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  1. It wasn''t even ops was it It wasn't just pures was it It wasn't just bp was it God bless yall from the pure scene always whine and have excuses.
  2. Man, I was waiting for a multi spell CWA for such a long time! Thanks for the challenge, it was hella fun Hope to see more of these.
  3. Sybren


    Great to still see new clans opening up. If you're ever looking for a clean CWA fight message any veng rank! They're good practise.
  4. Big respect to both Fate and Resurgence for the clean fights in our scene You clearly see it IS possible. Hope to see more clans with the same mentality who prioritise action > "rivalries"
  5. @16 pray okreply man, you'll finally have some action
  6. wow, literally no one cares about a channel leak as if anyone with brains will go on a ROT/SV related site
  7. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ With the new Rev caves it has brought out some new whales for us to make free gp off of. Enjoy some of kills from Vikings that are killing it in singles. No matter where we go we are always winning and making money.
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