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  1. Distinct lack of Rage pride lately

  2. Rage needs to drop the CD they took in as refugee's or grow a spine in leadership to put a foot down, clan is embarrassing themselves.
  3. According to every piece of pov / pictures, Rage indeed was the only one using mains. Weird o_o gf's tho
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Saturday, 11th January: Final Ownage Elite massed up 75 elites later peaking at 80 for one of the most powerful, most dominant trips the pure scene has witnessed in a long time. We went out today itching for a massive return fight and we baited our enemies into giving us just what we wanted. The only clan that had near our numbers today were Rage with 75. With that in mind, we decided to pay them our full attention and got ready for war. Today consisted of 2 main fights and to no surprise, FOE was the undisputed victor in both despite having many odds against us. Our enemies did everything they could to try and take us down but we prevailed once more. Today was a perfect example of what it looks like when it's FOE in a 1v1 at any loc, any opts, any time. It doesn't matter what challenge you throw at us, the FOE core will devour and spit it out right fucking back at you. Completely outclassed... ~Jordai ~K2P ~Utc (missing 2nd fight) ~Real Me ~Fudog (missing 1st fight) ~Uzi [Binder] Fight #1 FOE Starting - 73 Rage Starting - 76 The first fight began with us rushing Rage south of dwarves. We planned to bait them further south and they took every piece of it, following our lead south of boneyard. Eventually the fight moved around Corp and that's where we turned it up a notch. This fight lasted over an hour long so we did in fact go down at some points but we were never ever put in a position where we were forced to leave multi and or run away in circles for minutes but I can't say the same for our opponent. For 70% of the fight we were smashing Rage and after they lost a few from TS3, they decided to flee to single. We paid them a visit then brought the fight back to multi but they never re-rushed. Fight #2 FOE Starting - 72 Rage Starting - 60 (+20 mains) After the first ass whooping we gave them it left their leadership in complete shambles. Desperate and running out of options they figured it would be a good idea to tell their clan to bring mains. After a long regroup, they gathered up 20 mains and prepared for round 2. We baited them into logging in right on top of us and quickly gained a lead despite them logging in with 20 mains at DWARVES. They weren't even able to get anywhere cloSe to getting a lead and we ended up pushing them from level dwarves straight onto corp hill. For around 10 minutes, we chased them around with nearly +40 in game and forced them to singles multiple times. Towards the end, they stooped down to 55 in teamspeak and called it quits (in single). We walked off with a strong 75 ending. Convincing wins.  
  5. yikes yikes cringe yikes OK yikes ok.. cringe??? weirdchamp.. LOL awkward.. YIKES.. Rage? CRINGE YIKES.. yikes......
  6. Rage really tried to team with LY & BP then still got smoked. Lmfa0 wtf
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