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  1. ParaCommando

    Legacy so innocent right?

    Doxing in 2k19 lol
  2. d098c328e236b402177316848b11214f.png

    What does this mean?

  3. ParaCommando

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    ly is fucking dogshit lol
  4. ParaCommando

    How many mains were on today?

    thats from our anni dumbass
  5. ParaCommando

    How many mains were on today?

  6. ParaCommando

    Looking for an xLPC clan...

    Risktakers is a fun xlpc clan to be in @puppyslush
  7. Funny to see how loved CD is , stay easy nerds

  8. ParaCommando

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Intense Redemption P2P Prep 2-1

    looks like ir dominated
  9. legacy wipe my ass

  10. ParaCommando

    xLpc Update

  11. ParaCommando

    cwa Vengeance open challenge

  12. Poor legacy forced to tele out x50 by CD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL