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Found 498 results

  1. Forum l Discord Jaja went out PKing prime time GMT hoping 1 of the 16 clans in anti-Jaja would come out, however this was not the case! PKed for 4 hours uncontested smoking loads of rats + sv small dik (terrified without RoT lmfao).
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD Today our Surgeons opted to take a nice EST trip into the Wilderness. We pked around GDZ/New Gate for a while before venturing into the Revenant caves to scalp random pkers for their gear. Overall it was a fun few hours of some decent EST smallman action. Not much to say about this trip since we didn't run into anyone relevant, but it was still some nice fun! Thanks to everyone who made it.
  3. same shit different day thank you anti-sv for letting us pk yet again! \
  4. Went out prime time GMT looking for some action from any of the 9 Anti-JaJa clans and after 1 hour and 30 minutes we found one of them straggling with around 15 in the 2k worlds. They attempted to fight back for like 2 mins before running pretty standard tbh without Daddy. Continued sweeping draining the caves of all its loot. (original topic by marky thats why it sucks) 
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD Another Friday night of cleaning the floor, with our rivals running around hiding, and giving their lapdog PD a nice slap in the face. After clearing the random vennies out of caves for about 30 minutes with 12 people, we got word our "rivals", Veng dared venture out into the rev caves. We massed up 17 and went out, peaking at 22. After seeing us they bailed instantly and weren't seen for the rest of the night. Shame you won't fight us without PD to rag us for you. We got word that PD were fighting SV so we decided to hit that to try to bait out our rivals, but like the pussies they are, Veng were nowhere to be found. After PD ran off the first time, they decided to scrap with us for a bit. Fighting matched against mains will never be in our favor, but we decided to do it cus why the fuck not? We fought for about 20 minutes then dipped when it got messy and it was clear PD was gaining, satisfied knowing Veng wouldn't log in to hit us knowing they had the perfect opportunity. You guys can try and avoid the crashwar all you wan't, but one way shape or form you'll always be a part of it. Cya soon .
  6. One of members was minding his own business at altar when he relayed there was some free gold mystic out for the taking. We immediately knew this was the gold mystic donation clan (Vengeance) so we quickly massed up the nigs to go smoke these little fucking rats out. After only minutes of hopping we found there world and mass logged in. We started mass freezing and dropping the rodents straight into the sewers. One of their more generous members (who donated elder maul just two weeks ago) was kind enough for donating an AGS this time to the uncontested #1 Rune Pure/Tank/Med clan. Thanks again Vengeance, see you Sunday to collect our tithes! 🤑 (If you are tired of getting yelled at by your "ranks" then fear not! PM Stl Arrow#5125 or Will the Trill#7882 on discord! Very EASY money, join the others who have already seen the truth! 💰)
  7. topic created by @Zewyon 26-03 | read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The viking insomniacs went out for another night of pking. We broke from our usual locations and went to pk revs in maximum profit setups. It did not disappoint as we pretty much smoked every team we came in contact with. No real clans/fights to speak of so we filled our looting bags for 3 hours and called it a night. Enjoy:
  8. Forum l Discord Swept wildy until we ran into Veng and got into a little scrap with them for about 45 minutes. Of course anti-Jaja (SV+RoT) came up in 1-item in a merged cc, because neither of them can effectively 1-item without each other LMFAO! GF Veng.
