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  1. Nick Brock Molds R1 Defending: Astro starting: 37 Rampage starting: 37 --------------------------------- Astro ending: 30 Rampage ending: 0 ==================================================== R2 Attacking: Was taking a drink while some retard ran in and scimmed so wasn't ready and we got smoked ===================================================== R3 Pkri: Astro starting: 38 Rampage starting: 38 ---------------------------------------- Astro Ending: 22 Rampage Ending: 0 Gf rampage ty for the prep ASTRO #1 MATCHED BABY!
  2. if u made a factions server i'd literally win lmfao
  3. 13prayy is a new recruit that only joined ts that day, the rest are all members that arn't very active so they declined the member rank out of respect so yea nice try, please keep going though i have my popcorn ready
  4. invites from ev/imt? use ur fucking brain lol both of those clans closed ages ago, a few of the members simply joined us they was not invited they joined l0l
  5. misleading title that, should be Noxious+Vendetta vs Outbreak
  6. l0l0l your intel is literally shockingly bad l0l0l outbreak ending first? good one we was the last clan to end not counting vd. you've had 5 spam bots up at edge for the past 3 weeks and you only managed to pull 20? l0l literally the punching bag of the xlpc scene
  7. ye i agree noxious fucking suck lol imagine pulling 15 people to a official event l0l!!! was fucking easy u dumb rat
  8. thank you man appreciate you not trying to be relevant for once l0l
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