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  1. On this fine Friday evening we received word of Rage and Onslaught setting up a pkri at GDZ. We decided to mass up 26 Spartans and hit the fight which turned into a 4 way cluster with CD also coming. After about 30 minutes of fighting every clan ended leaving Resistance on top. Later after the cluster CD approached us for a pkri which we gladly accepted at Chaos Altar. CD we're down a few opts and put up a good fight thanks for the action and shout out to all the boys who showed up today to own. @Ross POV (GDZ CLUSTER) @McChoobly POV (CD PKRI) 
  2. Setup our first fight vs Vengeance for today and came home with the 2-1 victory. Thanks for the fight Vengeance was real competitive we're looking forward to doing more in the future cheers. Round 1: Win Sloths - 25 kills Vengeance - 20 kills Round 2: LOSS Round 3: Win Sloths - 50 Kills Vengeance - 47 Kills UTC POV
  3. Clan/Team name: Team Potent Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/rCbKRdG Point of contact(discord/sharkbrew forums): Discord
  4. Had a scheduled big mini vs Foe and came home with the 2-1 victory. Thanks for the action look forward to doing more in the future. Hotgun POV (CALLER POV) Moni POV (UPLOADING)
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