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  1. Nice sunday pull retard go hide in ph
  2. United Family Shoooters slapping everyone they see, gf homies, see yall tmrw :))
  3. Smokeyy

    United Family Slapping Zen in a F2P Mini

    LOOOL ily dawg
  4. Smokeyy

    United Family Slapping Zen in a F2P Mini

    Stfu nice 18man pull retard
  5. Smokey Pov J Expection Pov Thanks for the minis dawgs
  6. Smokeyy

    midweek Message to upcoming XLPCS/LPCS

    LOL tell me more please
  7. Smokeyy

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    Why were you tryna run away from me man.. ez for the boys in imt
  8. We decided to mass up 12 giant United Family Warriors to run over every team in wildy Smokey's pov:
  9. United Family is #1 just saying

  10. We heard there was action on a late wednesday night so we gathered up 10 big dick United Family shooters later peaking at 14 to run the wilderness. We found out Rage was at fog so we quickly got ready to take some heads off, after clearing Rage we focused Team Zen that kept sniping us from the side , quickly making them tele out. When we got done fighting Rage we set up a fight vs tea book at west fog where we took them out 1 by 1, sadly it got crashed by the rats fh. after having a fight vs tea book we walked around waiting for someone to hit us, thats when we found some FH rats on their 75s so we ran after them, BT ended up hitting us from graves so we quickly turned around making them hug singles with no one calling. Our last fight of the night was a pkri vs bt we dropped them fast then apoc ended up crashing at last second. thanks for the fights and late night action, was fun!