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  1. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Sunday: Sweeping the Wildy Ft. +1 Fiesta We decided to head out a bit later then usual today with intentions on smiting shit pkers for their bank. We went to altar and the first world we killed two naked boners for 700k in superior bones. A few worlds later we smited a pker for ZGS then his homie for a ballista. Every world after this consisted in basic mystic kills and juicy boners. After about an hour at altar we moved to vetion/gdz/rdg where we killed a few teams in the juice, but nothing really worth mentioning aside from a few mystic kills. After clearing the wilderness we moved to caves where we found even more stank. We cleared 3 different small teams for more mystic, smited a staff & like 3 ballista's from randoms, killed a few AV members, hit a few Veng kids in single, and raped a bunch of pure kids for the duration of the trip. Thanks for all the loot fella's, its always a pleasure.
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD Tuesday: Late Night Sweep Ft. Veng & 800M Drop Party We started tonights trip at altar where we ran into a few vennies/boners, but not many pkers. After about 30mins of scouting altar we decided to move to caves. We hopped around caves for about 15mins to just find out it was dead. We then moved to glory hill/bear where we found 1 PvMer. So before calling it a night we checked Vetion where we ran into Veng where the battle begun. The first fight lasted legit less then 30 seconds killing each Veng member 1 by 1 as they logged in just to get dookied. After we cleared them there Zewy & I agree'd to set up a 20min fight cus fuck it why not? The second fight got crashed within seconds by AV, so we tried to restart south of 18 ports which got crashed within minutes aswell. After a third time restarting we went west of bandit camp where the last 15mins of our original prep lasted, in which we cleared Veng off the map leaving the Surgeons victorious. Shame AV had to crash, but lets be honest matched opts that ass wooping was long overdue. After we finished we decided to do a PHAT 800M drop party for the boys in celebration. Thanks to all that came out! #RETURNOFTHEKINGS
  3. FORUMS | DISCORD Resurgence's Sunday Fiesta Ft. WG, DC, & +1 Galore (50M+ Loot) Today we massed up the men peaking at around 16 men ready to see what loot was out. With the entire clan world being at the W353 battle we knew there HAD to be loot elsewhere & we weren't wrong. We started out trip at altar as per usual where we immediately ran into WG. We fought for about 2mins until they were cleared and we banked our loot. We headed back up and immediately ran into them again where they put up a little more of a fight but our numbers overpowered them too much for them to really be able to do anything. After about 3-4 more mins of fighting it was clear they weren't returning. After hopping around a few more worlds we found a juicy single pker in fat b0nk and banged him out aswell as the typical fat ghetto booty galaxy boner we would find. After about 10 more minutes of killing shit we moved to Revs. At this point in our trip we moved to caves and instantly ran into some pures that go by the name of DC. They had quite a few but eventually ended up getting GWASSed at entrance before we could even really move into caves. We scrapped with them for about 5mins until they were cleared off the map. We then moved into caves where we cleared a few rev cc's/vennies/pvmers for about 30mins before deciding to call it. Thanks to everyone who came out & gratz to whoever won the W353 war. 🙂
  4. Thursday: Juicy EST Sweep Another late night sweep the boys wanted to check what was out in the wild. We started out at altar & killed the typical boner, singles pker, and venny until altar was cleared. We then moved to Revs where we ran into some juicy teams. A few outnumbering us to shit and a few only having 5-6 people. We had fun with them and the odd PvMer until we decided to call it. Thanks for the juice wilderness. After we ended we went to da Sand Casino and chucked 700 million gold pieces, got the easy dub, & headed to the house portal for the free l00t. We dropped about 100M free booti for the Surgeons & called it a night.
  5. Monday: Raping Altar Ft. Jaja & AGS/DFS Pk The men were bored & wanted to go run the altar. So we massed up 15ish men and headed out for some loot. Immediately after getting up there we ran into some shit pkers and managed to get an AGS off one clearing the rest in seconds. A few worlds later we found a juicy ghetto black gurl booty loot boner and killed him for a DFS. We then ended up running into Jaja in which we scrapped with them two different times for around 30ish minutes total until getting outnumbered/outragged calling the trip soon after. Thanks to everyone that showed up!
