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  1. This is the second time I've seen your clan mention CD in less than a couple of hours. I attended some of the trip yesterday and there was only 3 ex CD there out of the 20/25 which joined. Only takes a couple of PMs here and there and we can all become active again, on mains or pures.... let's make it fun eh? might even bend the knee to the 20 CD which ragged us because we joined Rage, WE only play to make pussies like you cry after all
  2. Sam killed legacy by being idiotic. Zenith will do fine under hormones leadership
  3. Yeah dill also posted my dogs name to me in pm
  4. Rumour has it @DilLis on suicide watch. More oxygen for me! 

  5. @Pabz is the real winner. He single handily made fully grown men mad over the internet. so much so, they waste their Saturdays failing to rag. LMFAO goodjob bro.
  6. Own u 1107 wearing LY capes lmao. You beta fuck. Look at the shower of shit CD turned into.
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