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  1. Was fun trip, hopefully yall clans step up tomorrow
  2. Huge fan of the lightning actually.
  3. Being the initial release of the scene alot of clans backed out to train. Hopefully next tournament we get 7/7 clans.
  4. Over the past week, There has been a Tournament going on for the newly revamped XLPC scene. The Tournament was relatively small due to not all clans being ready yet. But we were able to get a couple contenders together and put together a fun event. Thanks to all the XLPC's who participated and for the action. Wish you all the best today and tomorrow with the release of the scene. Instinct went a perfect 3-0 in fights, and 9-0 in rounds. Going completely undefeated. Congratulations Gentlemen. Thanks @Returnersfor the GFX
  5. Service Award Awarded September 1 Awarded for killing the Clan Warfare community, September 1st 2019. imagine being so cringe u cant kill a discord.
  6. Not anymore. are you done crying?
  7. August? They are not being used.
  9. We setup a P2P Preperino against our friends over at Supremacy, We massed up 25 Pure Elites and ventured out into the P2P Server. We managed to walk away with the win. Thanks Supremacy for the hard fought prep and thanks to all Fatality Members who showed up today.  Fatality Starting: 23 Supremacy Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 8 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 23 Supremacy Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 15 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 23 Supremacy Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 9 Supremacy Ending: 0    @Tyendinaga Uploading... @Kay Uploading... @Jackal
  10. You sat on information regarding the community for a month? For the record. The forum links should of been removed and we support sharkbrew links, its a pure community only discord.
  11. Weird when clan warfare is a pure community discord and not a forum. Thanks for the attention!
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