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  1. you might have 70 on ts, but lets not kid ourselves, u have like 50 ingame at most times lol its what i do
  2. Yea, but for a clan that has over 1100 intros, i would say u have a pretty bad ratio lol. Concedering how long you have been open compared to what you pull, and lets not forget all the rev teams that have aided you/joined you. (Guessing most of them didn't intro)
  3. Or perhaps they have had to many shitty trips recently? Keep in mind they had NO aftermath topic after pulling 88 people to p2p sunday.
  4. Poor leadership is a strong theory here, however i would appricate some input from the community
  5. Why everyone is leaving leacy lol? Looks like alot of dedicated LY members are finding a better home Seems to me that most people realize that legacy will never be more than a mediocre masser clan that will never achieve anything, more than being a high pulling rev team. For any legacy members who wants the easy way out, feel free to PM any CD offical. (Ex-officer) (Current Officer in ly )
  6. This made me laugh ngl. Better to close than to keep being a mediocre shit clan like CP/Legacy lol. btw u should worry about ur own ranks and members leaving lol
  7. You still dont realize it was a joke lmfao! 0 wins the last 3 trips you have had, its only gonna get worse from here.
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