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  1. ngl, seeing kyle active again has FI shaking LOOOOL
  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net From 150 to 50 within a week. Whats next for Fatality? Seems it's a 45 minute trip!!!! Check back tommorow for Sundays Audio too!
  3. @8pintpleasure doin business with ya bud. Seeya tommorow on the battlefield!
  4. interesting, seems they’re with Legacy as i type ; )
  5. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Welcome welcome! Today is the part 2 of Fatality's real birthday! After they spent their entire Saturday hiding in P2P worlds or at clanwars we were hoping they'd put up more of a fight today, but sadly we were mistaken. The Big Dick Tigers massed up a whopping 65 people just for them to spend the entirety of the day waiting for us to fight for 10 minutes and then crashing. But, we were far too high IQ to let them have their small wins, so we kept return tele's in our inventories to reposition every time they crashed and quickly fuck them. Even more surprisingly they decided to try and hit us in singles today! Sadly for them though, their members aren't made out for the likes of that and they went down 20 opts on Teamspeak during that time! https://youtu.be/2KM_rDqA-sw
  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Welcome everybody! I gave a nice speech to the 86 Tigers on today, but i want to repeat it to you all reading this as well! Today, Fatality celebrated their REAL birthday! Crazy to think they've been this shitty of a clan for 7 years straight! (i didn't forget you closed after pre-eoc). And although they werent celebrating their real birthday, we wanted to throw them a very special party. Safe to say we blew out the candles and smashed the cake in their faces. Sadly though, after getting full cleared ONE TIME they broke and spent the rest of the day chilling in P2P worlds or hiding at Clan Wars before getting a prep vs Zenith (l000000000l) After weeks and weeks of abuse from Supremacy, the retarded leadership of Fagtality finally lost it all. They decided to defend in multi for us in the middle of boneyard with 70~ people and we rushed them with 86. Obviously since Tyendinibba and the rest of his butt buddies are used to getting dicked in the ass, we went straight into their clump balls deep and obliterated them 5 at a time. After 45 seconds of the cleanest 1v1 of the day, Fatality went from 70 to 26 ingame and ran to singles with 10 left, where we chased and forced the remaining poor lost souls to run away. Seeing as Fatality was too busy regrouping at Clan Wars to step foot back in the wilderness we decided to pay a quick visit to Apex while they were sitting on P13's. We took a quick sweep on them and kept their few returners at bay while the rest of the clanning community sat at the banks twiddling their thumbs. We were hoping Fatality would show Apex the same courtesy Apex shows them and try to come assist their fellow green clan, but sadly they did not show. Thanks for the fight Apex! Afterwards, since no other clan pulling similarly would fight us we decided to approach Legacy for a fight despite being down 20. It was a very hard fought battle by both sides, but after 20 minutes of the two clans disengaged to kill shitty rage mains at the fight and go our separate ways. Shouts to LY for the clean 1v1 with NO CRASHES!
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