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  1. oof. Shame the luck couldnt be used for a pet drop or something. Still cool tho!!
  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Ah yes. Today, the 12th of October in the wonderful year of 2019, Supremacy took the 1v2 championship belt thanks to the dedication of our 70 tigers. We spent a majority of our day chasing around Rage. And everytime they mustered the courage to fight us they decided to call on their dear friends FOC! Unluckily for them though, they were unable to keep up with our superb quality and calling. Good luck to the alliance tommorow! Not sure how much longer Rage can keep up this front, so be sure to show up before they close! Special shoutout to our boy Lost Tapes for achieving 99 magic as well! Another professional magician added to our clan! @+SIKKOH Noel's POV
  3. Listen to your own clans audio buddy. Even jizz man says they arent sup mains.
  4. dude doesnt know how cape counters work, give him a few mins to process it
  5. that’s not how exilent cape counter works. It displays the number of pures (25 and below if i recall correctly) as the first number. The second number is in ADDITION to the pures.
  6. Guys i tried to sleep last night but my raging erection from killing rage kept me up, what do i do now???
  7. Took our “7” men to the wilderness tonight to clear 20 bears! 


    someone ask me how easy it was

  8. Ya’ll let the same guy come to your trips tho? lmaooo
  9. got damn that’s a big ass pure
  10. Why’d rage hit us in singles only to tele away 5 mins later?
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