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  1. Haven't heard basshunter in years damn Grats looked fun
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ This fine Thursday the Vikings took on our fourth PKRI of the week. Pretty stoked for the future of the scene with all this clean action we've been enjoying lately. Earlier this week we had a lovely planned fight against Elite Zerks, so to start off the night we caught a fight at Ghorrok against STL Arrow and his Resurgence goons. ------ Part 1: Both clans started around 22 opts, gaining to about 25 by the end of the first half. Resurgence had some good tanks, but we managed to maintain more opts on the map throughout most of the fight. After ~15-20 minutes, Reign of Terror crashed from the west. Thankfully, our courageous elite member Bawv had heroically given his life to Res mere moments before, and scouted the RoT boys coming in while returning. Thanks to his brave sacrifice a minute or two beforehand, almost every viking peaced out in time. Part 2: Not wanting to leave with our business unfinished, Res teled up to the bandit camp to resume the brawl. This second half of the fight began with their 26 to our 28, giving us a slight opts advantage. We took a stronger lead this time around, with res starting to clump up a bit more. We maintained an even higher opt difference on the map for the most part of this half. At some point during the fight, we stumbled into a chain of good RNG on hits that could only be described as dummy thicc. We had a chain of melee pile transition calls, and i'm not even flaming res here, some of their lads had the right prayers up and were in their tank gear, but we just straight up one hit a bunch of them in a row. No spears, [NO SCIM NEEDED], we simply got the rng we needed on our melee hits. After each kill we got in that sequence, you could hear a couple guys on TS go "wait what? he died?" We managed to smite two ZGS's throughout the fight. When time was up, both teams offed and fell in to drop the traditional spam towers and take pics. Had some good laughs with em in the bank afterword. Great action lads. Vid: ----- Later on in the night, we had been in talks with some of the fellas over in Nothing Left about setting up a pkri with them as well. These talks sorted themselves out pretty quickly when about four of our boys got absolutely LAUNCHED by them after hopping into them by chance at Vet'ion. We remassed, and traveled up to ye ole boneyard to fight em. Starting opts were about 16 for them and 18 for us. This fights another two parter! Part 1: NL gave us the courtesy 'pot' message and rushed us from the west. Both sides clumped a fair bit, with melee piles taking priority in between. We did much better in this half of the fight, managing to keep up with NL pretty well. But everything changed when the JaJa nation attacked. We teamed on crash and cleared them pretty quick, as - well to be fair they were going against at least 2x their opts. We hopped worlds, resupplied and were off for part 2. Part 2: We had gained to about 23 by now, and I suspect NL may have gained to the high 20s or something because WHEW LADS they hit us with it in round 2. Credit where credit is due - it was honestly a good balanced fight in round 1, but they definitely brought some heat this time. We spent this final 10 minutes working on our tanks and returns lmao. Respectable and clean as always NL, thanks for the action. Vid: At this point a lot of the gang headed off to bed (loads of respect to our dedicated GMT gamers for staying up to fight in EST) ((thanks corona)), I believe the rest of the boys goofed around in singles and at entrance for another hour or two before calling it for the night. Another action packed day for the Vikings. These are 2 different kills. RIP that guy
  3. looked like fun event, and apex got to do high opts for once l0l grats fellas
  4. Yooooo yes EZ i would love to see you guys practicing multi spells, keep at it dudes
  5. we've dropped them from 70 to ~30/40 since we started hitting them. Won't be a thing much longer lmao GF EZ
  6. Apex not backing down 1v3 against LY EZ and SV lmao, respect 

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