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  1. @Sam  Don't you dare PM me for off lol pathetic

  2. PM Brap#7476 if you'd like to discuss a truce. 1B+ OSRS and a 200 word apology topic and I'll listen to your offers @Legacy
  3. Poorly edited topic, change of font size made no sense to me. I also had to scroll my mouse wheel 4 times to reach the bottom of the topic itself. Banter was okay but the content was already publicly available. Overall I'll give a 4/10 with my main concerns being around the presentation and execution.
  4. Brap


    Critical Damage
  5. hey not sure who you are, sorry if i've personally upset or caused you any grief. Pm me on discord if you need any financial aid I can probably break you off $10 or so. from an alternate account or from ur real alias?
  6. think its time to wipe the slate clean for [outrage] parm, good luck friend.
  7. Hi friends, I would like to tell everyone I have reformed, I took a good look in the mirror today and realized that I often take trolling too far. With my old clan back on the scene I would like a clean slate to ensure I'm able to show the community I'm ready to be a steward of the community once again. I feel very bad for the multiple people I have flamed and caused harm to throughout my years. As well as my good friend slush , who'm I owe a personal apology for a troll gone too far, hope you can accept my apology. @Slushpuppy ~ brap
  8. From my expert analysis you can clearly see legacy has engaged in guerilla tactics with the masters of 9/11 without realizing what they are subjecting their sensitive memberbase to. very very unfortunate.
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