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Found 718 results

  1. Pulled 20 Strong motherfuckers You cant pay for off btw 🤣
  2. Topic created by @Prefade| Read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Before our prep with the boys in Liths we decided to hit up the rev caves where we made absolute bank, claiming +1s from random open cc's and pure clans. The time eventually came to fight Liths we agreed to fight matched ops with 22 aside. The fight started off pretty even with us catching some huge clumps until about 10 minutes in where ROT and CT showed up. We got in a joint cc with Liths which initiated a huge fun 2v2 which lasted around 45 minutes before we decided to call it. GF and respect to Liths, ROT and CT. Thanks for the action guys! After that little cluster we made our usual trip to altar where we found Zoners risking bank and willing to run into multi. We took them for a staff and b ring which prompted them to return in multi gear. We had a skirmish lasting around 15 minutes before they all decided to pull into multi where our experience prevailed and we cleared them. Gf to Zoners, props for running into multi! #Vengup
  3. On this fine tuesday evening the Purple big dick abdullah army was ready to put @Ace Krave and his pebble brained band of retards back in their place. After hunting them down in numerous worlds chasing them down like rats Ace Retard finally started to realize that his members aren't as loyal as he thinks. (Can't blame them after that $10 incident) so he started kicking his own members randomly after having a autistic panic attack (see pic below). The most unfortunate part is that these morons were still not able to catch the leak as we re-hit them a second time and made them end before they even had a chance to hop worlds. Satisfied with putting the fear of abdullah into these morons, we called it a day to get our beauty sleep for tomorrow's bully session. We are always watching Vid: Hansis Pm me to leak btw
  4. POV: BP PANDA POV: @El_MONK [BP] Blunt Purez | Vs RAGE CLAN (12 Vs 20) Tuesday Night | PK Rush in | at Revenant Caves Cleared XLPC clan RAGE 3x, bullied Rev Warriors & smited TSOTD Welcome To The Jungle Hope You Enjoy This Action Packed Full Of Bang Outs Clumps POV: @Mallu Congratulations BP SCRATCH on 99 Magic Today !!
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD Our Surgeons massed up for our evening PK sweep to do what we do best, peaking 27 & ready to fuck up the comp. Intel flew in instantly of Veng hugging entrance (what the fuck is new?) so we lured the retards out their hole bopping them one by one for easy loot. They were already getting sniped bc they obviously don't know their place in this game we we helped finish em off. We followed them as they tried changing locs but there hilarious attempt at catching the leak has failed them yet again. You cannot hide from us, not even with PD there holding your hands. We eventually ended up at GDZ where PD made their first appearance to try and save their poor excuse of a PK trip. They all failed, miserably. After calling for backup, Veng retreated with their 13 man pull to lick eachothers balls on skribble, imagine!! BULLIED AT ITS FINEST!! We made quick work of their half-assed back up and skipped to the caves. It wasnt long before we bumped into PD & friends, who apparently needed back up from DK & Latinos to fight meds? Anyways...after about a 35 minute scrap, the few PD that were left tellied out giving us the win. Thanks for the action, its a shame ur allies were 2 busy circle jerking to help out... Thanks all who came out!
  6. FORUMS | DISCORD We scouted Vengeance pking in singles at rev cave entrance (lmfao yikes) and decided that we would outsmart them as usual. So we massed up similar ops and baited them ALL into multi. We killed each of them for singles gear and mystic sets. After this they decided to mass poke and try to fight us back in singles? This didn't work out very well for them as we got 4 kills for each one of their kills. Also took them for an AGS AGAIN! Thanks for the guest appearance ditter!
  7. Purge yesterday challenged CD to a 25vs25 p2p PKRI Today pulled 42 Jokers without a single invite. Shout-Outs: CD on ending before any other clan CD for getting into 8-15 man clumps repeatedly CD for asking "TF" to assist them/flower "Onslaught" FS for crashing and giving us better action than loosing clan CD We owned the battlefield. Media: POV
  8. The boys @Balliand @Control_Pker decided to host a rev trip for us at 3pm est/8pm gmt. The trip quickly gained interest, massing over 35 people to storm the caves. We soon heard that shitality were massing up to try to hit us. Unfortunately for them they managed to pull a measly 15 weebs which was clearly no match for Legacy. We continued to stomp on them til they ended. We also ran into FOE and some other small teams and got some great action and even better loot.
  9. Pulled around 15 for our Friday pk trip Fought few other teams and smited AGS from a main grats Northern
  10. We found out that Critical Damage & Purge had a setup pkri having 35-40 each, so we massed up on a late notice and pulled 20 pigs later peaking at 30 pigs. Even tho being down opts we did control the fight & were the last clan standing. Good fight to Critical Damage & Purge. JOIN FEARLESS BTW ~ Ramie POV
  11. Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes I have decided to prepare a P2p trip within 6hours of preparation time we had massed 21 of our supreme warriors to clash at the Revenant cave had some small scraps with what seemed to be Fsk giving us a solid fight, same with Df thank you for the action boys. Besides that we would just sweep the caves and run into small teams/clans and make bank loots.Ended up being a 5hours pk session.
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Our Wednesday started off strong with a trip to rev caves where we ran into what looked like VR and SV, a scrap ensued for about 3 minutes before we took an easy win. Next time we saw the same group out they appeared to be joined by another open cc bringing their ops to 30+ which we were unable to handle at the time so we decided to leave as we didn't fancy a 3v1 down 15 ops! We transitioned around the wilderness where we made absolute bank running into no competition whatsoever, Enjoy our lootations! #Vengup
  13. DelayThePoon

