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Found 859 results

  1. FORUMS | DISCORD Decimating Vengeance to Shadow Realm Tonight the Surgeonites took a stroll into the caves with about 10 to see what was poppin about. It started out casual and easy clearing world to world, we ran into a few teams who put up a scrap like Moi, VNG, and a few other random squads. Eventually we spotted vEnGeAnCe lurking around, ATTEMPTING to bait us into their world to be cheaky but we all know they're not smart enough for that. We hit up our shooters quick to come get a piece of the homicide that was about to go down, wasnt long and we had 20 stronk warriors. We quickly logged into their world and started knocking heads of these kids, legit i've never seen them drop so fast. Following up after the clear, we tele to edge to talk some shit and for whatever reason these retards wanna go round two with the pound for pound kings at GDZ. Without hesitation we tele up and get ready for an easy round two. We login west of them and run straight into one banging these idiots, imagine telling someone to tele up AND NOT EVEN BEING READY FOR THE FIGHT. Veng quality lmfao. The massacre lasted roughly 10-15 minutes before they decided to call the red headed step children PD to crash the fight. Once again Veng shows their upmost potential in not being able to fight with matched ops. Sad! Thanks to all the Surgeonites who came out and showed who is actually the #1 Runepure/Med/Tank clan in the scene. Even the trial members know what the fuck is up ONE BANGS FOR DAYS SereneShockedJerboa-mobile.mp4 ouch bud "iT's FuCkInG pUrPlE!" - Origin Yeah bud, for Resurgence!
  2. Snipe Vision vs Blood Unit is the most one-sided rivalry of 2019 , besides sup smoking rage 6 weeks straight. Vision peaked 21 legends and pulled the strap against some fuck niggas who were barking too much It's clear that bu is a dogshit snipe team after inviting founders from FS and FOE to compete. 5-1 NATE POV
  3. FORUMS | DISCORD Got word that Apex was out pking deep, massed up 20 Surgers and the hunt begun. After hopping around at GDZ & RDG we found the pure clan pking with some mains - that's when the 1 hour fight commenced. Shortly after Supremacy decided to join in on the action and we fought both clans until the minimap was nothing but purple. There was no sign of Vengeance, which goes without sayin lmao. Pony clan wins again!
  4. topic created by twinks | read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The vikings decided sleep was for the weak this morning, we massed up a small 2-6 man unit with people going in and out and grabbing loot before they went on their day. The young god lil rat started and was primary caller for the trip with others taking over as needed. We had 2 deaths in a 2 hour trip, both were mine. We have the spoils posted below. Everyone on the trip was either a viking or a trial, and performed above expectations. Today was another reminder of why i'm VENG We had a fucking great time, and i always enjoy starting these early morning trips when i get a chance to. Because the newcomers actually enjoy my trips : ) Thank you every one who came to the trip. 60_75_77 For best newcomer.
  5. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up around 40 Spartan's to dominate clusters at GDZ. The action was non-stop for a few hours with mostly every clan participating. Most of the trip consisted in clusters around GDZ as well as some clean 1v1s. Thanks for all the fun and action! @JD @Brandon
  6. So today onslaught massed up 24 gorillas and peaking at 26 for a Friday night cluster up at GDZ! As usual ONSLAUGHT had the biggest balls LPC scene and started the fight off at GDZ by rushing RAGE down opts! this cluster lasted for about 1hour plus, in parts of the fight we dominated really well against all clans and with fast returns and excellent calling we got some good clears on clans Shout out to all the clans that came and didn't bring the mains and FUCK the rest of you who decided to bring mains and ruin it for every one else because your clan cant compete!
  7. Topic created by @Spoontech | read original topic on veng forums Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Decided to do some smallmanning last night. Made bank and cleared all shitters, tyvm for coming everybody.