  6. Im never heated broski trust. Except at the duel arena 😂
  7. FORUMS | DISCORD Sunday Owning Ft. Nothing Left & Veng PART 1 We started our Sunday afternoon with our planned fight with NL. Knowing how close the fight with them last time was we knew they would come out stronger this time around. At the start it was pretty even until we started getting them in some fat clumps allowing us to kill multiple of them in the matter of seconds. We eventually got word with around 10mins left in the fight that Veng was going to attempt to crash so we set up in preparation to laugh at their silly attempt & GWAS them on login, but they decided not to bother and head to caves instead. Smart move retards. At this point we fought NL for roughly another 10mins until the cap was over and we took our leave. Thanks for the battle homies, always a pleasure. PART 2 After finishing our fight with NL and hearing Veng was going to crash we decided to go crash their fight and show them how to properly ruin a battle. We got word they were fighting VR west of black drags in rev caves so we decided to log around the fight and suicide barrage the retards until they ended their battle to clear us. Knowing VR would team to help them we knew we couldn't 2v1 60 people with low 20s so we decided to just fuck around and be as annoying as possible to ruin Veng's night. When we logged in we completely exploded these retards catching like 20 of them (probably more) in a juicy clump with many Veng members dropping like flies. We managed to stick around until VR & Veng's numbers overpowered us where we then moved to entrance and exploded more of them as they ran in lmfao. Veng bragging about clearing us just shows how many 2k19 clanners they really have. Noone gives af that we got cleared because at the end of the day we got a clean af 30min cap with NL (with your failed attempt to crash), exploded your cute fight with VR, & get to laugh @ how eventful your Sunday mand was including Foe cancelling on you. Lets be honest its real clear who won the day rofl. Stay shit retards.
  8. FORUMS | DISCORD Resurgence's Saturday Extravaganza Ft. The Supremes, Veng, & Override PART 1 We started the day off with our prepped fight against TS around 4PM EST. We massed up the Surgeons and tellied up ready to own. Even after the bullshit their leader pulled the other night we still decided to have a respectable capped fight with them & boy was it one sided. From the first pile to the last we had complete control of this fight. At one point they couldn't keep more then 5 people ingame at once, the DPS was just so on point from us. Unfortunately they had a pretty shit pull so had to invite some friends with not much experience but nevertheless it was still some nice clean action. Thanks 4 fight. PART 2 Soon after fighting TS is when the real deluxe meal came out, Veng. We went sweeping caves after our battle with TS getting word that Veng was at their favorite spot pking spot in the game (rev entrance) so we scouted them and waited until they came into multi. Unfortunately they refused to leave singles until they massed up knowing they can only compete up opts on us (it was even numbers at the start), but nevertheless we still gave em the hands as always in single and in multi. After a few clumps at entrance we dragged the fight into black dragons where the feast really began. At the start of this fight in black drags there was a point to where nearly their ENTIRE clan was in a barrage clump lmfao. Imagine doing max gear multi spells CWA with pures every week for the past 4 months to still be dogshit at clumping 😂. Anyways they were nearly cleared until RoT rushed in and cleared the world, in which we took our leave. Knowing we had another fight tonight we decided to take a break until later. Should probably try to work on member quality instead of mass recruiting and all the shitters you pull would actually be able to compete matched opts lol...just a thought 🤷‍♂️ PART 3 9PM EST came around and the boys over at Override were finally ready to battle. Being late EST on a Saturday we didn't know what to expect, but massed up the boys and were able to get a nice clean, matched opts fight in. Again from start to finish the fight was in our favor with great tanks, spears, freezes, & calls but nevertheless was still a nice fun, respectable battle aside from a few retards flaming each other. Always appreciate the opportunity to battle you guys, til next time.
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD Tuesday: Sweeping Altar Ft. 75M+ Drop Party/GiveAways We decided earlier throughout the day we were going to mass up for a nice little EST pk trip. We got 13 of the finest Surgeons together and headed to altar. After hopping a few worlds we ran into the fattest boners and a fuck ton of single pkers in juicy gear. As usual we smited a few +1's & got multiple sets of juice throughout the night. After about an hour of sweeping altar we moved to caves to see what was there. Aside from the usual pvmers and random small teams caves seemed pretty dead for the most part. So after about 20mins of hopping around we decided to end and do a drop party/giveaway for the boyz that attended. Thanks everyone who showed up!
  10. FORUMS | DISCORD We started off the night with our scheduled fight with the Wilderness Guardians. Within the first 5 minutes of the fight it got crashed, which we knew was bound to happen, but after some negotiating we restarted immediately after; at a different location. From start to finish I can honestly say we got WG in so many clumps that mages were starting to run out of runes. Although they had some great tanks they had a bunch of guys forming clump after clump allowing us to delete more then 1 guy at a time leading us to controlling the entirety of the fight. Overall both clans performed pretty well and had some sick clean action (after the first crash attempt). Thanks WG, til next time. After finishing the battle with WG we decided to sweep caves which we got word was very dead prior to going. We killed a few pvmers and the occasional odd man team until we decided to move to altar. We ran into some singles team almost immediately after getting there getting kill after kill making at the minimum 20m in pk's from single pkers. After about 20-30mins of clearing altar we got word pures were still fighting at GDZ so we decided to telly up in rag and mess around until eventually getting bored and taking our leave. Overall was a great day for Resurgence as per usual. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  11. FORUMS | DISCORD It was a cool summer night in the Wilderness at the prime time hour..We adventured to the money altar to kill a few pker and bone men. Then hunting a few white knight verac for thir sets. We ran into a few small teams that were quickly swept off the map in seconds. No one was able to withstand our strong men. From boners to single pkers not a single man was left alive. You could say it was...a FEAST. Starting off the night we took Dolphins Member Moni for MAX...You should have called veng to help LMFAO. The rest is plain and simple. Pure domination.
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