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  1. Ajs my cub

    brid vid #8

    very nice insane rng
  2. this is so cute lmao, ir makes a topic after sooo long. flaming sup cc about this just to have no action the following week. stay thirsty my friends.
  3. Ajs my cub

    Things need to change. This can not continue.

    TBH...mains give weak rats beer balls to come out and try to fight. without a few mains in the scene to make these rats come out and fight our weekend trips will be full of Zz's and singles. thats why we have clan wars baby read up on preps.
  4. Ajs my cub

    EOP - The Return Of the Red Giants.

    when apex seen this topic they got scared they losing their slaves/mains..buwahahaha.
  5. Ajs my cub

    EOP back up?

  6. Ajs my cub

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    would like to see both these clans rival it out in a full out prep.
  7. wow, a ir topic. all them times they were forced to inner finally payed off gratz rats.-AJ