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  1. Torment on my sack
  2. sea of rune babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. Heya buddy, Come check out The Rising, we are not the biggest clan but do alot of f2p and put in alot of time in building our community! You will need to train up your account but that's basicly a given. https://discord.gg/NtyN9y
  4. On DMM just like every other main clan, - Except ROT and SV cuck clans LOL -
  5. My man, you wanted to do it with us LOL, Don't make me expose the logs.
  6. Hate to see it. Next time don't camp in GDZ hut for 15 minutes with 5 ops
  7. Seems like a bad Team Benelux remake #Benelux btw Cringe dutchies
  8. 11 big firebirds wanted to go slay some freaks at callisto single/multi and gdz, so we did. Ran into some randy single teams & multi teams, clearing them all.
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