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  1. Idk what pure clans are good atm, but if you're looking for something more mature, I would say the pure clans rn that seem the least immature from an outside POV (as a main clanner), would be Supremacy, Onslaught, and Blunt Purez (the goofy name aside). I'm sure there's plenty of better answers on here than mine though.
  2. Prob the saddest shit in the entirety of these logs Yet your ranks continue to nut ride in public
  3. Get 99 def and join an Aus main clan like CL
  4. @donut @True 2k8 @Ekstra ?
  5. Big shame. Take more precautions next time. There'll always be rats scouring around, frothing at the mouth to ruin their rep for a new pair of shoes.
  6. IMK


    I'll be your friend
  7. Wow amazing job @donut
  8. Imagine 14 teams signing up but only 5 clans actually participating smh Everyone is lucky we had an Argentinian in our 10 with 300 ping on every world
  9. What the hell is SR doing outside of revs lmfao
  10. I'll make an easier list for you: 1. Everyone 2. The British Empire
  11. IMK


    How hard is it to google/and or youtube a potential clan name to see if it was used before lol GL
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