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  1. SITE | DISCORD | TWITTER Wednesday: Resurgence Wildy Cleanse Ft. SV, Ambush, OR Lads went out for a little small man that ended up turning into pulling 16 strong men. We started off in the caves with 3 Surgeons and gained after pulling bank off retards. Our scouts quickly caught wind that OR was small manning at Callisto. After gaining we took it to GDZ and scouted until we found OR. We fought them for a bit until they ran to singles, where we chopped em' one by one as we baited them back into multi. Not long after we bumped into Ambush who gave a decent scrap for bit before getting swept. We popped by W19 to see what was up and started a turf war with SV, it lasted as long as it could until they stripped naked. Thanks all for the action.
  2. SITE | DISCORD | TWITTER Tuesday: Resurgence Sweeping the Wildy Ft. Jaja/CT We started our trip at altar where we smoked a few single kids eventually running into Jaja. We fought for about 10-15mins until theyre numbers overpowered us towards the end of it. We did manage to bamboozle a few of them getting speared in robes and smited an AGS from one of them. Ty for the scrap nevertheless. After fighting Jaja we moved to caves where we hopped around for a bit to only find Latino's/PD & other fat ass teams so we decided to ask CT if they wanted to scrap and they gladly accepted. We fought for 20 minutes clean asf and called it after the 20mins was up. Thanks for the battle CT friends. After fighting CT we geared in full nig and decided to rush venny teams and skill total worlds at caves for about 15mins until deciding to call it a night. Great job tonight men and thanks to everyone involved.
  3. Pretty late trip for you guys. Hope to see you guys out more often around this time. GG tho
  4. You couldn't have said it better my man lolololol
  5. Lmfao when 1 of Res's biggest haters back in the day claims we smoked u guys is how you know ya'll got smoked. Appreciate ya @Spoontech
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