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  1. put me on the next one lmfao @Unbiased Truth Seekerill fucking end you
  2. hahaha imagine having the ego where you think you were "leading" any of those clans. you're fucking dogshit lmfao and have no idea how to lead
  3. the present is that all your clans died (eop,ir,outrage,resistance,fi) and now you are copying ir/apex lmfao cosplaying dog
  4. @Unbiased Truth Seekerreminder i fucking murdered your trash clan and dominated the scene when it actually mattered. dont cry and post cringe videos to make yourself feel good lmfao
  5. no you don't lmfao, pure clanning in the present = killed beyond repair edit: even in the "present" all those titles are true and that's how clanning was determined before you became a +1 in ir/eop
  6. @lnterruptthrowback to when you fanboyed foe but weren't good enough so you weren't allowed to join and settled for fi
  7. your life is a mess, stop talking out of your ass when you have 0 idea who the fuck you are even talking to lmfao
  8. best cwa clan of all time, top 2 f2p clan of all time, best prep record of all time, best community over the years what the fuck does fi have lmfao
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