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  1. Ajs my cub

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Intense Redemption P2P Prep 2-1

    gj foe , and to IR I use your capes ass my nutt rag
  2. Ajs my cub

    cwa Rage vs Intense Redemption | F2P Prep 2-1

    ir always lose
  3. happy anny fi wins agin
  4. Ajs my cub

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    rage on my chest
  5. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiik
  6. Ajs my cub

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    rage wins!
  7. Ajs my cub

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    ahh yes rage wins yet agin
  8. Ajs my cub

    weekend Rage Sunday Own / Nonstop Action

    o yeaa
  9. Ajs my cub

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

  10. Ajs my cub

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    lmao rage wtf happen imt is trashhh lol but didn't this kid say he wasn't going to do mini wars again after that prep lose?
  11. Ajs my cub

    weekend Critical Damage P2p Sunday - Tom & Jerry scene

    CD p2p? must of finally dropped your right nutt. welcome back the scene got boring.