  9. Forum l Discord Gathered up the 2K Jaja gamers to hit 1750 + 2000 worlds in search of free +1s and the RoT/SV minions and PVMers were kind enough to donate to us. People actually pay for protection when a 10 man group can control the worlds by themselves? LMFAO
  10. Topic created by @Prefade | Read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Big owners doing big owner things. Started off with a 3 man trip, got the call that DK had been spotted with about 20 goons. We sounded the horn and headed out to shoot them down with 16 of our finest, we cleared them once and they re massed to try and hit us again only to get cleared a second time. We continued to pk with no competition for the next few hours. We ran into Revenant on a smallman ballista trip and had a short scrap with them and went on to clear them. Thanks for the action. Rest of the trip was spent killing random groups and collecting taxes from the cave's inhabitants. #Vengup
  11. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR After a quiet afternoon, we heard that few clans were out in Rev caves. We threw scouts up there and found WG/Supremes/BA/Lil Cards all out. We geared up in barrage gear and threw scouts on WG as we positioned to the south. We logged in and rushed north catching WG in a juciy barrage pile around the dragon. After a clearing the majority of them in the clump and finishing off a few stragglers, we looted our kills and continued on our PK. We hopped around some more and found The Supremes in the north corridor. We rushed north and barraged them all out. Went around some more and found WG again, this time north west as they seemed to be on BA. We rushed in from the south east and barraged them all out, clearing everything. Found BA trying to mace east wall and barraged them all out. We hopped to the north this time and found WG rushing us from the south. This time they actually put up a bit of a fight but after a few minute fight they were pretty much cleared and we took our ending. At this point we decided to fuck around with Lil Cards. We got in their capes and went to their world, barraging them all, turning 70 to about 20 of them left before we teleported out and do it again. Did it a second time with the same result. We then geared in ballistas and looked to 1 hit some of their members. Logged into their world and 1 hit a ZGS, 1 hit a V Mace and 1 hit an AGS that was with them. zgs Hopped around some more running into a few small teams including The Supremes again who all got 1 hit as they ran in with mage vs our ballistas, 1 hitting Frost Shield and bro db0w before they even got to eat. Eventually after about 3 hours of PKing, we decided to call it a night. Good job to all who came! ty lil cards kids
  12. Forum l Discord Wildy was extremely dead but we swept caves/altar. Ran into ibilys and cleared them. That's about it!
  13. Forum l Discord We geared up with word SV was in caves and logged into them. They immediately ran and tele'd out, typical SV pussy shit. Even with RoT shadowing them, they still were too afraid to fight us. After just this one hit, they ended their trip entirely. Afterwards we hopped around some and ran into RoT with even opts. We fought them for a bit until they were forced to call a mand because they couldn't clear us on even opts lmfao. Go back to hitting pures, it's what you're best at. We regeared in shotguns and swept for the next 2 hours uncontested until caves were dead. Part 1: Clearing SV Part 2: RoT
  14. Topic created by Buckshot | Read original topic Tonight we pulled a solid group of American/Canadian warriers to go out to the wilderness and fight for survival. We started our trip at entrance killing many teams and tricking bank loot into multi! After running the singles and multi zone in revs we moved all around the wilderness from Altar, Mage bank and GDZ. Many +1's were taken tonight and once again B[est] squad comes out on top!
