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  1. lnfamous Jet

    Dear Foc & Tannie

    Nah it's bait
  2. lnfamous Jet

    Dear Foc & Tannie

    Join FH for way out ft. 1B Stake win (audio)
  3. lnfamous Jet

    friendly What it takes to be #1

    Lmfao it was 16v32 and you guys didn't go multi lol
  4. lnfamous Jet

    friendly What it takes to be #1

    Fighting down 24 and not losing more than 3... Giving #1 Matched xlpc a run for their money... Closing 2 Beta xlpcs in under 2 weeks after their 2019 "Opener" Being longest lasted snipe team since 2012... Grats FH
  5. @Sharkbrew WarriorYOU FUCKING SUCK L000000l
  6. lnfamous Jet

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    @exzrtsoh shit wallahi cuh
  7. you would of been hyped asf if u were there fr fr cuh
  8. Divine had a 2 minute vid for Thursday and didn't have us on it
  9. Peaked 19 F2P Hybrids and gave the #1 Matched xLPC Clan "NRG" a run for their money. Thanks all for action was competitive! Pkri Logs:
  10. Just because u find my irl from google images doesn't Ima stop ragging him