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  1. Weekend 1 conclusion: Fatality absolutely dominated every Eagle in sight on sight and saw little to no resistance. Kind of disappointing tbh! We can only hope Fo leadership prepares & puts up more of a battle in the coming weeks or this is going to be over before it gets good. Stay tuned!
  2. Independent as fuck now get back to gobbling Apex cock and winning absolutely nothing at all.
  3. BP has more heart than all these other so called "top pure clans" and that's a fact. Respect for not following the avoider/main trend so many others have resolved to. Rooting for your continued growth and success!
  4. You're just talking out your ass lmfao. Quit pretending like you have a lick of intelligence, I'm not even sure you have a functioning brain cell.
  5. I find it even more hilarious that no one fucking asked! Y'all should really focus on your own clans, you're losing so badly yet continue to run your mouths spewing utter bull shit. I've been Fatality since 07, I can tell you for certain everyone in Fatality, legends and elders alike, are completely content with our family. Imagine holding grudges over a 20 year old wizard click simulator! This is the reason you've all closed at one time or another and we have not. Bow down bitch we are second to none.
  6. Will be fun, hoping Fo will approach this like an actual legacy clan and not avoid Fatality like everyone else does. May the best clan win!
  7. If Fo avoids this I don't ever wanna hear anything in regards to them being a legacy clan again. Prove to me you're not bitch made, you won't. You're gonna get this work either way.
  8. Pretty stellar performance today. Good fights Rage ty 4 prep! Apex you gonna just keep avoiding? Speak tf up lmao
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