we not only celebrate 4/20, but also the continued demoralization of Intense Retards. I think it's safe to say we were all VERY HIGH after our day of smoking IR and the pure community. To start our trip we got word of a fight going on between FS and FI and decided to hit it from the North. We sent both clans in opposite directions and decided to follow FS. Fearless was brave enough to fight back for a bit while we maintained a 5-10 man lead during the duration of the fight. IR then decided to log on top with their filthy anti-pure mains and hit us. We quickly made a DANK strategic move to the north where their multilogs couldnt follow and began wiping them up in singles We then set up a fight vs Fata(LIT)y in Barbarian Village. Before the fight could start we got word of IR attempting to crash. We notified FI and let IR log on top of us. We quickly GRINDED them and ROLLED them up while chasing them up and down the ladder. We managed to maintain a solid 15-20 man lead the entirety of the fight even though they were running from us the entire time. We looted many Rune platelegs thanks to IR's foolish leaders decision to bring mains. Sadly they didnt last quite as long as we hoped and ended up scrambling out of the building after about 5 minutes. Stay easy shitters. And for our last little DAB of action our intel let us know that IR was fighting CD east of 13 ports. We couldnt let our dogs in IR that far off the leash, so we decided to hit them one last time to let them know who their daddy is. In conclusion, we all know what happened last time you brought mains IR. You got outdone in it and were way in over your head. You sure this is the route you wanna go? @•Ham @x poo
  6. Backstabbed

    midweek Team Rev crucify CD 25v25

  7. Backstabbed

    midweek Supremacy takes over the Wilderness

    idk man, that would still be 4x aao's pull, now pipe down sewer rat
  8. Backstabbed

    midweek Supremacy takes over the Wilderness

    You're daft mate
  9. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Made this topic to highlight the fact that the wilderness is ours. From rev caves to gdz to p50s to lavas, we ran it all today. Cleared a ton of teams, had a few smites, made bankloot. I could have made this loot topic from my kills alone: Gonna post some pics below. GET INVOLVED boys its time for the revolution. literally pked for hours there was too much loot
  10. Hey John! You made the center one for me Big up for this man, smooth transaction and very willing to give his best!
  11. Supremacy massed 30 tigers for our pay to play prep against Legacy and won 2-0. Ty for prep LY. Ham Mustafa Supremacy : 25 Legacy : 25 Supremacy : 17 Legacy : 0 Supremacy : 24 Legacy : 24 Supremacy : 17 Legacy : 0 They left
  12. Backstabbed

    Purchased this cuz I didnt have 1

    its ait
  13. Backstabbed

    i cant help it