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  1. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence Dominates Singles News just in, Resurgence didn't go Altar! The trip started in single strip and made its way across several different single locations with an abundance of +1's tonight. The boys continuously feasted on several Pkers and managed to bring home a few nice kills due to a superb communication and uncontested skills. Nuff said, over 60m in a few hours. Thanks to all that came out!
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Today we celebrated Resurgence being open a solid year. We took straight for the wild for a 30 minute scrap with CT for some good quick clean action, we followed it up with another fight with CT in CWA. After the fights CT invited us to a drop party in celebration of Res's birthday then we had another celebration of our own dropping 500m+. While easily maneuvering through @iTz Zoo's half assed 8-way switches, all the members made fat bank while getting ready for more action that comes our way. Thanks for all the core boys that were out there today celebrating & representing Resurgence DROP PARTY
  3. This ^ Hope to see you guys stick around & actually do things the right way. Goodluck recruiting!
  4. Hope you guys get into the clan scene.
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Clapping Cheeks Sunday The Surgeon's massed up on the day of our savior Jesus Christ, to go out and slay some cheeks. Started at altar where multiple cheeks were clapped, running into small man teams and single pkers. Being that we cleared altar, and the Surgeons were still hungry as fuck, we hit up CT for a scrap. Meeting just north of Chaos Altar, were started out strong and kept it going for about 10-15 minutes before Rev came swooping in for the crash. Afterwards, we met up with CT at CWA where we did a couple rounds to end our night. GF CT and thanks for the action!
  6. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Tuesday: Shittin All Over the Wilderness Ft. Veng, AV, NL, Latino's (Over 100M in +1's Pk'd) We started off our night with a small fight with Veng only to be crashed by AV 30 seconds in. We decided to team on crash and fucked AV for a good 20ish minutes until the SV/RoT meds that aren't in AV started flying in. After being satisfied with the action we got we decided to dip out and continue on our trip. Thanks for the fight Veng/AV was actually fun as fuck. After tellying out we decided to see what was up in caves where we instantly ran into Latino's who seemed to be small man pking. We cleared them within minutes and boop bopped the occasional small man team/vennies that would try to hold down skill total worlds. After about 30 minutes in caves we decided to head deep. We hopped into bh worlds at gdz and ran into a 10-15 man team. Most of them ran instantly but we killed about 7-8 of them getting claws, 2x AGS's, & an elder maul from them aswell as other juicy loot. We killed a few PD guys at the hot spot and other randoms before hitting up Vetion. We moved to Vetion where we instantly ran into NL & the scrap began. If I was to say this fight wasn't completely 1 sided until the last 2 minutes when they gained 10+ opts i'd be lying. These kids were legit suiciding over and over just to stall to get more ingame. When it was clear they massed up 20+ we decided to dip out satisfied again with the action we got. Overall tonight was jam packed & a fuckton of fun. If you weren't there you really missed out on some juicy shit. Thanks to everyone involved!
  7. Resurgence's Thursday Night Out Ft. Veng & CT (50M+ Loot) Tonight the Surgeons planned to hit up the wildy knowing it would be jam packed with the new bh update. We started the night at altar where we pk'd a ridiculous amount of +1's including a DCB, Karils Top, Blessed Spirit Shield, AGS, & more only within the first half hour of our trip. After clearing altar we had some decent numbers so we asked Veng if they wanted a late night scrap. After some negotiating we agreed on a 20min capped fight which eventually ended up turning into a 45min fight. Both clans had their ups and downs throughout keeping the battle competitive, but most important the action was clean. At the 45 minute mark we did last piles and called it there. Thanks for the fight Veng...til next time. At this point of the night we weren't done just yet. We tellied to GDZ to patrol around W319 where we ran into CT with similar numbers where the battle began. At the start obviously they didn't have everyone ingame so we had the upper hand from the jump, but when they started getting everyone together it became a bit more challenging for us. Both clans definitely had their ups and downs with some good tanks/clumps leading to another solid scrap. About 15mins in I believe it was Lil Cards who came in hot with hella numbers so thats when we took off and decided to call it a night. Another extremely successful night for Resurgence. Thanks to everyone involved!
