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  1. On DMM just like every other main clan, - Except ROT and SV cuck clans LOL -
  2. My man, you wanted to do it with us LOL, Don't make me expose the logs.
  3. Hate to see it. Next time don't camp in GDZ hut for 15 minutes with 5 ops
  4. Seems like a bad Team Benelux remake #Benelux btw Cringe dutchies
  5. 11 big firebirds wanted to go slay some freaks at callisto single/multi and gdz, so we did. Ran into some randy single teams & multi teams, clearing them all.
  6. We decided to have a stroll through the wilderness picking up loots left right and center Bumping into CT who had not a thought in mind to fight us, giving us free loot. Contact any off the following if you are looking to join: Salso#0681 Jamer#0707 Slowky#0001 Pillow#0420
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