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  1. thanks for the fight homies, gg
  2. Goodbye resurgence, welcome back AV. i'm not sure what our numbers were but I counted 15 res and 32 new faces for them yesterday, like 5 of which were mains bolting me
  3. which res members are gonna get kicked after this fight? lmao was easy. GG VR ty for a pleasant fight
  4. lmao tber got 18m actually, EASY money for veng gang
  5. GF Men, ez money today. Some real fun fights too
  6. GG boys close multi rounds, we gotta work harder on knockout thanks for fight
  7. I feel like when one of them starts tanking they just fall over like a goat lmao
  8. Man lame that my comment debunking their propaganda won't get a reply D:
  9. lmao we just smoked res again tonight crazy how that works
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