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  1. 13 Defence

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    what's the point in the king fighting peasants? you beat fom, cool! they have no quality now they are masser clan your still #8 matched
  2. 13 Defence

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    unbias, that is truth. Apex/IR is more competition than SUP will ever be, in either server, yet the win always evades fom :/
  3. 13 Defence

    Is God a sexual predator?

    you can still type? I could've sworn nerdy ended your bs lol
  4. 13 Defence

    Apex Hosting

    who are you again? sorry i post only on my account, not hiders pussy
  5. 13 Defence

    Apex Hosting

    Well, i guess you learned it here; Mass highlighting and calling Slush a bitch is worse than dosing, doxing, and bringing an equal main:pure ratio every trip! Slush your actually a beta fucking joke. No wonder you have such good relations with foe and holyjeans @puppyslush
  6. I wish Shoan would get kicked from Apex.. ACTUAL FORUM SLAVE RAT

  7. Apex is the only pure clan left. I'd rather be 50(0) than 48(43) any day man. FeelsGood

  8. 13 Defence

    Slushpuppy bias against IR? Why?

    So what do you expect? IR to just quit recruiting so that their new recruits don't have to fight Supremacy's mains? You seem to have a good relationship with SUP, so why not have a talk and ask them why they bing 50 mains on Saturday, that is if you really care about the impression left on new guys to the "pure" scene. I'm missing how IR recruiting and getting people to attend their trips can be seen as bad on them? Maybe, just maybe, if SUP did the same there would be no need for mains. JUST A THOUGHT
  9. 13 Defence


    I assure you, anyone from any clan can confirm SUP have BEEN using mains, and anyone from any clan can confirm IR have always been mass recruiters without mains.
  10. Envy sent some rat into our Teamspeak today btw guys. He asked for typing powers. Finally he started on his "If you guys ever help Vende...". This dude wanted type power because his overactive bladder gets leaky when having to say something on voice chat LMFAO! Sums up Envy though; A Joke


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      Why are Envy talking about leaks lmao? They're the only clan I've ever seen that has spies in it from open-cc rag teams. What a joke.

  11. 13 Defence


    Unpopular opinion: FOE has turned into what EOP used to be, what they wholeheartedly hated (hid in our capes from them). Became a masser clan with atleast +20 opts every fight, rush every 1v1 in the wilderness, and deny clans preps. thoughts?
  12. Explains the pure scene. You need a world to not login your tank?