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  1. Bryce

    TTT vs Fi 2-1 Sets

    Ty for action
  2. Bryce

    weekend When FH talkin too much

    2 much TALK!
  3. Bryce

    cwa TTT vs Legacy 2-0 x2

    Me and the Homies got some late night minis vs Legacy. Good clean action. #ttt
  4. Bryce

    Equals Intro

    Hey man welcome to sb!
  5. Bryce

    cwa Fatality vs Apex 2-1 F2P Prep [40v40]

    Ahhaha fuck yes boys gz
  6. Bryce

    friendly Legacy Vs. Apex 2-0 P2P Mini

    Your kidding ahha shiet.
  7. Bryce

    hi sharkbrew

    Hey man welcome!
  8. Bryce

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    TEAM NAME: TTT - The Tacki Tweakers TEAM LEADER: Dub Monk CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Dub Monk#8206 TIMEZONE PREFERENCE: EST - 5 Are you okay with the established default time? (If not, state your suggestion below) Yes Should be fine What Category of 6v6 Tournaments will you be participating in? (Default, Oldschool, or Both) Both. Option 1- Link your Memberlist for the tournament: (Max of 10 players) Option 2- Write down the names of your players: (Max of 10 players) - KYPD - Dub Monk - Pepsis - thenew soapy - hgq - 2ndch4nce - muerte - elder mace - Sftb - Haxxorboi21 Will update.
  9. Bryce

    Paragon’s Thursday - 90m+ Trip

    Big trip, good stuff!
  10. This is awesome, big things coming:) Thanks guys.