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  1. Fullscreen pictures make me puke, looks like some nice lootations tho! Rock on boys!
  2. First time I ever responded to one of your 100 re opening topics but alright bro if it makes you feel better @ if mad
  3. They asked them to join, even tho they've been a clan before and got all their core members, but hey! New clan Rage!!!!
  4. Who are you again? I don't recall you knowing anything about me. I found my lovely lady in your living room.
  5. Look buddy, I know you're into that shit and all..No reason to push that onto normal people. Don't lose sleep over this, you'll survive
  6. Its BANTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I still love you... and mats, and jeff... and soo many more... I just wanted to make fun of Edgi & Spiral ngl LOL
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