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  1. Stop rewarding pussy clans that don't want to take a prep loss.
  2. Apex #1 both servers. Ty Fo for preps

  3. original topic link: here r1 (att) 31/31 20/0 r2 (def) 31/31 25/0 r3 loss
  4. same caller who's smoking sup in every f2p prep 😬 (no jk)
  5. Andddddd, this is why you're gaining ground on our victim leaderboards! Keep pushing man, you got it!
  6. Daily reminder that bee clan Rihanna likes his ass gaped and his vodka chugged. Alcoholic and a pegged manlet. YIKES!

  7. All 3 clans pov in 1 (feat. @JAPfrom rage & UTC from foe) GRATZ ARF
  8. Gotta love those Tyen speeches after an event. Miss that (lol)
  9. Was that Shotta i seen in with LY? LOL blah blah gratz
  10. Of course they hit you dumbass, your a cocky IR rat. I was probably one of the 3 most times. That doesn't mean Apex focused OR, that means that on a individual level, people dislike you. 🤷‍♂️ I guarantee as soon as you died, they transitioned to Danny or Jamz. Notable names and personal dislike is all that is. Ir closed btw, and your boyfriend got kicked from your clan because of infinity boots.
  11. @Jamz I get it, you don't want to lose, But don't try to boost your morale by saying Apex and fo are allies. You sound dumb. Bottom line, it could of been Rage vs SUP, and half the community will show up. It's the nature of long fights at GDZ. And stop posting pictures of your 5 man spams its cringe
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