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  1. Overall Great Saturday. Thanks for the Action.

  2. Wait, you were in FOE around the beginning of the year right? You couldn't have forgotten when your leader kept you at a fight and after 9 hours you broke and got pushed to ditch. If i remember correctly, didn't you try to keep fights under 15-20 minutes after that? you can argue we lose fights, but Apex never fucking breaks fag. Go take care of your kids faggot.
  3. refreshing to see. Been a while since I've seen one of these "I agsed the pile and he died" type of vids.
  4. Can you add another exception, i decided to get 39 def XD
  5. @nawewhy you @ing me freak it was 1-1 sets they dipped on TB. Worry about your shit sandcrabbers that get broken after every sunday trip l0000000000000l
  6. 100 people sign up, 2m entry. Fantasy draft w/ 10 man teams (10 teams). Create bracket -> award prizes for top 3 with entry money. Would be interesting, but prob never happen.

    1. Moni


      100 people rnt paying, realistically like 30-40 maybe

      drafts wud be to biased/stacked so randoms maybe better idk 

    2. N Ranges

      N Ranges

      10  teams of 6v6 clean.

    3. 13 Defence

      13 Defence

      teams couldn't be stacked in a draft scenario unless someone drafted their friends, which could happen, but then who complains? one team is stacked and one team is all friends. only way something like this is biased/stacked is if the officiators make it so. And i think 2m is really not much of a buy-in, and there would be more than 40 to sign up. Easily have 20-25 from apex alone. @Monijust a thought, i cbf going further than that.

  7. I thought Legacy's whole memo was clean action no mains?


    1. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


      half of the legacy ranks were dropped when they were babies

    2. Pigwrestler7


      mm.. Thought they were doing it 'differently'/clean

  8. Imagine rushing a fight between Legacy, BP, and Hydra on your fucking anniversary! HAHA 


  9. I wonder when we will see FOE's 130/unlimited pictures start to surface. We all know you guys took pics when you moved the entire ts up l0l

    1. Brock_Lesnar


      Foc's in shambles because of @holydreams

  10. What the fuck are you gonna do against 50 Sharks?

  11. Feels bad being FO right now! XD

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