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  1. astro bullied ur clan into closing like a week after opening
  2. this topic is so cringe he got kicked from astro and is crying
  3. ur clan keeps getting bullied out of their capes u should know better than to pipe up again ty for full rune from ur tanks btw
  4. raid finally got their own capes instead of only wearing terror capes and got bullied the entire trip lol
  5. didnt rp close before they could play their last match?
  6. was a fun tournament ty for hosting
  7. oh no 1 guy got angry and left because he wanted to rag with tanks astro dead lol grow up
  8. was a fun trip btw did raid open yet i only see them in terror capes
  9. should raid even be considered a clan? they just go out with terror capes lol
  10. that was fun ty for clean action zu and ef
  11. terror always take at least 30 minutes to finally hit and still end up getting cleared every time this shouldn't even be called a rivalry at this point it's too easy not to mention that it took them a month to finally agree to prep us and lost while getting almost perfected in the pkri round lmao
  12. thats what happens when terror brings tanks on midweek and then calls kp for help lol
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