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  1. how would you know lmfao you literally started clanning in 2020 get on a hider rookie
  2. no logic to this at all @Danny Phantom surely you would want clans to team on you or bring mains vs you, if that means more action and longer fights for your clan? what’s the point in pulling 40 more than every other clan just to walk around the wilderness and get some spams?
  3. zenith should just do what foe and fi has done before and pay for off
  4. if all you’re going to do is avoid then why not just close and quit the game lol

    no1 will bother you ever again

    1. Munqki


      well said Rage Andre!

  5. most inconsistent clan in history pulled 250 at their prime but also lost rivalries to envy and bv at their lowest
  6. why are so many people typing ‘for’ instead of ‘by’ in that spam hurts my brain
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