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  1. Recently Promoted PK Leaders got together and started a trip, We had 10 Pure Elites at the start. We scouted Damaged Children and we decided to mass up. We peaked at 20 Green Men. We spent some time scouting DC and found the perfect opportunities to hit them. We logged in south of them and hit them when they were running north, Within seconds they were cleared. We hunted them 3 more times, Every single time we smoked them. We would rambo through them and DC would attempt to regroup entrance. We played smart and stayed south. We looked for them for some more time but was informed that they had ended, demoralized, 0-4. Elve wins again, faggots. Video UPLOADING  
  2. Our P2P trips are normally an absolute joy to be on and today was no exception. Sup and Rage both pulled hard as fuck, foe canceled(lmao), and outrage/Apex/Ly/CD were all in the mix. They all died, all of em. The listening was stellar and the positioning as a result gave us license to kill everything. A sincere thank you to everyone that came on today, this is bar none the best community around and I owe it all to you guys that show up to make shit happen. Let's have some more, yeah? See you next week. POVS: Yours Truly: @3 Brews: @Kay: @Jackal: EASY LOOTS:
  3. These Legacy Retards stole Sovereigns most active, most hated

    1. Halal.


      Idk how ly can be most hated when they literally team with every rev team and have foe on speed dial lol

    2. Sybren


      I agree sv should go back to pure clanning 

  4. Our first of two preps this week against Legacy came around and we massed up 35 Green Men ready to do battle. We managed to walk away with the 2-0 Win, Sadly for us Legacy left after the first two rounds. Thanks for the preparation battle Legacy.  Fatality Starting: 26 Legacy Starting: 26 Fatality Ending: 20 Legacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 24 Legacy Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 15 Legacy Ending: 0   @Jordy @xgrx
  5. Started trip off with a small 4 hungry monsters, slowly gained throughout the trip and peaked at 16 Green Men. Had a quick 5v10 with Critical Damage, held our ground and killed a couple before teleporting out with a bit of loot. Cleared a pile of venny's and had our highlight when @NOT2bFKedWIT found Final Ownage Elites in a 3x3 box. We all hid in a DD and surprised them with the biggest GWAS. they were decimated and supplied the boys with a pile of loot. All in all, great day to be FI. 
  6. https://clan-fi.org/forum/75-fatality-events-archive/ past 2 months.
  7. We setup a P2P Event against Onslaught. We managed to mass up 25 Pure Elites eventually peaking at 30 Green Men. We met Onslaught at GDZ and the battle began. We used great calling and back up calling and took a strong early lead and never looked back. Throughout the crashers and mains and some rage kids coming we continued to push Onslaught around who never could really gain traction. Within a couple minutes we had a firm lead and continued to do well. We picked them off one by one and member spamming and listening was completely on point today. Eventually we had onslaught on the verge of being cleared with a couple people left ingame, They had a strong push back but it was no comparison to us who held complete control. We pushed them finally northwest of GDZ and completely cleared them. Onslaught stopped returning and we caught a quick spam and logged out. Thanks for the PKRI event and keeping it relatively clean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwNhLZWaphE
  8. we had 10 fights, constant action, never got cleared. yikes, i think it was a pretty good trip l0l
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