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  1. Brap

    Clan Awards

    I think clanning has been in such a piss poor state this year that awards shouldn't even be given out. I'd like to see EOP win 'Biggest Nosedive' award after spectacularly going from #1 to #4 and losing to FOE for 5 months straight.
  2. looks like Ascent losing again, unfortunate.
  3. Brap

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    shame on you for airing out the laundry.
  4. nice win Fatality
  5. why u think i let him come pk yday, poor guy hasn't had any action in months lmfao
  6. most have joined up already but all the abduls from eop
  7. Brap

    Supremacy retired mini warrers smoke apex unit

    apoc have nothing left
  8. Brap

    Favorite fight?

    clash of the titans baby nothing else like it
  9. piss poor attempt and insulting to the remaining members that are still there. no wonder so many are leaving trips and not returning when the leadership clearly isn't addressing the problems they have.
  10. my middle name is gullable, ironic u mentioning loser when u slave rc services and have a maxed account on old school runescape
  11. Brap

    Excel says hi

    hey pm @TBR for a free month teamspeak hire and startup money
  12. thx for the insight, loser. unlucky and unfortunate situation.
  13. pm brap#7476 make monies at clan trips. 100% confidential & paying the highest buck on the market.