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  1. Good shit Uf, Nice single piles Smoked Them bois
  2. l00000000000000l shows what you know this topc been top of Pure Community Discussion For over 20 hrs now Rofl Stay Shit kid
  3. This not here to Hurt bt , This here to tell my story take it how you please
  4. l0000000000l 4 est on a Thursday Mfs Got 12 on ts
  5. l0000000000l Whats your move @bt black sonStill waitting come to my house l0l yall act hard on a video game rofl
  6. Hello Enemy's Of Bad Timing I Bring to You Some Nice Intell Today Have Fun With It BT Black Son Is Shooked by lil Old whip Rofl BTW Folks For your Info Bronze Stars Cant Kick From Btpub Keep This in Mind 3 years of loyaly Dont mean Shit at Bad Timing HQ GG Boys L000000000000l Dont fuck With your Loyal Members @bt black son
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