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  1. Wanna be rich handsome and in the best pure clan?


    Join”finalownage” cc where the eagles fly

  2. Me and my boy Adhi gunna fuck you up on P2p Sunday
  3. I’m keeping @slushpuppysite active, I don’t think he has a problem with me making topics to promote arguementd
  4. The guy below me is slaving for promos that’s he will never get

    1. Ajs my cub

      Ajs my cub

      never gave a fk bout ranks and never will

  5. You’re entire clan has been trying to dox all my irl info since the beginning of this rivalry... That’s perm ban to all rage members that intervene Just got done with another case like this 2 weeks ago E Thugs like ur weak mental clan should be banned
  6. Lmfao good dog, can’t wait till they give me outdated audio leaks so I can hear you choke as a 5th string backup caller
  7. Haha @Spiralis proud to be a “loser” - you’re 0-20 against foe in wildy lmfao 

    Dont fool yourself victim #6

    Accept my fullout declaration before your clan closes

  8. Never called the cops in my life

    Rage propaganda clan will be punished again this weekend...

  9. Doxxing won’t save your dead clan - there are punishments for your action 👹
  10. Laughing at how hard Rage is trying to compete against Fudog, this weekend will be hell for your clan
  11. LMFAOOOO im sayin, these mods not paying attention to the amount of dox threats these niggas been sending me on the dead low
  12. Biased Sharkbrew Mods, Rage member PABZ (aka Pubez) tried to act tough finding a tinychat of me and lil bro 2 years ago... Victim move by Rage deadweight member Pubez! if I bring the conversation of PABZ attempting to dox me to the mods, they will not help me in anyway... P.S - I don’t start dox wars, I end them @[email protected] Before you try to ban me for making your site active... Look at all the victims postin up with dox threats from rage @[email protected] my [email protected] @Pabz *Woof Woof* Victim #1 @Ajs my cubVictim #2 Broxx and Abraham Victim #3 and #4 @tntprodigyVictim #5 Remarks, Fudog (#1 Clan Killer)
  13. I only play osrs 4 hours a week and I find it entertaining using Rage as a punching bag for a 2nd season in a row. P.S - I think Tannies gunna rag you 💯

    1. Yaz


      Its not ur fault ur fo's posterboy ur just being u 

      its more telling of what foe has become honestly, a beta massing clan that has gone 0-12 in c wars in last 2 weeks LOL

    2. lnfamous Jet

      lnfamous Jet

      You’re 0-20 against foe on weekend trip fights lmfao

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