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  1. lnfamous Jet

    That's my Founder!

    I'm disgusted
  2. lnfamous Jet

    That's my Founder!

    Don't reply to the topic?
  3. lnfamous Jet

    That's my Founder!

    lol who's that
  4. Shoutout to od and blitz for trying to team on FH

    ZOOM hid for 60mins just to get 1 fight

    viet and bob still ass

    1. MAGICfrmda6


      Zoom didnt go out ? 

  5. lnfamous Jet

    cwa Awp vs Cp?

    What's awp mean all white pussies?
  6. lnfamous Jet

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    Lmfao Zoom vs rp? Interesting
  7. Good thing ambush closed, now I get to fight a massed Zoom v2 to end off 2018


    1. MAGICfrmda6
    2. Lankz


      You want minis until the end of the year? 

  8. lnfamous Jet

    Ascent Closing Topic

    Don't even quote me dude, I was on ur side when shife and towelhead faridi were flamin you
  9. FH really is the #1 SNIPE TEAM SINCE 2012

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    2. lnfamous Jet

      lnfamous Jet

      Zoom couldn't hang

    3. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Nope they moved on with irl 

    4. lnfamous Jet

      lnfamous Jet

      Ye same for most old Fh 

      painle getting engaged others grown up now

      im doing Mechanical engineering while smoking every 

  10. FH vs OD (2017)

    FH vs OD (2018)


  11. yo whats fs's new teamspeak, it wont let me go on fearless.teamspeak3.com