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  1. why even waste ur time a lvl 30? someone just gonna make a lvl 40 clan and then someone 45 and yea its done
  2. Lmfao you fucking wish u could close us dog l0l
  3. Public CC: Astro Chat | Discord | Teamspeak: Pm Ramie#4747 Astro's Official F2P Saturday After a week of Training and Questing we Massed up 20 Astronauts Later Peaking at 23 Knowing all clans was pulling low today we quickly headed into the wilderness to get some action Shoutout to ZU/VD for the fun af 1v1's Pm Ramie#4747 on discord to spy or just to join thats fine aswell
  4. why is it the same Graphics template being used everytime lol
  5. Before we get started I'd like to give all TERROR members an opportunity to join the winning side, Join our discord and PM a Rank! https://discord.gg/rEuntPK Couple Astro members was fighting 1v1 at edgeville when terror attempted to hit them and drag them east towards multi so we quickly highlighted discord and massed up 25 strong Astronaut Pures ready to clap the cheeks of our rivals. Later peaking at 35. Knowing terror would call there little snipe teams to help [ATL] We took action and quickly hit them at Hollow tree before they could even think - chasing them down to ditch, 1-0 retards Terror got a regroup and sat at ditch for 30minutes with 35 people ingame while Astro was sat at 13 ports with 30 ingame waiting for our so called rivals to hit. Bare in mind ATL had 15 people so it was an inevitable 30v50 fight, Another 30 minutes pass and terror gained the confidence to come to P13's we hopped to the world and hit them killing multiple low iq wolves on the first hit we fought for about 2minutes before tthere litttle friends ATL rushed in only focusing us, we dragged it west and killed ATL then turned back our focus on terror - While ATL was out of the question we quickly demolished terror and made them run all the way to singles and back to ditch. Get fucked lmfao 2-0 for the day. Congrats Lord ex on 2defence Lmfao
  6. who would of given u founder? lmfao you couldn't take founder if u wanted at all lmfao
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