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  1. Read original topic on Vengeance Forums - Everyone is welcome! What started with a small group of Vikings looking to raid some villages, ended up with scraps against mains and pures in Wildy. Altar, Gdz/Lavas & Rev Caves were unsafe during GMT hours as the mighty Vikings took over, getting some +1's! It was a very relaxing & fun night and hope to see more teams/clans out during GMT times! (our boy Zerknt also looted a blowpipe as it wasn't our kill at first)
  2. Sybren

    midweek Veng Decimates Davea

    Topic created by Trae | Read original topic on Vengeance Forums Massed up this fine evening with some Elite Members of Veng. Hit Lavas, Gdz and Glory Hill smoking Davae on the way.
  3. Very nice midweek pull and action! Keep it up Legacy
  4. Sybren

    Legashit Threatens CD With Mains

    What's even more surprising is that clans still think by retaliating with the same cancer is best for the scene
  5. Sybren

    trap - 2-0 sets vs rage (set 2 vid)

    not bad #bringbackminis !
  6. Topic created by @Prefade| Read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Before our prep with the boys in Liths we decided to hit up the rev caves where we made absolute bank, claiming +1s from random open cc's and pure clans. The time eventually came to fight Liths we agreed to fight matched ops with 22 aside. The fight started off pretty even with us catching some huge clumps until about 10 minutes in where ROT and CT showed up. We got in a joint cc with Liths which initiated a huge fun 2v2 which lasted around 45 minutes before we decided to call it. GF and respect to Liths, ROT and CT. Thanks for the action guys! After that little cluster we made our usual trip to altar where we found Zoners risking bank and willing to run into multi. We took them for a staff and b ring which prompted them to return in multi gear. We had a skirmish lasting around 15 minutes before they all decided to pull into multi where our experience prevailed and we cleared them. Gf to Zoners, props for running into multi! #Vengup
  7. Sybren

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    Purge sounds cool, thanks for sharing
  8. Sybren

    My intro

    Hello and welcome to the brew
  9. Lovin' the activity - Good job purgers
  10. Sybren

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

    Good job Legacy Keep up the activity!
  11. Respect Liths :) 


  12. Sybren

    pkri Another Vengeance GMT Trip

    Exactly, maybe YOU should because we clearly don't have to. Our community is active every day . So do we have to look at SV's topics to see Res activity or... ? @[email protected] do you think? OT: Proud of the VengSquad
  13. Sybren

    pkri Vengeance Early GMT Smallman Domination

    Damn Vengaboys going strong, 🎵 boom boom boom boom! 🎵
  14. Sybren

    friendly F2P | Sunday

    ah man, I miss the f2p pk trips Looking very good Supremes! Keep up the activity and I'm sure more clans will join in
  15. Sybren

    pkri Sundays Prep vs VR ft. Soverence + Carnage

    Told you karma is going to be a b!tch @resurgence Ouchies! @[email protected]'re working on "Exposing Vengeance: Part 2" ... I was 🤣 when I saw some Res on their mains trying to help SV out AND other Res on their meds trying to rag pure clan fights. Please, nobody is even trying yet you're killing yourself OT: Epic Sunday trip VengaChads ❤️
  16. Sybren

    weekend Supreme Friday!

    not bad at all supremes! good job and keep it up fellas!
  17. Sybren

    midweek Uncontested Thursday!

    Very nice to see this activity from The Supremes in p2p @Dkj
  18. Sybren

    pkri Vengeance Late Night Fun

    Nice name
  19. Pathetic to share this, karma is going to be a bitch.
  20. Sybren

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    grow up