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  1. I pk'd everyday for a minimum of 3 hrs whilst I didn't see any of you freaks out, ty I won
  2. all I see is salty rage members and LY smoking them in a full on video!
  3. Cool idea, unsure about how clans would go about things like this
  4. The amount of Rage people on this forums trying to spam about my Supreme clan Supremacy is pretty cringe. 
    @ me if mad.

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    2. Waifu Pillow

      Waifu Pillow

      cmon phil... we know you hate the people in your clan

    3. Backstabbed




      @Waifu Pillowmann mann mann... shit changed eh

    4. Munqki


      welcome to rage philie

  5. Really bad propaganda munqki... Seems like I got y'all railed cuz I got @'ed 8 times after posting that
  6. neither of you answered my question, therefor I'll take the W
  7. This is horrible propaganda, try again later you dutch freak. Apparently, PMs weren't quite enough, as LY ranks sat muted in the Supremacy TS during the trip:
  8. r u tryna say this is some big achievement?
  9. Bro, I'm an elder who shows up to what I can when I want lmfao, if anyone is mad about this rivalry it'd be your dumbass trying to take shit out of the game. Don't start what you can win xd
  10. Did Ashley turn you down man? Cuz you seem really obsessed with her. Don't worry man there's probably some ugly girl out there for you!
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