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  1. To be fair, a lot of these questions aren't that unreasonable. I'd say the majority of the whole hearing is for the GOP to get THEIR people to study the results to "find" bias. Even if Google is biased (as a liberal, I'd say they probably are) they're a private company and are allowed to show whatever they want. In the same fashion that the FCC, under GOP leadership, has allowed ISPs to do whatever they want. Funniest part about the whole video is the ending where the guy talks about Comcast and getting transferred to someone foreign, despite the very person they're questioning is Indian, which is usually who runs all of the call centers for companies.
  2. IMK

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

    Good stuff
  3. IMK

    team Team Bandits

    Best of luck. Keep recruitment topics clean of nonsensical bickering. Use the report function.
  4. IMK

    main Evil Community - 100+ Combat PvM/PvP

    Hey friends, there's a feature for the topic creator to bump the topic without the need of the topic being spammed. If the creator of the topic is no longer around to do so, I can pass the topic to someone active (if you all are still open).
  5. IMK

    Lone wolf is lonely.

    Hey welcome
  6. IMK


    Good luck. I've changed your topic's prefix to LPC as you don't seem to be an xLPC clan. If it was intentional, you're free to change it back.
  7. Leave the banner/ad out of the topic for future reference.
  8. Grats red side, and good job to the organizers, looked fun.
  9. IMK

    main Resurgence | OSRS RP/TANK/MED CLAN

    Keep flaming off of recruitment threads. There are plenty of other places on this site to unleash yourself.
  10. IMK

    xlpc Overdose - 55-65 Combat [XLPC]

    Good luck dudes
  11. Might need to do some training a bit for some of the med-build clans as you're past 45 def. Good luck.
  12. IMK

    Df vs Ct

    Forums | Twitter | Discord Scouted 20 or so CT in revs so we massed up to go hit them. Got a good scrap until other clans started crashing.