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  1. Gained 3 purge members this morning, decent start for CD HQ.

  2. TBR

    Pure clan list

    limp dick
  3. TBR

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    Just like your clan. See you tonight pussy.
  4. You’re about to see a few more.
  5. You could feed a retard @Ace Krave after gaining access to ace kraves discord account we found a world of goodies ready to release to the clan communities eyes. This is just the start, we have many, many things to post over the next few weeks, including over 50 hours of unedited audio recordings!
  6. sup @Ace Kraveits nice how easily your members are willing to spy.

  7. dont do anything stupid irl dude, wouldn't want you to neck it over getting destroyed, so easily!
  8. same time tomorrow if you arent puss
  9. Its funny how you portray yourself on these forums, but in reality you break in 30 minutes.
  10. TBR


    I dont know why you're trying to pipe up lol. Everytime Cd closed was because we were at the top and the xlpc scene wasn't worth our time. If you're so confident why don't you try and 'close' us, actually why don't you try doing something to begin with. You're all talk and you have always been.
  11. @Halphey read my winning topic bro... CD big winner clan, Legacy small poopy clan. Stick to making memes you retard