  15. Topic created by @Zewy | Read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Well everyone knows about the weekly vengeance holiday toxic tuesday. This week was Positive thursday. We made sure to tell everyone they tried hard and did their best. @Buckshot was most in spirit. Anyhow, the crew geared up per the usual late est nonsense and took to the caves/altar. We filled our pockets with the juicy looties but nothing big until we decided to get a focus in singles. We were down to the 4 most die hard vikings but it was enough to clear ankous and take down the victim for staff. We decided to end the night there. Enjoy:
  16. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Earlier in the week we got word that a few teams would be heading out around 5 EST today so decided to throw up a half day prep in order to get in on some hunting action. We hopped around revs on scouts in search for WG but unfortunately, never seemed to find them as they were logged out most of their trip.. We decided to hop around and sweep a few worlds why we got our scouts into the wilderness in different key places. After clearing a few smaller teams including Forsaken before we ended up fighting 1750's anti-Rev CC for a bit. We fought 20 v what seemed to be like 35 of them, catching them in a few good barrages but after numbers overwhlemed we headed to regroup. At this point we scouted The Supremes in World 350 as they were at the bank in gloves. Kaochin logged in and teleported to GDS and sure enough, they were there. We followed suit with the rest of the clan teleporting up right behind him and watched as The Supremes scattered around. As we were all in mage, we frozen 5-6 of them as they attempted to run, killing the majority of their trip before they made it to single. We ragged them down to edge and waited for them to go back into the rev caves. We hopped around some more finding TS at the north door once again. This time they thought it would be smart to attempt to kill me and followed me through the corridor into a waiting 20 VR members to the south. We barrage clumped all of them out inside the corridor, killing a few other stragglers to the north before moving back south and banking to grab yellow Lil Card capes. We had some of our members join Card's CC and the rest in their capes as we logged into their world and barraged their clumps from the south. They didn't know what hit them, confused as hell as to what was happening. They took off their capes in an attempt to pile those attacking them but we did the same and had them pretty much cleared from 70 people down to 20 before we teleport out LOL. We hopped back around doing another little hit on Lil Cards along with TS and a few other small team fights we found before we decided to call it a night and headed to the bank to call it a night. Good job to everyone who attended! Pics:
  17. Topic created [email protected]| Read original topic In Vengeances 5th outing of the day we decided to start off at rune rocks, we ran into a team there with around similar ops to us who we annihilated in singles. Shortly after we hopped into bounty world to find an absolute feast, 20+ whales in multi risking bank. Realizing we didn't have enough to hit it we coordinated a little hit on them with our friends in Dolphins who were out at the time, we had @Zewylog in to bait them out of singles and proceeded to clear them and take them for everything they had. #Vengphins
  18. topic created by @Prefade| read original topic It just doesn't stop for GMT at Vengeance, another day another duo of topics. This time we ran into Vitality at altar again, quickly clearing them and taking them for their mystics and crystal seeds. Altar was proving very profitable and active for us so we stayed their for the majority of the trip. We tried around GDZ for a bit but there was next to nothing out bar a a small team camping bounty worlds who we smoked. We decided to hit up the rev caves for a bit to see what was happening. We ran into Blunt Purez who had 30+ ops however due to our superior account builds and quality we smashed through them, props to them for returning for a while and giving it ago but we inevitably cleared them. GF guys! Another big shoutout to all my GMT shooters for proving yet again why we carry this clan #Vengup (just an FYI for Sharkbrew readers: in Vengeance we launched a GMT vs EST proving most activity, hence the inner banter)
  19. topic created by @Prefade | read original topic After our earlier pk trip we took a couple of hours break for some inners, once we were done our eager men went straight back to the wilderness. We teled up to GDZ and instantly found an AE smallman who we had a quick scrap with we cleared them pretty fast but as we were taking an ending pic they got a quick regroup though and teled up for a fullblown scrap, it lasted about 15 minutes before it was crashed by some random open cc so us and AE hopped in the same cc and started slaughtering the crashers. Gf AE always a pleasure. After our scrap we made the usual trip to altar where more bank was claimed. We found Vitality were out singles pking and managed to bait a few in for some kills. Being the multi clan they are they decided to return in multi gear and we ended up fighting them for a few minutes and eventually clearing them. About half an hour later after making more monies we logged into Vitality with 20+, seems like they weren't happy with the earlier result. We left altar and moved to the rev cave entrance which was pretty dead so we decided to call it. Shutout to all the GMT shooters #Vengup
  20. topic created by Mike | read original topic The GMT squad decided to go out on an early GMT trip and to no suprise we made absolute bank again. Not too many teams out except for a couple of pure smallmans who we cleared on half their opts. Safe to say we ran the caves and smoked everything in our path. #VENGUP#GMTRUNIT
  21. The boys harassed 2K worlds for about 3 hours in total today. Ended our trip once they stopped returning altogether. Retards can't stop donating +1s LMFAO!! Imagine paying for protection and this is the service you get in return! I'd be very upset with customer support this bad.
  22. FORUMS | DISCORD So the boys prepped a few days to hunt our girlfriends on this fine Sunday. We headed out with about 27 Surgeons around 3EST to sweep caves while we waited for the retards to mass up. During this time we ran into Jaja i believe in which CT came in and made them run so we then scrapped with CT for about 10mins til clan world decided to show up so we left satisfied with the little scrap we had with them and moved to the next agenda. Knowing Veng is a bunch of pussies & openly refuse 1v1 action anymore we decided to hit them before their fight with AE started. Knowing they had PD on standby & were baiting a 2v1 for the retard rag main clan we decided to bring anti-pd to the party making this a shitfest cluster. For the majority of the hour that we were shitting on Veng (down +10 opts & with mains in rag focusing us), we joined their shared CC that they had with PD and trolled them as we continued to explode their mages for free mystic. Knowing Veng leadership and 95% of their member-base are extremely inexperienced on how to handle anything but killing PvMers in rev caves we knew just something as simple as being in the same CC as them would have them all over the place, which it did exactly that & not too long after that they made their way down to dwarves and eventually to boneyard where they tellied out with the excuse "we nope'd out of there as we have no reason to involve in the current crashwars in the scene". Little do the retards know they involved themselves in the crashwar the minute they openly teamed with one of the shittest main clans a part of it lmfao. Keep suckin PD's dick & you'll soon end up just like Porygon, closing and mass joining them. Cya next Sunday shitheads. 👍
  23. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We at Vengeance spent our Friday night doing doors at the local wilderness altar because what else would we be doing? A lot of trouble kicked off that was quickly dispersed by Vengeance security co, confiscating plenty of goods from the aggressors and carrying on about our night. Curfew had been reached at the altar and once closing shop we decided to move to the next hotspot, the Revenant caves. After dealing with a few disorderly we spotted a few locals renowned for making fools of themselves every week (Resurgence), tonight was no different. We sent them flying out of the wilderness in a matter of seconds with little resistance (for the second time this week). Apparently they wanted to come back in but after 40 minutes of waiting there was no sign of them, only the main clan that they seem to have an a leash. After over 4 hours of being out and it being well into the early hours of the morning for some of us we decided to call it. Another huge trip for Vengeance. Join Vengeance today and make absolute bank. #Vengup
  24. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we massed up for a fight versus our Danish friends AE. Knowing this might get crashed we agreed to team on crash if anything should happen as well as having AC fixed. Before we were even able to rush AE, we knew that Resurgence was planning to hit and disturb our clean action. We moved the troops to RDG, and of course the bait was taken and we were fighting Res for a solid 15 minutes before they started moving towards Rev caves in single. Big yikes. They let their members suicide for nothing, what a shame. After we cleared them, we set up the fight again and it quickly started. We fought for a solid 20 minutes before we got word SV+Res were trying to hit it (AGAIN LMFAO). We quickly went into a CC together to clear the scum. This seemed to confuse SV+Res into thinking they were in our team as well, joining our cc and such. Some members even got confused in which clan they were, having the wrong spam. This did not save them and we still easily 1 banged most their members. In the meanwhile Resurgence did everything they could to save faces (even calling other clans saying that they're getting teamed on), more clans started showing up and it became a big shitfest. Pretty much the entire clanworld joined so we nope'd out of there as we have no reason to involve in the current crashwars in the scene. We pked for a bit afterwards, ending this sick sunday on a high note. ???????????? Nice gear btw Dysphoria Also: Using the N-word is definately out of bounds, who gave you that pass bro!
  25. Topic created by @bawv| Read original topic The Vikings Hungry and headed to the caves in Balli Profit Gear! Straight away from the start money started flowing and bank was being made. With no organized clans out we ran wild in the caves for over 2 1/2 Hours killing anything we saw with so much profit being made. Let the loot speak for itself. Join Vengeance today to join our daily raids in the wild.
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