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  1. Feel free to bring Ancient wyvern if you can't afford an arcane I guess?
  2. If you are referring to the following killpic I feel like you are mistaken. We rushed you once and made you run from RDG to single strip. The killpic undernearth is not from a DF member.
  3. "We went to Lavas and found Divine Forces and blew them up and then they rerushed and we quickly logged with our lootations." Do you believe yourself when you type this? There is 1 DF killpic in there. By the time we were able to log in our 4 first killed half your clan... Dear lord the delusion is real.
  4. My mans running around with massive spell symbols & inventory tags. God bless u.
  5. Matter of time until a clan wants the upper hand again and starts training defence up. Goodluck regardless, this cycle happens every 2-3 years KEK.
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