  8. Thursday Night Deep Wildy feat. PD + Max We started the night at Altar, but we quickly realized it was dead, and by that time we had scouts scattered throughout the wilderness. One of our men scouted loot at GDZ, so we teled up and went to find it. It looked clear so we hopped around. After 2 seconds, one of us found a clan and starting bolting them. Not who we initially scouted, it turned out to be Override. They started talking shit demanding to fight us so we teled in with 15. They ran on sight. We split them in half, and caught 3 of them and smoked them quick and ran down chasing the others and caught a fourth. We decided that was too easy and that there must be more juice out, so we quickly went back to GDZ and ran to New Gate. After sitting patiently for 5 minutes, I found random max kids. One logged but my boy Bassive froze the other and we quickly exploded him for the fucking bank loot: got ags, b ring and heavy ballista. Next, we went to Rev caves. We started hopping and found PD in a world by themselves and went to work. After a few minutes, we smited them for staff and they realized they'd had enough of the smoke and found themselves dead sitting in bank.
  9. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Late tonight Noxious massed up a quick 15 alpha males to perfect Apocalypse two fights in a row, one in fally and one in barb village. Gf now stop avoiding pms lmfao.
  10. Got word of some clans out at the rev caves and set out to feast on easy loot, as well as some main team we encountered. O vs DC Found DC out with a small unit and smoked them with ease. Found Fatality and cleared them up. Next up we found Rage and also cleared them from the caves. Next on the list was Legacy, who we made quick work of. O vs Mains Got into a scrap with a main team that was out, same result as all of the above. Got word that Final Ownage had decided to try and come out on a midweek, obviously this was not allowed.
  11. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Monday, August 12th, 2019; Outrage massed up around 15 members later peaking at 27 for a rev trip that consisted of multiple hits versus Legacy, Rage, DC, Veng & Random mains. We set up three fights with Legacy after clearing all parties from the Rev Caves. We won all three times pretty convincingly, gf Legacy. Looking forward to more fights like this during the week. @@Pixel @*Lee Logged into Ly and gave them the big own After we cleared up Legacy, Rage logged in and we got to fighting. Being low on supplies, it was a rough start but eventually we cleared them from the battlefield. Caught Rage off guard and owned them. Logged into Rage once again and painted the caves in their blood. Set up a PKRI against Legacy on 26 hill, it didn't take long to secure a full clear. We decided that instead of waiting for Ly to mass regroup in edge, we'd allow them some time to regroup near CA and round 2 began at Ghost Hut. Once again we gave Ly the big own, while Weezy stole an AGS from Ly. Eventually Ly were cleared and we chased their regroups out of wilderness. Got another PKRI against Legacy east of ruins and ended the fight with the same result as all of the above. We got one final fight against Legacy east of Bandits, the fight remained mostly even for a good period of time until Legacy, who were only down 5 on our opts, teleported out. Unsure why but I'll take the easy W.
  12. FORUMS | DISCORD Original Topic: https://resurgence-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/1697-wednesday-dog-dicking-veng-pd-ft-raining-1s/ Seeing that it's Wednesday, we figured we would hit up our local slam piece Vengeance and fuck them for the usual +1 drops. We weren't disappointed as minutes into the fight the sky opened up and it rained Viking +1s. Obviously due to it being even ops, Vengeance were getting out-spammed, outperformed and had to resort to calling Dolphins and then PD. This made no difference to us as we out gained them and fought through the adversity. After about 30 minutes of fighting we figured that we would call the honorable Sovereign clan to AC the fight and clear the mains (thanks btw). As soon as Veng didn't have +2 on us clans helping them, they decided to run for their hills. What an awkward alliance, thanks for the easy loot Vengeance + viking minions (Playdead lmfao). Afterwards we kept sweeping altar - while veng clan ended btw - and got a few sick kills for some ez guap.
  13. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Welcome to Tuesday night addition of the Viking News. Tonights main headline: The VIA (Vengeance Intelligence Agency) catch resurgence in their own timezone. Within minutes The Vikings massed up a 22Man raiding party outside of our usual peak hours. Resurgence were struggling to clear a few pures when we logged in and decided to hit them. Obviously they didn't wanna fight someone there own builds so they instantly took off running and left about half of their members to donate to the loot hungry Vikings. Once we cleared Res we went about killing the caves for nearly 2 hours until our bags could not fit any more loot. We headed on back home when we were greeted with one final surprise. After about 20 minutes of bank standing post trip they got a fall in on yours truly at ge and got a desperate spam. LOL. Dead ponies smell a lot like desperation. Nice 9 man spam at GE. Thoughts @[email protected] [email protected]@Bassive???