  8. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Tuesday Night Pk Ft. CT, AV, NL Today the boys over at Surge HQ massed up to go own, per usual. We massed up around 16.25 men (sorry bear lmfao). We started the trip at altar running into a few small mans making quick work of everyone we saw. We baited a few singles kids into multi using our big brains for the absolute stank and after ran into Avalon who logged in with 10+ mains so we dipped from altar and onto the next hit. We asked CT for a small scrap and they gladly accepted giving us a few opts in exchange for some decent action. 15 minutes into the fight AV + SV crashed so we had a nice little cluster until we decided to take off. (Thanks for the action everyone.) We then decided to sweep deep 1 last time where we smoked two small teams and eventually ran into NL. We scrapped with them for about 10mins until we noticed they had too many and took off. We reached out to see if they were down to give us a fight similar to what CT had given us prior only to cheat/flame and bring more opts than they said they would, so 2 mins in we left. Imagine being a main clan having to cheat to try and get clean action with lvl 100s lmao. Overall we had a sick night and had some great activity across the board. Thanks to everyone involved!
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence's Sunday Deep Wildy Sweep Ft. Override Since the boys were itching for some action, we massed up early and started out at altar. We easily sweeped what was at altar, to only find that Override was pking GDZ. Instantly, we regeared to go find Override, which we thought was going to put up a fight.. But as fast as we found them, we cleared them, twice. Gf Override but please try a little harder lmfao. Bored of clearing Override we went back to altar for some juice that was spotted there, which shortly after arriving we found!
  10. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence Spooky Thursday Deep Wildy Trip Ft. Override & DC Our Trip began no different then any other, Massing 16 of the strongest men we have to feast Deep Wilderness. Running into Override time after time only for them to run south and grab a quick tele. We sat at GDZ in hopes of a small battle, but were sadly disappointed. After scouting a few more worlds we decided to move to Altar. Within a few worlds we ran back into them catching them stranded and down Ops in multi clearing all but one or two which managed to singles. He must have made his way to the bank to inform his fallen comrades that there trip must come to an end because they were no where to be found for the remainder of the night. Thanks for the little action, its always a pleasure. Our numbers kept climbing so we eventually decided to head to the caves before we called the night a complete success. The first world we ran down, we instantly caught DC shaking in there boots, scurrying to the 30 line just to immediatly have to take a U-turn Straight back into us due to mass tele-block down south. We scrapped with DC for only a few more before they decided it was no longer worth returning to donate. Happy Halloween from Resurgence
  11. Tuesday: Sweeping the Wild Ft. Pures, Override, NL, & More The night started with us AC'ing Resistance vs DC for about 20mins pking an Elder Maul from some random kid. We then ran into Override in some troll gear at Vetion and cleared them in the matter of minutes. Shortly after that we scouted NL at Vetion with around 20 men & we decided to yolo hit it for a quick scrap. We had a total of 3 scraps with the 3rd one lasting the longest being around 30mins. The fight was back and forth in the beginning then their numbers began to over power us towards the end; so we decided to dip out with the nice action we had gotten for the night. Thanks for the scrap NL. Always a pleasure. After the battle we decided to drop some juice for the loyal men of Resurgence. Kill shit & make $$$ is all we done mane. Thanks to all that came out!
  12. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Sunday Deep Wilderness Domination Our Sunday started out just how any normal Sunday goes, Constant big donators caught in altar by the one and only Resurgence! After hopping a good portion of the worlds we had a quick run in with JaJa. The fight went back and forth but being heavily outnumbered we decided to leave and make our way to other locations. We ran into a few small man teams instantly raising the blood-thirst of the hungry Surgeons, thankfully we were blessed with what we believe to be Override or AC in the absolute Stank. After a few short run ins with them they decided they best stay in the bank after losing nearly 30m in sets to us. With all that being said, Big respect for giving us that quality of action. Thanks for the little scrap. Big shout out to our bot JFish on his 99 prayer!
  13. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Sunday: Sweeping the Wildy Ft. +1 Fiesta We decided to head out a bit later then usual today with intentions on smiting shit pkers for their bank. We went to altar and the first world we killed two naked boners for 700k in superior bones. A few worlds later we smited a pker for ZGS then his homie for a ballista. Every world after this consisted in basic mystic kills and juicy boners. After about an hour at altar we moved to vetion/gdz/rdg where we killed a few teams in the juice, but nothing really worth mentioning aside from a few mystic kills. After clearing the wilderness we moved to caves where we found even more stank. We cleared 3 different small teams for more mystic, smited a staff & like 3 ballista's from randoms, killed a few AV members, hit a few Veng kids in single, and raped a bunch of pure kids for the duration of the trip. Thanks for all the loot fella's, its always a pleasure.
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