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  1. https://discord.gg/PrbnNf we got a fair few aus/nz too no need to apply we pre chill
  2. Had a scheduled CWA fight vs. ACU, pulled 26 fat dongs and came out with the 2-1 Ty for the fight lads Round 1 WIN - Plateau Round 2 WIN - Plateau Round 3 LOSS - Plateau @Ir0nycalled. VIDS: Nick: Dean: Murky:
  3. Apex is best CWA clan by far (consistency wise) for both servers. Important to note CWA scene fairly dry and bland due to lack of action and events. Rage/Zenith/LY all pull a healthy amount on the weekends it looks like
  4. Wouldn't bother pure clanning if you can't go to trips. We have a lot of AU/NZ in Apex
  5. Having been starved of clan wars events for a few weeks, Terror finally agreed to prep us in a (supposedly) 40v40 setting. Massed up 46 big dick kangaroo's and took the victory, with a convincing R2/R3. Thankyou for the fight lads Round 1 LOSS - Defending, Classic Irony called. Round 2 WIN - Attacking, Classic Starting: 39/39 Ending: 30/0 Round 3 WIN - PKRI Plateau Starting: 39/39 Ending: 21/0 VIDS:
  6. the xlpc having the most fun rn I guarantee you that
  7. we (zu) opened and have a base of predominantly lpc clanners, no intentions to move up as most of us are australian and work full time need more xlpcs tho
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