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  1. A1v1 & Friends

    unofficial Vikings Latest Adventures

    Jesus I broke you
  2. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Saturday - Slapping Ancient Fury Into Submission - Clean Ass Fight

    Gratz on becoming a suicide clan with less events then ct.
  3. A1v1 & Friends

    unofficial Vikings Latest Adventures

    Just close, you are feeding every main clan and somehow lose to pures in cwa. like you’re legit fucking bad lmao
  4. Scouted AF deep wild with a good amount so we massed up 30 purple men and rushed em. We instantly took control and wiped out their callers and destroyed their melee piles. We then changed our attention to their magers and sliced through them 1 by 1. They lasted about an hour before they all logged out. https://youtu.be/q_jkjLQwlvg https://youtu.be/TK3wyZUyH2I
  5. lol pkown got rejected from foe, and now hes leading ly weekends pk as a senior member

  6. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Friday - Fighting Ct

    Setup a fight with CT and they gladly accepted, the fight started at White plat where we would instantly catch em in a 6 man and delete them off the minimap. We took control of the fight straight away with strong spams and strong piles, we 1 banged multiple of the magers. We continued to fight through REV crashing in 1 item but they mostly had no effect and had 0 impact on the fight. At the hour mark both clans spread and wiped out the crashers. TY ROT FOR AC https://youtu.be/ZQmEIuCAY78 https://youtu.be/OIulGdAOoe4
  7. A1v1 & Friends

    weekend Rev's ent pking uncontested (sunday july 14)

    another loot topic lmfao
  8. A1v1 & Friends

    pkri Sunday - Fighting ROT

    Went out on Sunday hoping for action but we found none at the caves, so we asked ROT for a fight and they agreed. The fight began at white plat and both clan's spam were strong and we fought cleanly for an 30 minutes before REV decided to show up. Unfortunately, they were all in 1 item and were too scared to gear up. We continued the fight for another 30 minutes before we dipped. https://youtu.be/4R1OtwZ6r7w
  9. A1v1 & Friends


    shoutout to legacy for using pures, to bad its a month to late. (Even thought you tried to bring a main clans with you) this wont stop until you close.
  10. Legacy cleared in F2P and P2P and ended after slumping down to 20 LOOOOL

    90 sign ups but 20 ingame. 


  11. A1v1 & Friends

    weekend Vikings seem to never leave the wild

    U kids are weird, post pics from actual fights every knows there is loot at caves
  12. After hearing that AF had reopened, we knew that we would have to contest gmt time zone with him. Knowing this we went out massed up and found AF at gdz and the fight began. We fought for an hour, cutting down their magers and callers instantly. By the one hour mark rev,vr had showed up, even with these extra ops they were forced to bail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuSUhs_4go0
  13. Ended legacy in both servers.

    really easy tbh