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Found 959 results

  1. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ 3rd Night in a row Vikings head out 5+ hours of pking. We started sweeping caves looking for a scrap but sadly only found some venny loot and a AGS. We did grab a couple clears but no one notable. GMT seems to be fairly dead lately unfortunately, wish our rivals could keep up around the clock . After we got bored of killing vennies we moved to single where we focused a couple Elite Sovereign 🍔 guys down for their piss poor lobby pk/macing sets. We ran into another bracket rival Resurgence who actually fought us back in single. Respect to them for fighting down 20 Vikings to 14 Res. We were to much for them as we took them 1-0 and cleared them from chins. After wild starting getting slow we called it a night around midnight and took our full looting bags back to HQ to count the bounty. Can't stop, won't stop.
  2. Damage Control massed up about 30 solid shooters and went out looking for a fight. We quickly ran into Resistance and Legacy and had some intense clusters in rev caves. After about 30 minutes of clean fights in rev caves, clan Legacy reached out for a PKRI and we accepted. The fight started out 30v30 at CA and slowly made its way over to Corporal Beast. Clan Resistance showed up as well and all three clans continued to battle it out. Shout out to Resistance and Legacy for the clean action! PM "Rev Legend#3144" to join the most active pure clan!
  3. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Another long pk sesh for the boys today as we started GMT early and ended about midnight EST. We swept just about every location GMT but were uncontested all day and closest thing to competition was wiping lil cards in about 2minutes. Once EST rolled around we swept all the multi spots again and then headed into single way combat to finish the night up. This is when one of our bracket rivals Elite Sovereign finally came out of hiding. Knowing they have SV on standby we knew it had to be quick so we logged in outside altar and blew them up as they have become accustomed to. When they tried to return we kept catching them in single and victimized the same 4-5 members for over and over again. They finally got the courage to come try and help their brothers, but they could barely get a hit in on the the Vikings. We ended the night up on them about 10-0. Thanks for suicide to us again. Enjoy the media.
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Vikings jumped online early gmt and started with a smallman we found a bear mass that we took a dcb and 4-5 verac sets for our looting bags. Not to bad a way to start the day. We followed that up with a typical wildy sweep that turns out to be fairly dead other then few random mystic sets. After moving into caves we pk'd another hour or 2 with no competition. We cleared lil cards a couple times and the pure clan blunt pures a few times. The Vikings ran the med scene uncontested once again. We decided to end the multi excursion and move to single way combat since we kept finding more juice there. We were not dissapointed. Claiming 5 DCBs and 3 AGS(s) among other juicy loots. Easy 7-8 hours of pking for the Vikings TY wilderness and enjoy the media, decided to keep the 200 venny kills out of topic..
  5. I mean, this is just getting embarrassing Terror Leadership First you start a Rivalry you can't finish Then you just camp singles the two times in wildy you've had a trip in the past 8 days... GotDamn If any Terror Member wants to see what it's like to not waste your time on RS.. just DM me ❤️
  6. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today the Vikings had our usual fun making stank around wilderness waiting patiently for one of our rivals to log on.. Our wait was finally met when we found a lonely Eli..Avalon? member wondering around vet'ion; we clapped him and waited... after 1-2minutes i guess they finally got the courage to log in and the fight commenced. It looked like a solid 20v20 fight which continued to be a nice clean fight for about 10minutes. The Vikings grew to about 33 members in TS and it became clear pretty quickly Turmoil v3? was gonna need some help. That's when they performed their best rendition of the fusion dance and became their ultimate form: Elite Sovereign, complete with multiple 115s and max 99def Zerks. No matter as Vengeance has always been a clan that takes pride in not needing help and fighting down numbers. We continue to fight for roughly over an hour catching massive clumps and 1 banging the afk bolters... when it became clear their was maybe 10-12 EZ members actually fighting back and the rest were some conglomeration of 126s, SV, random raggers that were just playing the "i am still technically here" game we decided to grab any loot worth grabbing and dip on out. Anyhow it was fun fight SV! first time we have actually return fought you guys for awhile. Bank booths were fucking FILLED with Turmoil members. When your tired of suiciding... Definition of med is quite loose these days with some clans When you forget what clan your in. Broke this lad For those who at least made effort to hide the fact they didn't have a med. or just blately show up. Whatever. Expert ragger..
  7. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ After a our GMT inners today the boys logged in ready to do some pking for tonight. We started the night off with our commonplace gwass of EZ from altar. After that they were chased into single where the Vikings clearly have the advantage. We focused a couple down to single and got the second clear. After that we decided to take a dinner break and come back and hit single. We grabbed a few nice kills at entrance single and chins and called it a night. Enjoy.
