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  1. easy money that trip, just as many +1s smited today too 😋
  2. winning what lol you made some weirdo game up in your head that anybody else gives a fuck about any of this lol ur playing by urself m8
  3. Constant surveillance from our members, ensuring the crucial success from every topic that we very strategically post to this lively website
  4. prolly the first time most of us have clicked on this website in months
  5. tbh I like NL they're gud ppl but that guy seems like big dumb clown man @Siege thoughts
  6. My real point is that you are wrong about assuming why it happens. You think we just post a bunch of small trips anytime something happens because we think its good exposure. In reality we just put a topic per trip, but sometimes they dont get posted so Sybren goes through and posts them all at once. This happens to Resurgence too:
  7. point was nobody really cares about most topics, not just ours. The non-pure sections pretty dead here. my advice is to try not to get so butthurt about seeing words on your screen i guess. You probably care about seeing those topics way more than we do edit: "SB is dead and those awards mean nothing" SB is dead, why you care so much about what is on it then lol. Screw sybren for trying to breathe some life into it eh
  8. Nobody really cares much about sharkbrew anyway. We happen to have sybren in our clan who does care about it. He's likely one of the only ones. Thus, he posts them sorry it hurts your feelings Sharkbrew doesn't really matter to anybody too much tbh
  9. Lastly, after about like 3 seconds of looking/scrolling up in our loot pic channel from today / last night i think its pretty apparent we're not just posting dumb vene kills
  10. !loc ask also im pretty sure thats just people not posting them to Sharkbrew, and then Sybren going through and posting a few days topics at once there would be no point in not combining all the days stuff into one topic
  11. +1 for ghetto and phil, -1 for high defence level
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