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  1. The bots lasted longer than ir members did today. YIKE
  2. Was fun even though we were fighting down quite a few men. Nice to see the top two clans getting non stop action
  3. Pillow

    cwa CWA vs Supremacy

    Was tons of fun! Single spells definitely was the move for us as pures. I underestimated the necessity for a large amount of melee on the pile r 1&2. I’m sure we can get some more fights set up in the near future mate!
  4. Pillow

    weekend Detrimentals first sunday trip

    Dude those graphics. Holy shit that’s clean
  5. Hard to tell tbh. They started to fall at end of 2018, and havent gone out yet in 2019. I guess we’ll see when they do go out the first time this year
  6. pretty much this. And IR havent gone out yet this year. They skipped trip today to go to revs with 27 people
  7. banter aside you didnt. Whatever leak you have is slow as fuck because you showed up as we were looting and teleing out.
  8. Reminder: Supremacy won the only p2p fight of 2019 while IR went to Revs LOOOOOOOL

    1. Spiral
    2. OCCULTlST


      My hero ❤️

    3. Pillow


      @OCCULTlSTmessage me back on discord 💕

  9. I agree apex had no action today and Sup is only clan that won a p2p fight today.
  10. i mean it was east and west of ca but ok
  11. Pillow

    showcase Recent Graphics Work

    i’ve gone to only @Izad for all my gfx work. Dude never lets me down and is always willing to work with me. 10/10 recommend
  12. Pillow

    pure Rip

    ooo dis a good one
  13. Pillow

    EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019

    hate them or love them this is a blow to the pure community. 2 fairly active clans closing in a short period of time is rough for the LPC scene. Hopefully a new clan will emerge from eop’s demise and bring some fresh air to the scene.
  14. Pillow


    miss u bb
  15. Pillow

    Supremacy vs IR F2P mini 5-0

    Hi, i’m Dr steve brule. Better luck next time ya dingus!