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  1. Nick

    weekend Climax Takes #1 XLPC Sunday 1/13/18

    nice job my boy @Syracuse
  2. Nick


    my nig miss u @[IR]Touqir
  3. Nick

    Apex Hosting

    How is Apex toxic in any way, shape or form? We don't have mains or engage in NH activity - sure people will flame but it's 2018 lmfao I think you're just using Apex as a scape-goat here
  4. Nick


    the boy danky from chaotic lmfao waddup
  5. Nick

    Clan strength comparison this year

    Apex top all that matters
  6. why do u care so much about what they do
  7. this is why my ex leader demoted you to app manager useless
  8. Nick

    The Discord vs Teamspeak for pures

    ts audio discord txt