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  1. Foe losers for dodging apex. Apex losers for dodging sup
  2. Man Ir can’t win anything recently!
  3. Not only did Supremacy walk their IR doggies today, but looks like Fatality did too! Good trip @Yakand co
  4. Pillow

    Purge vs IR 2-1

    LOOOOOOL Damn IR stays getting fucked
  5. Feels good to be Supremacy
  6. wow Sup big winners this week
  7. Pillow

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    Fucking idiots playing a rsps and not actual runescape
  8. Pillow

    weekend Legacy Gwasing P2P Sunday

    Fatality is killing you but ok
  9. Pillow

    P I L L O W

  10. Pillow

    weekend Supremacy Saturday Fist-fucking IR

    thanks for the many fights legacy!