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  1. Whoa, is this reign of terror on sharkbrew? On a website with an anti-rot administrator such as myself? Wow! Legit feel bad for all the old rot who had to attend that shit due to corona keeping everyone home. Imagine their surprise when they roll up and see their clan has been taken over by random pure clanners and rev cave pvmers who can do nothing but blood barrage in d'hide. Must've been quite the culture shock! 🤡
  2. yeah they don't give a fuck but sent not one, but TWO ranks to threaten us to off them or there'd be consequences (that consequence being rot & sv doxing us). fucking dorks lol
  3. so irrelevant the whole rot alliance doxed our members in an attempt to get us off rot lmao
  4. Imagine being a grown man and letting some randoms on the internet dictate how you play a video game. Pure clans on their knees per usual.
  5. Welcome to the retirement home
  6. I'd recommend checking out these clans: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/423-medzerk-clans/
  7. No matter who calls for NA, it can't be any worse than Repa did the last one we had.
  8. If you're looking for a zerk/med clan, your only bets are Vengeance, Resurgence, or Avalon. Other main clans will want much higher stats from you (defence level especially).
  9. Didn't Sup stop bringing mains a few weeks ago? Why is this happening now of all times?
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