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  1. Love everything about this topic except the Heath part lmao. Nice pull.
  2. SITE | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Tuesday Pk Extravaganza Ft. EZ, & The Boys (100M+ Loot) We started our night at altar immediately killing a few single pkers and a couple EZ guys until we decided to move it deep. When we went gdz we killed a few CT that were fuckin around on a small man & some random teams pking claws and some other juicy +1's. We then got word the "The Boys" were pking at Vetion with 20 so we quickly made our way down there to look for them. We hopped a few worlds then found them killing a pvmer where the battle began. To be completely honest from start to finish this fight was in our favor. We had matched opts but it was clear who was more organized. The entirety of the fight consisted of 1 hitting every pile minus a few that tellied out. They kept returning with like 5-6 that we for some reason just couldn't clear. About 15mins into the fight some random mains flew in from the east to crash so thats when we decided to take off. Not too long after we set up a 15min capped fight with EZ that eventually ended up turning into a 30ish minute fight because it was fun as fuck. We fought 21v19 & honestly the fight could've gone either way. As an unbiased participant I'd say that both clans held their own and had their ups and downs throughout the fight, but at the end of the day we both had a blast. Thanks for the fight EZ; til next time.
  3. Great to see more competition in the scene. Goodluck recruiting!
  4. SITE | DISCORD | TWITTER Saturday: Quick Sweep Ft. Elite Zerks We decided to head out tonight due to the superbowl being tomorrow and massed up a quick 10 Surgeons to see what was out. We headed to altar where we immediately ran into Ajax. Before getting into the body of the fight for those that don't know Will decided to reopen Elite Zerks to bring more action to the scene, which couldn't have been better timed considering how strong the other three of us are currently. Anyways, after 1 hitting that Koopa the boys logged in and the battle begun. Considering they just opened they had a few mains putting us at a slight disadvantage til we got a few more men evening the playing ground. The first 2mins of the fight were a little rough but the rest of the 20ish minutes I think we can both agree was in our favor. 1 hits all over the place, quick transitions, spears on 1000, & decent tanks ended up getting us the victory tonight. 25mins later Obeyed was the last soldier inside altar leaving the Surgeons victorious. If your reading this topic and aren't in one of the 4 clans in the med scene you are missing out on some sick action. Thanks for the action EZ, cant wait til the next one. After the EZ scrap we decided to run thru caves for about an hour and took a dump on a ton of different small teams and vennies but nothing of any relevance aside from 1 PD member and a few LY/IO guys. Another good night for the Surgeons, thanks to everyone who showed!
  5. SITE | DISCORD | TWITTER Thursday: Action Packed Wildy Sweep Ft. Veng, ZT, IO, & LY We started the trip as we always do at altar with it being pretty dead aside from the casual mandingo boner and rag pkers. We then moved to caves where we ran into a booty pure team and then Veng on a rag msb trip. After clearing both we pm'd Veng wondering if they wanted some matched wildy action. They accepted with the rules only being a 20min cap matched numbers. We dropped from 20 people to 16 & the fight began. We started the battle out strong af, which we expected with all the fights with mains we've been having recently and ended even stronger. Veng definitely had their moments in the fight as well, but I feel like the overall fight was in our favor. After a few 1 hits from both sides the 20min cap was up and both clans took ending. I think I can speak for both clans when I say its honestly a lot of fun finally getting to fight other people with your same account build and that fighting mains gets pretty boring. Thanks for the action Veng; til next time. After the Veng battle we decided to continue pking on a small non mand pkay where we went to gdz/new gate; running into ZT and clearing them in minutes then moving to altar killing 40+ IO + LY members in minutes. Tonight has been crazy action packed including numerous clumps, +1's, and many wins for Resurgence. Thanks everyone for the action its always a pleasure. ~ PICTURES IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER ~
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