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  1. Brap

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    ace krave bottom tier moron
  2. Brap

    For only £10 a month....

    velcum to de nutvwork
  3. 100% glad it was a voice over instead of @Repaactual voice.
  4. Looks like CD winning again tbh
  5. Brap

    Status Update

    how can u call yourself pure aggression then publicly flex the joints connecting the thigh to the calf on a public forum?
  6. Brap

    Nawe wins again

    is this eop nawe or ir nawe?
  7. Brap

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    no eggburt no fs
  8. Fuck I love @pigwrestler7 he's so emotionally invested in his shit clan it's hilarious. Keep up the good work gamer.
  9. Brap


    free young yeeda
  10. grats fs wtf is that though
  11. Brap

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    purple bobble headed cellar dwellars are back
  12. Brap

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    Twitter clan trying to flex on a pure clan, stick to being networked by FL and smoked by Fools lmfao