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  1. Legacy just upset because they've been caught out. Serves you right you absolute wasters

  2. TBR

    Legacy so innocent right?

    yup, see what happens today. LMFAO
  3. Today will be a good day, for CD atleast.

  4. TBR

    Legacy so innocent right?

    no ones scared? just think you're a scum bag clan. Idk why you of all people sit around and let them post foe members irls etc. You was in foe.
  5. TBR

    Legacy so innocent right?

    see ya soon, we won't get off either. Lets see how those glory hunters hang. I think we'll push them out in time for Outrage opening.
  6. No doubt they'll try deny this, but this was seen and sent around by more than just CD. This is more of a heads up to other clans, privatise your information, don't give these retards a chance to post your info for 'fun' @POWER FLOWER @KamigoyeX @ELECTRIK @Couck @Niblet @Salso [*:46 *M] Sam: LOL [*:47 *M] porter: @TTV hotguy nerd [*:50 *M] Halp: :wuu2: [*:52 *M] Pkeru: lmfao @David [*:52 *M] Pkeru: please tell that to that utc faggot in foe [*:52 *M] Pkeru: lmfaooo [*:52 *M] Pkeru: fucking virgin with girls avatars he can never get [*:52 *M] Halp: :wow: [*:53 *M] Pkeru: lmfaooo that comment got me crying [*:55 *M] Emre: @Pkeru [*:55 *M] Emre: which ufc faggot? [*:56 *M] Pkeru: some 4ner freak. his voice sounds like a meat grinder. [*:56 *M] Pkeru: lmfaooooooooooooo [*:56 *M] Emre: yh [*:56 *M] Emre: l00000000l [*:56 *M] Pkeru: no way [*:56 *M] Emre: 😃 [*:56 *M] Pkeru: thats him? [*:56 *M] Pkeru: lmfaoooo [*:56 *M] Emre: yh [*:56 *M] Pkeru: dead [*:56 *M] Emre: britbonger [*:56 *M] Pkeru: lmfaoooo [*:56 *M] Pkeru: im dead dude [*:57 *M] Pkeru: thats not him dont troll me [*:58 *M] Emre: @Sam [*:58 *M] Pkeru: same deleted it [*:58 *M] Pkeru: what a loserrrrrrrrrrrrr [*:58 *M] Pkeru: sam* [*:00 *M] David: Lmfao @Pkeru [*:01 *M] Pkeru: l000000000000000l [*:02 *M] porter: Who the fk is that [*:02 *M] Pkeru: holy fuck. why do all the nerds that play rs 24/7 look like shit [*:03 *M] Pkeru: go run a lap or something l000l [*:03 *M] Halp: LOL [*:03 *M] Span: who tf is that l0l [*:03 *M] Span: my mans looking like the mod guy from jagex [*:03 *M] Pkeru: just flame him when you see him in game [*:03 *M] Pkeru: lmfaoooooo [*:03 *M] Span: the gfx dude [*:04 *M] Pkeru: i wonder if i post that in sb discord would i get ban in a heartbeat [*:04 *M] David: Don’t post [*:04 *M] David: Irls niggers [*:04 *M] David: :rolf: :rolf: :rolf: [*:04 *M] David: Unless it’s that fat SS kid [*:04 *M] David: Someone pull his shit up [*:04 *M] Pkeru: ill prob get dox [*:04 *M] David: Pls [*:04 *M] David: Pls pull it up [*:04 *M] Pkeru: lmao im waiting for that emar [*:05 *M] Pkeru: holy fuck iill die in bed rn [*:05 *M] Stoned: 0l [*:05 *M] Pkeru: 3am and im busting my ass laughing with that utc fagg0t [*:06 *M] Emre: @Commander [*:06 *M] Stoned: @David [*:06 *M] Stoned: his irl name is dylan [*:06 *M] Stoned: i think
  7. You’re a moron. Your leader got spoken to on discord and teamspeak and you still brought 20 mains. No clans going to sit around and watch you hit their members with mains because you’re too shit to actually drop them. Goodluck lol.
  8. This won’t end well

    1. Proccy


      you're right lol get out while you can

  9. This is why I’m CD. 

  10. @Blueyou live in the fucking past lmfao
  11. You’re a deluded reject. None of those clans were ever good. Cp needed the mains just like legacy does. Garbage as fuck. Quote me if main clan.
  12. Was number one in every scene before closure. Something Olympus and Aao never achieved. It’s cute you’ve all merged together to try and do something this time around but let’s be honest. Your garbage. 20 mains won’t say you.
  13. @Halpyou must of forgotten the cringe posts and the crying you did in doom when shit started going south. I dare say it won’t be any different this time around. You’ll be MIA in around 2 weeks time. 

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    2. TBR


      You say my clan like you’ve done something to help legacy progress. You were garbage when I was there and you’re garbage now. 

    3. Halp


      You were there for 3 weeks and made a bunch of cringe topics and got kicked for not being smart enough to play a video game LOL

    4. TBR


      Yeah ‘kicked’ cry more reject you’ll be looking for another clan soon enough 

  14. garbage main clan. Hahahahaha keep posting a picture from over 2 months ago @Bluebroken retard