    midweek Fearless late night revs

    Fearless wanted some late night action so we decided to hit some revs. We massed up 22 Fearless pigs later peaking at 27. Shout out to who ever we fought. Year of the pig baby. Oink Oink. Fearless is Officially BACK!!🐷 Egg Pov: Pictures: Join Fearless Today!!🐷 CC: 'Fs cc' Discord: https://discord.gg/dcAK4e Forums: Coming Soon PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!
  14. Fearless wanted some late night action today so we asked DC if they wanted a fight they accepted. We massed up 26 Fearless pigs later peaking at 32. Shout out to DC for all of the rev fights. Year of the pig baby. Oink Oink. Fearless is Officially BACK!!🐷 Egg Pov: Pictures: Join Fearless Today!!🐷 CC: 'Fs cc' Discord: https://discord.gg/dcAK4e Forums: Coming Soon PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!
  15. FORUMS | DISCORD Massed up to clear low wildy, starting out as a small man. Gained more and went to altar and took some kids for the fuckin lot. Gained even more and went to caves and swept. Tried out ballistas at the end of the trip and cleared everything again. Clean af trip and we made bank, as per usual.
  16. Not much to say besides that FH got dicked on by Daddy Zoom Is this even a rivalry ? ... Its way too easy @Lankz POV Shy King POV @Koldkilla97POV
  17. Thank you for the clean action. Tea book went tanks after couple hits so gratz Zen again
  18. Imagine losing a return fight when you bums have like 7 alt accounts waiting at CA 😂 Embarassing Trip Consisted of Zoom giving FH the Big Daddy Dick We Don't OFF Btw @SupersSmokePOV
  19. we been pking everyday 2-3 trips a day and no sign of anti-sv trying to stop us from killing everyone this just shows how dog shit the alliance is. not only do they only have 1-2 hr trip and half of that is spend in ballista rag Lmao! Words can't describe the slump anti-sv is in right now, being forced to recruit from private servers ( @Alan [email protected] @crow_box ) being capped to not only gear but also worlds and spots! Im_sobeast#2080 you know what to do cl smoked - 1 hr fight no sign of jaja authority smoked x2 - jaja crashing with 5 dk smoked - no sign of anti-sv veng smoked - no sign of anti-sv pd smoked - no sign of anti-sv latinos smoked - no sign of anti-sv
  20. FORUMS | DISCORD Got word that Apex was out pking deep, massed up 20 Surgers and the hunt begun. After hopping around at GDZ & RDG we found the pure clan pking with some mains - that's when the 1 hour fight commenced. Shortly after Supremacy decided to join in on the action and we fought both clans until the minimap was nothing but purple. There was no sign of Vengeance, which goes without sayin lmao. Pony clan wins again!
  21. On this beautiful Friday, the tigers decided to hit the rev caves after a little bird told us those Intense Retards were out again, we camped the south side and baited Bad Pures + Intense Retards to come hit us with around 25 ops, we only had 20 at that time but because we were holding the outskirts on the south we managed to get both IR and BP in one BIG CLUMP and pretty much finished them both in that one single hit, not gonna say it was hard cause it really wasnt! thanks for donating to us once again, know your place lmfao.. Massed up around 35 later on only to witness IR+BP end their little gay pk shit and we pretty much cleared the Revenant Caves on every world afterwards.. Thanks for the action just before the weekend lmfao retards! Ham Poo