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  1. I just posted to retweet, nothing new here
  2. *Fudog logs in*

    *Breakble logs out*

  3. Crumble crumble rev/af - spent their weekend 1v2ing main clans and not stepping up to foe

    1. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Ur literally leaking to them lmao 

  4. Good job @AV Legendbe on 2pm est to kill af and rev in p2p Good performance
  5. Pulled 123 eagles broke rev and af relay the message, you’re clan is dogshit *spit* retards just boosting my cape counter and running to singles thanks for the demonstration see you next Saturday for f2p
  6. Bro I got snares at least 20 times in the fullout, no bullshit they gave me on snipe list and just snare me on scim pushs
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