  8. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Recently with some of our rivals "claiming" to be on top of the scene, we set our focus on sending a message. It did not take long for the VIA alarms to sound and we geared with the quickness and started with a quick warmup by gwassing out a protected bone running world where we collected an easy 1000+ bones in total. In the meantime our highly sophisticated scout network found Elite Zerks scouring around vet'ion. We were there in seconds to wipe them off the map for clear #1. We teled out banked when we found they were returning to the scene of the murder. We flew back up and wiped them again for clear number two. After that it was clear they didn't wanna try compete with the undisputed #1 in the scene. Hope next fight lasts little longer. Enjoy the media, included some other nice little kills for the boys around the wild.
  9. On this fine Thursday Big Daddy Astro pulled up with 38 shootas ready to DECIMATE the scene.. WHICH WE DID.. LEARN TO FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES NOOBIES AND STOP TEAMING
  10. Are you a 1 def pure in a 25 def clan ? Do you enjoy an active community that PKs and does events daily ? Guess what, you can join Misfits without even leaving your 25 def clan! Join at www.Misfits-RS.com or PM Zee#0786 On this fine Halal Ramadan friday evening we had set up a week prior a P2P PKRI vs Resistance but they had only pulled 18 while 37 Misfits showed up. Good thing we got word that Zenith and FOE were having a PKRI and decided to pay a small visit knowing that both clans had almost double opts! We knew we'd have a challenge not mounting up to their numbers but we were still able to out-maneuver the fight with our 200 IQ without a problem, maximizing our kills making loot! We can say that we definitely took the honey home tonight and that there was a buzz in the wildy ! Black Up POV GWAS ft. Coffin Dancers
  11. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight was a Vikings last opportunity to sweep the wild before DMM takes over OSRS. We went through the normal sweep locations before finding Hm0ng "Asians" as they call themselves. We enganged in a 30 Vikings Vs 25 hm0ng fight and absolutely farmed them for a solid 50 minutes. They tried to spam back 1 time and had a solid 2 guys pipe up XD. But hey, these guys turn up and fight good scraps at the end of the day. So respect and see you next time. Part two of our adventure took us to single Cave entrance and multi from time to time. We didn't find much but usual single pkers/random vennys until finding Elite Zerk. At this point we were down ops but were able to bait them up in to corridor for nice little gwass. but no real fight engaged. Afterwards they left a few stragglers who we focused down for couple kills. We will take a Win on the scoreboard XD. enjoy the media brothers.
  12. Misfits went out for one of our daily rev farming trips. We ran into fi who we gave the quick smoke, also had some scraps with some red hat clan idk who it is, had a quick scrap with hydra too. made tons of loot. If you are 1 defense and want to daily events, join us !
  13. Misfits went out to swarm revs for couple hours and found couple of clans (Foe/Fi/T/Dc) and claimed our loots ! If you are 1 defense and want to daily events, join us !
  14. Went out to test new BH and explore multi tonight, started mass with 25 opts, peaking just below 30 during the trip Found some LY fellas at Bandits and smited a Toxic staff from one of them. Then went up to GDZ and found SF, swiftly cleared them before SV crashed. Then baited SF into gdz, gwassed them but Foe arrived and cleared the rest of SF before SV once again logged in and crashed. After a while we found DR and while having a friendly conversation with them, some main clan called "TheBoys" hit us. Had about 45min+ fight with them and ended after that! GF's to all Video:
  15. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The EST boys rolled out tonight seeking some more adventures. We started off the night doing a little cheeky entrance macing, scoring a quick toxic staff in the first 5 mins. We ran into a VR smallman at entrance, killing a few and chasing the rest down to the south. After seeing nothing much else besides raggers & open cc's we moved on to deep altar. Popped a few boners together & also killed some people training prayer. Our boy Bob casually stole some claws off a random up there. Scooping up enough loot, we moved to Vet'ion. Here we quickly ran into NL. We carried an opt advantage over them for sure, but they were good enough lads to choose to duke it out anyway. Scoring some solid clumps and transitions, we cleared them after a quick fight. NL shot us a pm and wanted to fight again, so we waited back up at Vet'ion for them to log in on us. This time they massed up a few more boys to match our opts a little better. After another solid fight we said our goodbyes and went on our way. Good fight NL. To round out the night we took a stroll through the new BH world, seeing what it had to offer. Our initial plan wasn't the best, where we accidentally ran into Frontline in singles. Woops. Regardless, we lured one into multi and killed him for his singles set. Was an easygoing night all around!
  16. We pk every day Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings teled up to go to their usual spots when amnesia set in... we couldn't find any locations with the double crossed sword icon thing.. So we said fuh itt. After couple hours of running around altar/entrance we find all of these juicy specimens. Pretty simple game if you as me.. Enjoy!
