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  1. Critical Damage rides once again. - invite only.
    Terror dies first. 

    Firsr clan to hide in clan wars dies second. 

    see ya soon 

  2. You’re brown and stink worse than your clan did.
  3. Only shit clans run and hide on private servers.
  4. Rot in ur head 24/7, I’ll say it again. Rot wins again baby
  5. Zenith is rot jr.. rot wins again baby
  6. Rot wins again baby, read it again!!
  7. Try again but in English
  8. Best clan to join?? 

    1. John Boy 90

      John Boy 90

      There are many clans you could join but at the end of the day it comes down to which one appeals more to you interms of community etc.

  9. Zenith rage foe rot wins again
  10. Bro it’s okay. I know it hurt. I’m sorry
  11. Loyal to zenith since zenith is better than every other clan lmao. Remember when eop paid me to join them, then foe paid more and eop ded?
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