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  1. you called Ayuda vs a pure clan lmfao.. disgrace to the main scene
  2. l00000000000l you dont even deny its a lie. you had like 30 meds and we matched you. you went from 90->40 and dipped tail tucked
  3. l0l0l0l0l you got smoked nerd... can confirm this didnt happen. LY dipped to singles with 40 in game
  4. How many times was he on the losing/closing team lol? cmon fucat
  5. Imagine playing a paint game for clout. I do what i do for my boys, maybe that's why your clan hopping and i'm chillin 🙂
  6. was ez btw.. ir->outrage->ub->resistance->foe within a year
  7. slavery like... mass joining a clan and 1 iteming their rival like puppy 🤷‍♂️ cmon bro 🤣
  8. u would but you cant keep a clan together 😛
  9. LY paid SV to help them in rev caves. Watch this vid and see how LY got cleared 3+ times with 20 SV babysitting them. Propaganda won't save you from this You keep speaking of Apex dropping to 10 opts in game, but you actually do wear capes so it's clear when you have less than 5. Your getting fucking puffed with a main clan sitting on top of us. It's not hard man, LY suck dick. This is a bad look for SV... they can't compete with a pure clan. SMH LOL maybe next time Im_sodepressed! Keep tapping out to Apex, it's a great look for LY shitters.
  10. LY just got shit on in the caves, even with SV holding their pocket! Apex vs the world, and Apex won. XD Can't even win with an entire main clan LOL

  11. LY got fucking puffed today from every angle. Saturday too for that matter. Tell David to keep begging for off saying he will prep us if we don't hit you! @Jailbait

    1. Jailbait


      U should check in to psychward after getting smoked so hard holy shit lmfao

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