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  1. Every pure clan uses mains and doxes each other. Idk the context of the whole pedo thing, but big yikes if it isn't just a random flame.
  2. Can't imagine being associated with this guy
  3. I'll come back with a witty response when I remember who asked. Don't wait up though.
  4. PvP. Doesn't matter what bracket, scene, or location. As long as I'm opposing other players I'm enjoying myself. I only got max total to make my account the best it can be for whatever future purpose Jagex throws at me, as well as having access to all worlds and such. There is no other game like RS where you can have this kind of massive, organized group PvP. Some games can try like GW2 or Albion, but RS will always be the king of that area imo.
  5. felt like I was in the shower, shit was too clean
  6. less energy typing on sharkbrew.com and more energy helping your clan LMFAO
  7. F2P warring is too simple for the current skill level of the average OSRS player nowadays. People have literally become too good at the game for F2P to be fun. There's no room for innovation, meta shifts (without Jagex involvement), different tactics, or the like. It's all very stagnant and unchanging. Even with snares, barely anything changed aside from mage pray heroing no longer being that viable. P2P is just far more diverse in just about every way, which is why most clans have shifted towards it. I did F2P exclusively from 2007 up until 2018. Shit is boring now. I'm glad the scene died toward the end of 2017. This current F2P scene was always going to be temporary. Get into P2P if you want to continue doing PvP. Easier to get new blood into P2P than it is F2P.
  8. This might be the pinnacle of victim mentality, I can't believe someone would type that out holy cringe LMAO
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