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  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN Clan Chat: np clan New Power is a Brazilian/Portuguese clan that was founded in 2012 and was active during pre-eoc, eoc and legacy mode. We closed our doors as a warring clan in 2016. Recently, in the beginning of the covid pandemic, a few officials and old members got back together and decided to reopen on OSRS. Our primary focus now a days is F2P Warring (particularly CWA) and Community Based Events. Staff Leader - Plopi Council - Suri | Slash Wpr General - Dig Din | Dias158 Media Old Memories Now
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/CRsgGsN After our fight against Tempest we planned a fun clw battle against our amigos in Latin Crew. Despite the fact that it was late af for most of us, resulting in the lose of some people in between fights, we still had 18 brave warriors ready for some action. We fought them in a first to 25 kills on plateau, 3 rounds, matched 18 vs 18 (20?). They managed to win the first round but we came right back at them winning the follow up second round. The third round was decisive, it was a very intense and close battle but we pulled through and brought the W home. Thanks Latin Crew for the fight. PM Dig Din#6814 or Dias158#9263 for some F2P CWA action. Round 1: 22 x 25 Round 2: 25 x 17 Round 3: 25 x 24
  3. The guerrilla warfare tactics that we tried did not work. Thanks for the fun practice.
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