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  1. LOL. Yes, we ran into multi to get you to hopefully follow but you never did /:
  2. Yak is Resistance. Yak is Love. therefore Resistance is love too.
  3. apology topic #2 and KG pays Sharkbrew staff to off you fucat
  4. Rage bears set out today with 70 strong bears later peaking at 51!
  5. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Howdy. In todays game of LCS (Last Clan Standing) we get to witness the almighty Tiger clan decimate the pure scene. We set out to clear the wilderness with 60 strong motivated Tigers today. Over the course of the day we had a few nice fights versus Resistance in the infamous Pizza Hut dome. Each fight was crashed and thanks to the superb quality of both clans we managed to fight off the crasher and continue our fights after. One particular time a certain Bear clan decided to crash. We made a quick move to the south west and then to the tele spot to group up before pushing the bears the whole way south to singles. The poor animals tried their hardest to work back into multi, but were sadly unable to. They tucked their ears and made the walk of shame down to ditch while our strong warriors killed off their members. After getting word of Resistance ending we decided to approach Rage and Legacy to see if either of them would like to participate in some fisticuffs. Sadly however, both clans ended. We made one final lap around the wilderness as the last clan standing to mark our territory before ending and having a nice drop party. @•Noel https://youtu.be/borhJv9V1ig
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