  14. topic created by Twinkleberry | read original topic on Vengeance Forums, join the community! Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan where you'll actually have daily activity? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ and have non-stop action! Viking means predatory warrior. The term was coined by our nordic ancesters whose ambition lead them to places they'd never gone. We are very much like our ancesters, always hungry for action. Today we took on the entrance and caves we filled our looting bags but mostly we made a statement. Vengeance doesn't care about money as much as we care about slaying everyone in sight. We don't care about dying, a glorious death is all we ask for, thanks for securing our place in Valhalla. Unfortunately not many of our vikings were given a glorious death, but we were handing them out left and right. We certainly sent many non-believers to meet their creator. Thor save their agnostic souls.
  15. Topic created by the almighty @Zewy| Read the juice on the original topic forums Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The VIA got notice that Resurgence was massing up. Vengeance of course sounded the horn and massed 25 Vikings in mere minutes. It did not take us long to find them and once again they were bullied within seconds. After that they decided to hide at entrance for about hour. We finally got bored waiting on them to man up and went to clear caves. We found plenty of Easy loot and ran into PD and the minty JAJA elves a couple times where we fought for about 5-10minutes but sadly had to dip to be doing a few numbers. Eventually Resurgence braved the caves again and we found them quickly and a fight commence in dragons. It didn't take long before a few main fanboys started hitting us during the fight so we asked PD to come AC for us as we knew they were out. Obviously this turned into a huge clusterfuck as JAJA, PD, RoT, some rev? and of course Resurgence turned it into a mini world war. We focused the res names, got a third clear pic and ditched shortly after as we completed our raid 3x successfully for the night. nice 99defence
  16. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48
  17. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 For tonight's action Noxious massed up 16 shooters to fight Outbreak + ATL two rounds in a wilderness PKRI. We had a run in on 13 ports and one at Corp hill. We quickly won both fights before they ended, ty for action.
  18. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: NX RS | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48
  19. Got word that Legacy, Fatality and Onslaught were out at the caves, massed up a quick 20 and went to work owning them as well as the main teams we encountered, ending our owning after clans had either ended or had too low opts to bother hitting.
  20. Topic created by our Local News - Read original topic on Vengeance Forums Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Vengeance's extremely strong handsome and well endowed warriors hit up the wildy today, clearing many small teams and grabbing loads of free loot. Below is an image of aforementioned battlefield, complete with an example of your typical vengachad Be it rune rocks, 44s or altar, every fight we just had over the last few hours was completely one sided and full of bank looties for the gang. Several different even opts main squads tried, but the only items they left our fights with were free tickets to Lumbridge. But before pillaging the northwest, the vikings kicked off this adventure at rev entrance/chins, grabbing several +1s and rolling in the loot. Easy money. Resurgence loves to say our topics never have any actual loot, and that we only kill pvmers. I believe you'll find that this entire topic is LOADED with stank and dead pkers. Where was your vid yesterday btw @Steeze? Veng the fuck up tbh
  21. On this fine Friday evening we received word of Rage and Onslaught setting up a pkri at GDZ. We decided to mass up 26 Spartans and hit the fight which turned into a 4 way cluster with CD also coming. After about 30 minutes of fighting every clan ended leaving Resistance on top. Later after the cluster CD approached us for a pkri which we gladly accepted at Chaos Altar. CD we're down a few opts and put up a good fight thanks for the action and shout out to all the boys who showed up today to own. @Ross POV (GDZ CLUSTER) @McChoobly POV (CD PKRI) 
  22. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Today Noxious massed up 14 shooters quickly after receiving intel on Apocalypse and Outbreak having a PK Run In. We quickly found both clans fighting east of barb village and logged in to hit it. We eliminated both clans stragglers before they pushed into singles. GF both. Our next fight/cluster was between Apocalypse, Outbreak and Vendetta. We quickly logged in to smoke the remaining APOC members and found VD logging in as well. We quickly turned our focus on Vendetta and had a quick 1v1 session in the ladder hut. GF everyone.
  23. On this fine Friday night onslaught massed up 23 big gorillas, and eventually peaking at 33 Harambe's faithfuls! Started of with fights vs CD as we were the only 2 clan with balls to get this shit started every clan rather just crash midway! happened with every fight at every location. RESPECT to CD (resistance did ask for fights but we planned with cd b4 hand) Dominated all fights and stood our ground really well!
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