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  1. 7th fight vs rage coming down to pkri decider, was easy this time around gg rage.
  2. None of the boys where on brought most if the trials gf ty 4 mini
  3. Gf terror was fun pm to do a big mini during the week.
  4. zenith never won a mini against me lmao even when you had your core cwa members whhat makes u think itst gonna change
  5. i agree its all for fun at the end of the day "and prove that you cannot beat me" ill post 20 povs rn of me winning zenith is high or low opts plus they claim a fake win that we won actually crazy well lets see if we fight or no hopefully zenith can pull 20 honestly
  6. they cannot pull more than 10 brother ill have 30 shooters on whenever
  7. Ya brody y not I've declared on fi and zenith real nigga shit
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