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  1. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan After 5 Hours of Inners we decided to squad up to Revenants, We massed up 20 Zenith and eventually Peaked at 30+ Zenith Members. We ended up killing everything and made bank loot.
  2. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan After we were PKING for around a hour we heard Terror &The Firm & Apex were moving to CA for a fight. We decided to make it a cluster and hit them up. We ended up clearing all clans numerous times and then had a 1V1 against Apex for sometime that was extremely even. We heard our Rivals were inside the revs while we were fighting Apex, We pmed Apex saying we were moving to hit them and gave them the cluster win. Ty for clean action. We massed up 50 Zenith Warriors and quickly went to revs to smash Legacy. We quickly went south and waited for LY to log in. We logged into their world and started hitting them north. We waited for them to regroup and hit them again, We logged into their world and started specing them out and tbing them all. We pushed them all north and cleared them up laughing the entire time we committed murder.
  3. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan So we decided to call a pk trip since not many people were doing much today. It pretty much went like the usual rev trips along with the odd 2 or so pure clan ( white hats) who we cleared and the tons of vennies/protectors who also got slayed. Once again we prove that we're the best clan in EVERY timezone and the most active pure clan on the game.. Join Zenith today for pk trips in every single timezone!
  4. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan So we decided to pk with 17 shooters to see if any pure clans were brave enough to step inside the Z Caves. Instead non decided to go out and challenge us so we hit most worlds and decided to clear the caves and gain tons of loot.
  5. yes mains. u rushed zenith fighting ly yesterday with 30 in f2p.
  6. We didnt have mains with us, we didnt rush u with mains. other way around and way when you have rot north and sv helping and ly mains and when ly ended ly members helping. who wouldn't use mains?
  7. this is your 3rd clan this month relax brother. was fun until ly aided.
  8. false. how'd your past 2 clans go? shit leader. applicant posting foe garbage.
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