  17. The Vikings PK every day! Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ 4 PARTER TONIGHT! PART 1 Tonight was quite an interesting one for the Vikings. We pulled up 24 Vikings on a no prep poke. We started at vetion where we fought Hmong twice. The first one we were heavy outnumbered so we dipped and rerushed with our full force and got an easy clear. Part 2 After that we took to every location - lava gate, gdz, glory hill, callisto, inside caves, altar. All around few small mans. We ran into AC at rogues castle where we got a nice little scrap, but cleared them in about four minutes as expected given a +7ish op advantage. Part 3 Next up we found Death row at altar we we started off with a fat clump on them and about even ops 15 v 15. however our other squad got caught up in another fight so we decided to bail on Death row for our juicy loot in another world. We spotted them running deep once they banked and decided to make chase as they are usually a solid fight. But when we found them we ended up taking on DR + Misfits? + some random SV mains. After 15minutes or so SV decided they didn't wanna actually compete so RoT came in to clean things up. Part 4 Lastly right upon ending we ran into a bracket Rival Elite Zerks hanging out at spider. We engaged in a tussle and cleared them pretty quick. upon getting our spam tower we spread on a rerush and fought them for about 8minutes. It was a great little scrap about 18 v 18.. but sadly a main clan that coincidentally shares members with EZ showed up. No worries though. I was assured there was no fishy activity GF EZ, unfortunate for the crash.
  18. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ On this fine Wednesday the Vikings had scheduled a Vacuum of the Wilderness which started off deep with. After 10 minutes of massing, we had gained opts to 20 and headed out. We hopped around Annakarl & Gloryhill for a minute or two, found a few Devils of Dust & took them for their looties. Next up was Rogue castle where we hopped right into the arms of VI whom we were fighting for a solid 15 minutes before they had gained to opts we could no longer defend against. We decided to not return anymore and call it a fight GF VI. We changed location and went to Altar, which ended up gaining us a Blowpipe and a solid 6m kill. A few minutes of hopping led the place to be soulless & that's when we knew it was time to hit up the caves. At this point we had gained opts to 26. Caves where packed but yet nobody could really do us any harm. We had Lil Cards logging in on us, and despite the fact that they had 20+ opts on us, we managed to pull through with Barrages and Chins. That tends to be open mass CC's biggest weakness these days - AOE DARMARGE. Also other Venny CC's tried to contest us - SX whose minutes in the cave were numbered as we quickly ran through them and got our clear pic. The rest of the trip went by with killing small pure teams & skulled vennies as nobody came to contest us.
  19. Are you tired of being the only 1 def pure in your clan ? Do you want to have an active community that PKs daily ? Join us @ www.misfits-rs.com Misfits went out on their daily excursion and peaking at 36 strong killerbees swarming the wild! Our trip started off by finding BP at new gate getting them in a GWAS later finding them at GDZ and having a fun run-in that lasted briefly! Afterwards we went in the rev caves and found a main infested fight between Foe and Rage. We decided to pay a visit got multiple kills! After hitting it a few times we decided to pull out with our looting bags full as there were only mains remaining. Zee POV Backwoods POV
  20. Massed up ~20 Wolves for some fun F2P action around midnight last night. Ran into XL, Rampage, and had some really good fights with Astro. official advertisement topic coming soon Feel free to hop in our discord and check us out https://discord.gg/z8s9Nb
  21. Misfits is opening as a 1 def clan! If you are currently in a 25 def clan and have a 1 def pure you can still join us, we are creating our own bracket! If your clan is lacking wild PK trips and midweek events you should definitely join us If you want to join or be part of our community PM me on discord Zee#0786 Our forums will be up shortly As we were doing our daily PK trip and killing revs making bank loot we got word that clans were regrouping to scrap. We quickly banked our rev bracelets and got ready to hit any clan that was going to go out. As we are still under construction, re-establishing our community we knew we wouldn't have enough ops to have 1v1 fights but we still got involved and took any opportunity that was open and made the most of it. The fights took place mostly around Varrock ditch, fog and fally! We were sniping the fights most of the time and got multiple gwasses. We claimed our loot and banked it. As well a rev team called cob approached us for a pkri and we accepted. It took place at revs, we quickly rushed and got the clear in a few minutes, as well as we were going down we found OG with similar opts and was able to get a clear on them! Good fight to all the clans that went out today! Zee POV Backwoods POV
  22. Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 70+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 80+ str/rng 85+ mage 43+ prayer Cc is cc_Hydra Website Founder: Trikb0w Leader: PX Tyler High Council: Haro Officer: MKD Adept Council: Cmon Taseit Warlord: Zack Mangler, French
  23. massed up a quick 20 angry pandas for a little late night snack in w308. Had some fun clusters with terror, XL, and Astro. ty for action everyone. @kold POV @zigy POV
  24. Discord: PM "Scims#1355" For Invite | Teamspeak: - | Recruiting: 55-65 CB xLPC Accounts On this Good Friday, Divine peaked at 29 Gods to smoke XL and Astro out in the wilderness today. We also ran into RP and BU multiple times today and cleared them out. We also had one perfection round vs BU. GF everyone.
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