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  1. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence vs Deathrow - 30Min Wildy Scrap We prepped tonight to have a scrap with Fate knowing there would be a chance that they would cancel & as expected they did. This time the Vikings were unable to come to the rescue to fight us so we reached out to our boyz over at Deathrow HQ seeing if they were interested in a small last minute scrap and they gladly accepted. We massed up 20 Surgeons (not including the 5 or so shareds we have) and that battle began shortly after east of ghorrok. We set up this fight obviously because we wanted a fight but we decided to do matched opts to make it even more difficult for us so we could get that solid practice in. So I think it was safe to say DR had the upper hand majority of that fight, but we definitely had our moments and held our ground despite fighting same opts against maxed mains. Overall the fight was a huge success as it was crash free as all of our fights the past month have been . Thanks for the fight Reapers; always a pleasure.
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence vs Vengeance - 30Min Cap Wildy Battle The Surgeons set out to have our weekly 20v20 vs the Vikings expecting another intense battle. As always today's scrap was extremely high paced with multiple one hits and numerous good tanks on both sides. The DPS tonight I think it's safe to say was on point all around making it extremely hard to tank a lot of the time. Surprisingly enough there weren't as many clumps as usual in these fights, but it was definitely higher paced then normal, which is really what makes these fights so much fun! Thanks for the clean wildy action Vikings; we're coming for that CWA dub!
  3. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence vs Vengeance Miniwar [Draw] We hit up the Vikings earlier throughout the day to see if they were interested in some good ol CWA action and as always they accepted a short prep lil mini war. We got out the big dick weps and went to battle at 8PM EST. We did 2 sets of 3 and managed to snag one off of them while they snagged the other. I think its safe to say from both sides that the volly staff is broken af . Thanks for the fight Vikings; always a pleasure. Round 1: Loss Round 2: Win Starting: Ending: Round 3: Loss Round 4: Loss Round 5: Win Starting: Ending: Round 6: Win Starting: Ending:
  4. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Wednesday Double Header Ft. Veng & Fate We prepped tonight to have a small lil scrap with Veng, massed up 20 Surgeons, and tellied up ready for battle. We originally planned on on two seperate fights with two different locations, but with the battle being squeaky clean this wasn't necessary. I think its safe to say the first half of the fight was in our favor, then they picked it up the last 15mins and took control. Thanks for the clean action Vikings; as always! During this fight we decided to ask Fate if they were interested in some action & they gladly accepted 2 separate 15min scraps. Round 1 east of bandit camp i think we both can agree this fight was completely in our favor with multiple 1 bangs/smooth transitions and solid tanks. Round 2 they picked it up a lot and definitely took control of majority of this round. All in all the action was clean & we had a lot of fun! Thanks for the battle Fate; can't wait for more.
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Wednesday Fighting Vengeance Ft. Zenith Sorry we've been MIA for a bit from posting on SB; but we back now baby. We started the night with our weekly 20v20 vs Vengeance. We originally set up two 10min scrap, but said fuggit and just did all 20mins in 1 sitting when towards the end Zenith(?) flew in to join the party and got completely exploded off the map. After that we went to altar and made some stank, then hit up singles for another solid 20mins and got the usual booty doo loot. Just another day in paradise. #RESGANGNIGGY
  6. Thanks, but nothanks. We’ll close before giving your clan action.
  7. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Sunday Explosion Ft. Tempest & The Boys As soon as Sunday night rolled around the Surgeons started getting hungry again after the feast on Friday, and taking Saturday to sleep off that big ass meal. We decided it would be a good time to go clean up the Rev Caves and take those heavy heavy items off of some Protection clans & their "protected" PvM'ers. So we gathered up 27 of our finest long-dicked Surgeons and reminded caves that #Res can and will take your shit when we want it. Shortly into that we got an invite for a fight, and you know what we do when we get the opportunity for some action. We ran into Tempest east of Moss Giants @ level 33 wilderness near the lava vents. We quickly established ourselves by dropping a few of them and making solid transitions, I am comfortable saying we controlled that fight from start to finish. Tempest put in a good effort and we are glad we could have some CLEAN action once again. After we finished our fight with Tempest: 17 of our finest Surgeons decided to do some sweeps, where we ran into 'The Boys' at Vetion. After we rolled through them and they kept getting farmed for 30 minutes ; 'The Boys' decided they needed backup from SV where we decided it was time to fill up the looty-booty bags and tele out. Enjoy the GIF below of us spamming them to give up as they had 2 on the field before calling backup.
  8. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence vs Tempest - Short Wildy Scrap While Team Turmoil was participating in another rag fest, we were setting up a fight with Tempest. The fight was at Vents east of 44s, starting with Tempest rushing in. The fight quickly turned in our favor with the Surgeons catching some big clumps. However, Tempest quickly increased their numbers, but even with us being out numbered by 5 against mains we held our own and controlled the fight. This was Tempest's first P2P action in a while, and we are happy they picked Resurgence for the fight. Thank you to the Surgeons who put the effort into this fight, and to Tempest for the clean action. See the below video for the full recap.
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Sunday Ft. Pure Cluster & Vikings We started the night getting ready for our cwa with Torment, but unfortunately it got cancelled last minute. So we split teams did some inners RSB style for a couple rounds (Team Tyler #1 btw) then headed out to the wilderness. We got word there was a pure cluster going on at chaos altar so we headed to there for about 20ish mins before getting bored and deciding to message the Vikings and see if they were interested in scrapping. They gladly accepted, but the opts were pretty low due to no prep. So we decided to do 2 different 15min fights and splitting our pull into 2 teams so everyone could have some fun. Although opts were low both sides got their fair share of KO's and had their fair share of tanks; resulting in another clean 30mins of wildy action with our boys at Veng HQ. As always; thanks for the fight fella's. After the fight ended we decided to head back out to see what loot was around the wildy checking altar and caves first then moving all over to see where the stank was. After clearing the last few teams that were out we decided to call it a night. Great job today Surgeons and again thanks for the battle Vikings; til next time.
  10. Resurgence vs Vengeance - Shortprep Clanwars Miniwar Vengeance reached out to us today for a short prep max gear 55 def cwa. As we enjoy these a lot, we gladly accepted the friendly offer of a battle. We sounded the war horn and gained up to 17 horsemen in the speaker of teams. And so, the battle ensued. The rounds were close, but the Surgeons managed to win the day 2-1. Great stuff surgeons, and thank you for the sick action Veng. Video R1 WIN (25-20) R2 LOSS (24-25) R3 WIN (7-0)
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