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  1. huehuheuheuheuheuhueuheuhe ogs ogs
  2. grats on your win and gj to pd for taking a round.
  3. gf WL 85% of our pull had never done F2P on mains before, obviously a lot for us to work on.
  4. Was there watching, looked like you did alright, grats on your anni. Not sure what the hell SV was thinking when they showed up for about 20 seconds, mustve had flash backs to the last time they were open and turned tail.
  5. You're very misinformed on a lot of things, especially basing activity on sharkbrew topics alone, no main clans give a shit about this forum, as well as the fact that most clans do not post public "day out" topics filled with pvmer loot, they generally keep that trash on their own forums. The only clans actively using this site besides SV/JaJa are the ones who -at the moment- can't pull enough opts to actually fight anyone.
  6. Grats, has SV won a single fight since their 9th reopening?
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